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Thread: Outta 'ere

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    Unhappy Outta 'ere

    Well it was a good run, but after I think about 2 years of playing AO as a hopeless atrox eng I'm about ready to pack it in.

    It's been an interesting ride... with ups and downs more dramatic than the ones on The Perfect Storm. But to be completly honest, the downs have gotten the better of me.

    Since arriving back from my holiday away from AO I just cannot get back into it. I kinda realised how little I actually enjoy this game when I'm playing it. Maybe it's the buff begging. Maybe it's that our pets suck until you've played for a silly amount of time. Or maybe it's that I've realised that I've been playing a doomed atrox eng for 2 years, and there's nothing I can do to get those 2 years back now I am nerfed at high level (Please don't respond with crap about how atroxes have it sweet - I wouldn't listen anyway I'm still leaving ).

    Aaaanyway... I've especially enjoyed the eng community and I wish you all luck in the future, AO or not.

    I don't wish to say a big list of thank-you's.... I'm scared I'll leave someone out. But if you've ever talked to me at all, in game, in forum or telepathically, then I'll remember you and I thank you.

    I think that's the best way to put it.

    Saying goodbye after 2 years,
    Your pal,

    PS. Account cancels in hmm... 3 days I think the email from FC was.
    Halouk - 205 Atrox Eng RK2
    Goodbye AO. I'll miss ya.
    Guide to Engineers in Society.

    Dear Diary...
    Eng lft Part 2
    Yes I'm biased.

    <<Bye everyone>>

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    NO!!! You're one of the shining points in this forum!

    Don't give up yet! Make a soldier alt first!

    There, you can't blame me for being passive.

    Good luck to you. We never met, but I still enjoy your threads.
    Following the way of the duck: Calm and serene on the surface. Paddling like mad underneath.

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    I would like to give you the title of "Most Entertaining Engie of all time". I love your post and I will miss ya. GL in RL maybe come back for AI?

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    At least wait for AI...

    We'll miss you, man. Brought light to endless days of "Engie LFT" and "1k in all tradeskills - will work for tips" without getting a single response.

    And I'm still waiting to see what happened to that poor leet in your diary
    Slowly, one by one, the penguins rob me of my sanity
    Anualken Gimped old engineer.

    Omni-Tek Protects.
    Me, as drawn my MrFli.

    Old Engineers never die... they only fade away.

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    Have fun in RL man!
    Octo - eqp

    Atlanteans Legendary Teddybear wielding engineer and author of Click

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    Bye bye Halouk, sorry to see a colleague go, especially one as active and contributing as yourself :/ Good luck in the game called RL though, I hear there's fun stuff going on there too More downtime though, there is maintenance every night...

    Bret 'Bothead' Bannister
    Member of Rising Phoenix

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    Dang Halouk, sorry to hear you're leaving. Was hoping to see that Atrox run around some more

    Good luck!

    Rubber "Zhoknerfer" Critducky - Gear & Perks - Level 210 :: 11 - Opifex Martial Artist Guru
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    On extended leave... Awaiting Lost Eden I guess

    Arcane Circle

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    Sorry to hear you leaving.
    was kinda wanting to know how far you would come as you are THE most funny engi around.
    Just keep coming around here.

    (and maybe Alien perks give you salvation!)
    Kinjara engineer of RK2
    Lothlorien Enforcer of RK2

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    *hugs* will miss ya stories. come back soon!
    LOOK. IM EDITING *EDIT* *EDIT* *EDIT *EDIT* ----- did you see this before when you first refreshed????? no...
    does it have the edit flag on it?.... no

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    See ya Hal, you were one funny trox!
    If you let them f*** you
    There will be no foreplay,
    Rest assured, they'll screw you complete
    'Til your a** is blue and grey


    Ikagawa: First MA to be dropped by a QB wielding NT. I hate you Fallenhex! Veteran, Opposing Force
    Arienne, Former Squad Commander of the Dominatrix Society of Tir, Atlantean
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    I'm sorry to hear you're leavinng Halouk,

    hope AI will pick in your interest.. i hear houses will add to nano-skillz.. & stuff these just the ramblings of a engie hoping you're gonna come back, and continue your stories
    Freshman Lord "Guojia" Buffbegsalot
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    Goodbye Halouk and good luck wherever life takes you. I know that I will miss your humor and unique view on life. Please take care and have fun
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    We're gonna miss ya Halouk
    Rustybolts, 220 Supreme Creator
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    You will be greatly missed Halouk. As Infusion99 said, "Most Entertaining Engie of all time" is a title you've earned, no doubt about it.
    Good luck on RK4, and maybe we will meet again.
    Retired Enlightened Supreme Creator Effata
    Taketh - the Freakshow is coming...
    Goodbye Rimor!
    Level: 200 Shadowlevel: 20
    Number of Invaders killed: 5000

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    You will be missed. Though, see if things pick up again after AI has hit Live?
    -Ward 'Kzak' Hereda, Clan L220, AL15 'Competent' Supreme Creator on Rubi-Ka 1. Equipment setup.

    Life is like a box of chocolates. Except, you know, the brown stuff in the box? That's not chocolate.

    Doing his part to make the world a more interesting place since December 2001.. but not any more. Account cancelled, playable until 2006-11-13 19:25:49. See you in Age of Conan!

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    *salutes to smartest trox that ever roamed Rubi-Ka*

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    I'd say sorry to see you go and all that, but I ditched EQ for similar reasons back in the day, and the point of games is to have fun. When the fun stops, so should the account.

    All I can say is that your view of the game, shared through the many hysterical stories and quotes, will surely be missed.

    /em imagines the not too distant future where the engineer profession is only known about through the Omni Tek historical archives and the statues in IPS.


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    Goodluck out there matey, definatly a loss to the engineer community.
    Gooseberry and all his hard earned stuff !

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    Aw, good luck with things Halouk.

    I've personally gone through several phases of disinterest with AO, but I've always bounced back. Perhaps you'll experience something similar, or perhaps you'll leave forever to move on to greater things. Either way is fine.
    Ernest "Zane0" Bunke - Equipment - Perks
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