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Thread: Tradeskill Items: where to get them ? part2

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    Post Tradeskill Items: where to get them ? part2

    Original thread by Caddock

    Edits by Muhandes

    Shop Available Tools
    Isotope Separator
    Neuron Displacer
    Jenson Personal Ore Extractor
    Jenson Gem Cutter
    Wire Drawing Machine
    Precious Metal Reclaimer
    Quantum Field Physics All Purpose Tool
    Nano Programming Interface
    Hacker Tool
    Sealing Cell Kit
    HSR - Sketch and Etch - Arms, Boots, Chestpiece, Gloves, Helmet, Legs
    Chemistry Tutoring Device
    Mechanical Engineering Tutoring Device
    Electrical Engineering Tutoring Device
    Weapon Smithing Tutoring Device
    Pharma Tech Tutoring Device
    Computer Literacy Tutoring Device
    Psychology Tutoring Device

    *note - Field Quantum Physics Tutoring Devices are not currently available in stores.

    • Multi-Purpose Tuner is aquired by giving Supply Master Smugg a Gift Wrapped Basket (found as chest loot in solo missions). To do this you need to initiate a small quest with him at the Sentinals Base in Wailing Wastes.
    • MMR (Shape Hard Armor) is made by combining a Mass Relocating Robot with a Programmed Photon Particle Emitter (Shape Hard Armor) found exclusively on 60-70 team mission bosses.
    • MMR (Shape Soft Armor) is made by combining a Mass Relocating Robot with a Programmed Photon Particle Emitter (Shape Soft Armor) found exclusively on 60-70 team mission bosses.
    • Disposal Unit Electrical Toolset drops from the R-2000 Vermin Disposal Unit - Greater Tir County, Brainy Ant Woods - 800x1800 (this is an 18 hour spawn). Also drops from Clones of Jack Legchopper in Varmit Woods.
    • MMR (Improve Crushing Weapons) is made by combining a Mass Relocating Robot with a Robot Instruction Disc (Improve Crushing Weapons) found as loot in level 10ish missions.
    • MMR (Improve Thrusting Weapons) is made by combining a Mass Relocating Robot with a Robot Instruction Disc (Improve Thrusting Weapons) found as loot in level 20ish missions.
    • MMR (Improve Slashing Weapons) is made by combining a Mass Relocating Robot with a Robot Instruction Disc (Improve Slashing Weapons) found as loot in level 30ish missions.
    • Joker's Glyph to make tier2 armor. From Adonis dungeon bosses.
    • Insignia of Chosen/Faithful to make tier3 armor. From inferno faction temple boss.
    • Body Heat Pattern Analyzer. Quest reward


    HUD & UTIL slots

    • Problem Solving Device
      Drops from named Souls in Elysium
      ME+100,WS+100,EE+100,QFT+100,Chemistry+50,pharm+50 ,NP+25,BE+75,psychology+25



    Full sets:

    Head Armor:

    Body Armor:

    • Construction Sleeves
      Drops from Architech Strikers in the Condemned Subway: Old Athen 487x439, Borealis 637x463, and Galaway Shire 168x874.
    • Crackerjack Sleeves
      Drops from Skulking Dryad, NW Adonis




    I will add more items, or correct values by replies.
    October 2004:
    [edit]: over 16000 chars long, Moved some stuff to later post.
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    Id like to add Gauntlets of Deformation

    Drop from The Beast

    Also Util item: Remains of AESA 10

    Drop from 2nd Champion on Hollow Island

    Also Improve Crushing Weapons Disk can be found round ql10 missions, Thrusting round ql20 and Slashing round ql30. (best chance is on dynacamp boses of these levels though)

    nice work though
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    Stuck the new thread, that old one needed updating and I don't think Caddock is around anymore. Good work!
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    Control Unit Chest Plate

    I dont know how to link things really, but you know what i mean i'm sure. adds to tradeskills, good back item for that.
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    ARMORS, part2

    • Pick-A-Finger
      Purchased in the fixer shop found in Borealis, Azure Lake at 440 x 400.
    • SL Ergo rings
      up to: ME+10,EE+10,QFT+10,WS+10,Pharma+10,psychology+10,c hemistry+10,Tutoring+10,BE+10,intelligence+8
    • Spirit Ring of Self-Education
      Drops from named Hiathlins in Elysium. Leveling item. Goes also to head and neck.
      up to: complit+3,int+3
    • SL Tradeskill rings
      Drops from faction mobs, both omni and clan have own ones.
      ql300 gives +25 to one tradeskill


    • Virral Triumvirate Egg
      Made from a series of tradeskilling steps. Required items include Soul Fragments which drop from mobs in high level missions, Robot Junk which drop from high level robotic mobs like Ninjadroids or Slayerdroids, and Gold Ignots which drop as mob loot in missions as well. All of these need to be at least QL190 in order to work.

      Lush Hills Resort (1443x667) and Pleasant Meadows are both good places to find Slayerdroids wandering around. For Ninjas wander Pleasant Meadows near the Northeast OP, or the Southeast one. There is also a dynacamp in Belial Forest at coords 400x2250.
    • Repair Coordination Assistant
      Rare drop from Stealing Dryad, NW Adonis


    Armor suggestions

    These can give you hints, what you should wear when trying to get maximun tradeskill advances. Just that you dont have to remember what all items you can wear.
    No weapons, nor pandenium/alien armor/tier3 included

    Check also this post by Guojia about tl7 complit&granade tweaking.

    [edit]: November 2004
    added some short tweaking for tl5-6 peeps.

    [edit]: December 2004
    if you read this point.. Im not updating info anymore. Reason: no editing access to forums.
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    Probably ought to include the Experimental Cyborg Token Board. Spare a thought for us neuts (as well as people who change sides!).

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    Please incude tradedskill rings (clan versions are easy to get in Adonis...omni "bit" harder")

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    There is a tradeskilling belt, which is trader only. You obtain this belt by completing the Stamina and Agility test from Drake in the Nascense starting area. You must be playing as a trader to receive this reward from Drake.

    Trader's Utility Belt -

    ME 20, EE 20, QFT 20, WS 20, Pharma 10, NP 10, Chem 10, Tutoring 5

    1800+ in all tradeskills - the Happy Trader

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    Dont forget, Disposal Unit Electric Toolset will drop off Jack the Legchopper clones as well.

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    I can confirm cancer's silver boots do drop in pande from the namesake zodiac boss

    The control unit chest plate adds the same numbers in all tradeskills except weap smt and and phycology i beleive a q195 version (one i currently have) does +18
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    Pistol of the Maker as well - QL200-299, as I have never heard of anyone who have found a QL300 sided pistol.

    Gives +20 MechEng and a health bonus. Usually outdone by the Master Engineer pistol in that, except if you need to dual-wield this pistol.
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    Extra back piece that's easy to acquire drops from the mobs in the Core, Nascence
    Quagmire Cloak of Nascence

    It gives +10 to NP and Pharma and +20 Tutoring
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    buffing items

    whole arithmetic armor(AI) +30 all trade skills every piece, grand total 210(7 pieces at QL 300)

    Temple rings for almost every trade skill up to +25

    Ring of computing up to +25 int/Psy

    Glasses that give +20 psychology(Luciens specs I think)

    The new alien thingie that goes into Utils 1(+15 all trade skills)

    Unique tools

    Joker Glyph, Insignia of Chosen/Faithful for tier 2/3

    Body heat pattern analyser

    Some alian scanner(cant remember the name)
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    The Mediative Gloves of the Aquarius
    ?? from Pandemonium

    - Drops from the Zodiac Aquarius.

    Cancer's Silver Boots of the Autodidact
    from Pandemonium (not confirmed drop)
    ME+25,EE+25,QFT+25,WS+25,Pharma+25,NP+25,complit+2 5,psychology+25,chemistry+25

    - Drops from the Zodiac Cancer. I saw them drop multiple times so I can confirm this if you needed confirmation.
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    In the new newbie zone the omni vendor has a hud thing for sale. cost 8.5k i think and gives 15 points to tradeskills. It does not say it has to be omni only for use. Any info if a clan engineer can use it??

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    yes they are clan usable, thats the one I was talkin about. Good thing is that it goes to utils1 and doesnt conflict with helpers.

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    updated guide.

    Reply here if something is missing.
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    as VTEs are included then probably other int buffing items should be aswell.

    Breastplate of azure riviers +8 int

    Ring of computing up to +25 int/psy from catacomb bosses

    Maars belt of double prudence +50 int/psy Night heart in pande

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