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Thread: Tips for Kiting

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    Tips for Kiting

    This is complied list of tips. If you wish to add additional info PM myself or Rahmorak and we will add it later to avoid the subject being hijacked.

    Thanks for all those that added some nice tips.


    The Turf War Aspect Of Kiting


    There are uber good kiting spots. Looking around the brink in Ely, you'll find NTs kiting lots of hecks in a circle. Those spots are great, and 24 hours a day 7 days a week someone from somewhere will have those spots "claimed". If the spot only has 3 hecks, or if the spot constantly has teams of people coming by... it isn't a good spot.

    As an NT, it's pretty simple to get the NT to team you so you can just sit in a safe spot, turn off the monitor, and come back later with more levels. You probably have to inform some of the people "waiting in line for the team" who aren't NTs to get lost, but hey, in the kiting world they are nothing... they can get XP by actually playing the game the way it is meant to be played. The NT will probably join you due to 1) NT unity and 2) to avoid a "kite war".

    A "kiting team" doesn't mean everyone kites at once. No way. It is five people sitting down and one person kiting. Ideally, you would have 5 NTs and a crat. This way the NTs could take shifts at kiting, sharing the wealth, while everyone is getting good XP.

    Now if you want money, you need to go do the kiting yourself. This will involve getting into the horrible NT turf war, with ragged disloyal alliances, uber greedy people, etc. Not to mention flagged gankers coming to kill you and loot you.

    About the time I (or let's say you) reach level 203 (when only 1 out of 20 hecks gives you any SK), you will be so disgusted at the human nature displayed by other players and yourself you'll hardly be able to play anymore. I don't even have my inferno boots yet, but I suppose the next step is to go to inferno and kite some more! Where I'm sure the turf war thing is still nightmarish.

    So I made some pretty good money kiting, squandered most of it, and can't stomach the thought of muscleing my way into kite teams.... the best spots have people who somehow can kite 16 hours a day. I made 203 pretty darn quickly also.

    The Mechanics Of Kiting


    Kiting is done by running faster than your opponents, thus staying out of their attack ranges, while occasionally stopping to cast a nano (usually an area of effect nano).

    If you kite dangerous enemies in a crowded area by running in a straight line, you are a jerk, and many innocent players will visit reclaim and hate you and all NTs.

    If you kite dangerous enemies in a crowded area and can't keep agg on you, and people die, you are a jerk. EXCEPTION: When people run smack into your controlled kite, killing himself and possibly you due to the disruption.

    There are three nanos you should know about. By reading my descriptions, hopefully you'll learn what to do also:

    1) Volcanic Eruption
    This Area of Effect (AOE) nano casts quicker than Kel's Plaything and actually does more damage over time if you cast as quick as possible. However, that would involve stopping more. This nano is great to start kites... while you are collecting all the mobs, you can cast this whenever you like, getting their attention.

    2) Boil Blood
    The maligned NT Damage Over Time nano line is usually ignored. However, this damage over time is AOE! The range is kinda small, I usually gather a few mobs with Volcanic Eruption before casting Boil Blood. The reall advantage of Boil Blood is that is keeps doing damage while you are running/casting, helping the mobs keep agg on you (instead of people running by, etc)... and when agg is on you, they are easier to lead around and innocents get to live.

    3) Kel's Neutonium Plaything
    This one does the big damage, and allows you to run more. If you're a Volcanic Eruption fan, I would suggest at least using this near the end of the kite. Sometimes some of the mobs will slow down because they are about to die, but other mobs still going quickly. If you are making a tight circle, they will stay somewhat together anyway, but it's nice to start using Kel's to kill off the slow ones with one blow instead of a few VEs. Personal style really.

    You need a certain runspeed to kite whatever mob you are trying to kite. If you're slower than the mob, it ain't going to work, heh. I suggest getting a "Hacked Graft: Playful Cub" to turn into a cub whenever you need for run speed bonus. Other equipment and buffs are good also.

    Author - Toxinator

    Spirit Room Kiting

    Kiting however is not limited to just hecklers in Elysium, i personally have never even done em its to icky.

    The Spirit Rooms in the temples treat me much nicer =)

    Essentially there are 4/5 "sections" or rooms in the entire Spirit Room. There are also 4 hallways, two that have about 15-20 spirits and two that have about 10-15 more spirits then the other two hallways which also lead to the Catacombs)

    First off, make sure to be full defence, you will be casting Kels (Volcanic Eruption only outdamages really when your working with non-min damage mobs at the high end kels min damage is just shy of 3k) which should be instacast on full defence so there is no need to be taking more damage then you have to. Also use Dark Movement, or any other evade buff available thats better, Layers, HE / CC / NO, Izzys Mockery, baton for xp if you have a pocket crat etc

    Now to pull the mobs.. I use Boil Blood our AoE DoT that way i keep their aggro and they all die at about the same time. Usually if the dungeon is empty i pull one of the catacomb hallways into one of the bottom rooms, this will give you about 50 mobs that your kiting at once, usually you shouldnt take any damage while kiting aside from an occassional hit if you slow down, pulling you will prolly get hit several times, just aoe blind, that + full defence and you should be fine.

    If there are people in the dungeon, curtosy would suggest you pick a place and stay there, that way you dont train someone with a pull of spirits.. Anyone that is remotely close to where you are kiting will get aggro and you will lose 1/2 -3/4 of the spirits if someone runs close to you so its counter productive.

    Once they are all dead lewt up - the ingots they drop are semi useless in value, however the Novictum can be sold for pretty good prices, as well as the spirits if there is a demand in the shade community.

    Author- Yueh

    Zee Ubar Nt


    Here to share my valuable input of nt kiting. If i only post my nt's name i'm sure i'd be in trouble after u guys read this post..hehe cuz most of u would remember the name while u rezz in the gardens pissed off after being trained.

    I'll start off by giving some tips to the lower lvl nt's out there starting to kite for the first time or just getting the hang of it. When i was a low lvl my major problem was teams or other nt's invading my kite and stealing aggro which resulted in death for me about 80% of the time if i didnt get a head start to running outta there. When i am teamed and another lower lvl nt is on my team the best advise i can give to him to survive when a team comes by and sees 30+ Hecklers somehow as good kills while they all have aggro is to train them.....yes i said it!! The onus is on u though, u can not do it and die or do it and live. However at higher lvls this wont be necessary because if your kite is messed up u just make larger circles and switch to VE instead of kels to get the heckler's attention back to you. Boil blood is extremely useful too.

    Just last night there were about 4 lvl 215+ toons running about all over ely looking to kill me while i was safely in rome shopping for a low lvl org member. hehe.

    What most people dont realise is that those spots dont 'BELONG' to nt's so they feel they can come up with their puny team and kill hecks there too. But to be fair most of them are really ignorant and dont realise that there about 3 or 4 spots on the entire Elysium that an nt can kite large numbers of hecks. And since these spots are camped almost all day and night makes it even more impossible for nt's to get what they want. Where as in a team they have the ENTIRE elysium to go kill hecklers that are just lying about the beaches and stuff. It is rather unfair to come claim thsese spots with teams when there are already too limited spots where the nt can kite large numbers of hecks(large meaning 20-60 hecks). So next time u think it's your God given right to Hate nt's and deliberately mess up their kites and gank them and stuff just think of the limited options the nt is faced with.

    Also i find very useful macros while kiting. I have one that i spam when i see a colored dot on my minimap or happen to see the image of a team in the distance. It is basically a macro waring people to stay away cuz i am in a kite. It is successful about 75% of the time if the team intruding is low lvl then they will run away due to a smart enf leading. If they are higher lvl they will be really cocky and come closer to see the fireworks. If after 7 seconds or so i see them coming closer then u know what fate has in store for them... . Also if u in a team with a crat u may want to make a macro so that the crat can perform xp perks as your hecks are about to die. U get over 500k xp easily on a single kill.

    Reading the posts above about the run speed issue i would tend to agree. Personally for me the higher rs the better, even if u are TOO fast u can control it by stopping and waiting for the hecklers to catch up, of course u have to have alot of experience doing this but hey it's well worth it. And i got a shock a few months ago when i saw a lvl 112 ATROX nt kiting at the hugest kite spot....i was so amazed i just kept watching at this guy do his thing and even buffed him up. He gave me a tip that his secret was not is run speed but in huge circles. Well it worked pretty darn well for him and just the other day i saw him about lvl 200 ish geared out in omni armed forces armor and stuff....guess he;s doing well.

    Another tip i can give is for pulling extra heckler adds is the zig zagging strategy. As u well know if u are pulling hecklers from one specific location to another which is also occupied with hecklers then running in a straight line is near suicide because those right at the back warp right in front of u and a good bit will get lost and go back to their resting spot. However if u keep zig zagging u can actually keep the hecklers in a ball and bring them to the location u desire. Warning!! this strategy is used by high lvl nt's as u are able to kite about 50+ hecks at the same is very dangerous and i have only done it twice successfully.

    Now lets go on to buffs u might need. Yes the Leechers on the hill CAN serve a purpose too! Doc health buff, ess, engy ac shield all these are helpful if u are doing kiting, especially if the area is crowded and u have to fight for the territory.

    Also you nt's get you calms updated!! Imagine just finishing a kite and 2 hecklers pop up from nowhere and start aggroing you. If u take time to kill them all your killed heckler's corpses would disappear along with the precious ingots, so what u do is kite them with mezz....yes mezz wont be successful all the time so u run about in the same kiting circle casting calms until they are all on good behavior.

    Well about that lowering of aggro bar ideal...hhmm...I think from the time i was a lvl 1 nt in the training grounds my aggro bar was always on max. For me the worst thing that could happen is to fumble or miss my nuke so i have it on full aggro bar to decrease the chances of that happening and about 97% of the time my nuke lands successfully.

    Here's a tip that Marrocco gave me for escaping hecks successfully. It's for u nt's out there with NS2 and could be used in all situations not only for hecklers but for any other mob as well. He said he upgraded cartogropher(cant remeber the name) the one that gives him the teleportation ability and then he casts ns2 and then the teleport. So if u are about to die use that combination, it would be very useful if u are like 10k off from ding!

    Well i have typed too much and it's time for me to go back to my kiting, just made 200m from selling ingots and i have some stuff to buy :P later peeps and i hope u find my ramblings useful

    Authors _Notumscourge, Marrocco

    For ely hecklers, you will need atleast 600 runspeed (preferrably more). I maxed runspeed, even though its a blue skill and with buffs I can reach about 1100 (800 base, + playful cub + free movement, adrenaline pump.

    I don't use boil blood, I am strictly a kels user (might be my problem).

    I wait right around "The outer isles" redeem statue for a ton of hecklers to pop (here they gather in tight groups) and let a kels go, i run straight to get my train organized then i start going in large cirlces and stopping to kels as i go,. i dont have enough init to insta kels which screws me up sometimes but i manage. (its 100x easier if u can insta it).

    Try not to train teams but sometimes its their fault for getting in your way (only've destroyed 2 teams so far :P)

    The good spots are northwest of the Outer Isles statue, in the canyons. There's a little sliver of land between the two best spots. Two NTs can kite these spots while teamed, and get XP from both sides, and leeches can sit in the middle and simply get free xp for doing nothing. Hey, maybe now everyone will leave heckler beach and bug NTs for spots on kiting teams.

    Find this spot and watch the kiting going on. You can learn a lot from watching.

    If you're kiting east of the Outer Isles statue, where all the teams are constantly coming through, shame on you.

    Get Volcanic Eruption and Boil Blood. It's not like you can't afford them
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    Kiting Areas

    This thread contains a list of kiting areas.
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