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Thread: LOL just used FoB for the first time! :D

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    LOL just used FoB for the first time! :D

    OMG what a difference.... on the advice of another enforcer i just picked up a QL29 flurry of blows (i implanted for fast attack in left hand, got the general fast attack buff too), and put some IP into FA too.. i didnt want to waste too many IP in it.

    LOL i didnt think it would make such a massive speed difference, it was pretty remarkable definatly worth some IP into FA, even if you only use a low QL one. I do use a support beam so it would make more a difference for me i guess, than someone using a hammer for instance.

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    well i just won my first duel since i have come back, against a equal level enforcer, and either because of the FoB or because of maybe his low duck evade, i critted 4 times in a row yay!

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    They say, that when using FoB and having aggdef-bar to max agg, you actually get more than 100% agg.
    I crit more when using flurry, so that theory is not totally off.

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    well, i sure as hell critted more against this enforcer. WOW.

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