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Thread: Current Doctor Issues, Concerns and Suggestions

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    Current Doctor Issues, Concerns and Suggestions

    Old issues/suggestions post located here for reference and comparison purposes.

    When will this list be sent to Funcom?
    This list of issues is planned to be submitted soon, since Cz is talking about it a little bit. No exact ETA though.

    Doctor Profession Issues/Concerns
    1. Team heals not extended
      Extending the Team Heal line would help fill the gap between Lifegiving Elixir and Cellular Recuperation, as well as give us back the diversity we once had. Please consider adding a few more team heals, perhaps with a nice boost to minimum heal amounts. *Update: Now adventurers have a better team heal. This issue needs to be addressed.

    2. Doctor Symbiants
      Support symbiants, the only type we can wear, add no evades nor any decent weapon skills. Please consider adding evades, better weapon mods, pharma tech in our head symbiant, or giving us access to another symbiant line.

    3. (NEW) Dot Line C
      With the PvP line of DoTs being introduced into line C it should be noted that the MP dots are also in this line. They are significantly less damage than the doctor dots, and hinder our ability to do damage in PvP if they are already running.

    4. Team heal change, is it going to happen?
      See this thread from 20 months ago when Funcom stated: "On the efficiency curve of team heals, our suggestion is to change the recharge on all Doctor team heal nanos above Bestow Healing to 4.08 (same as Bestow Healing), of course with the exception of Alpha & Omega. This should give a good increase in healing powers. No ETA on this though, so don't expect it asap." Is this still on the list of things to do?

    5. Improved * line not in-game, or too rare
      Some "Improved <nano>" nanoformulas were added for Doctors in SL Beta but removed (or made very rare) just before launch. There has been only 1 report of 1 "Improved ..." nano being found on RK3. If these are in-game, please consider making them much more accessible than they are now.
      Early 15.9 reports say Improved nanos are dropping at a higher rate now. "Higher" does not mean "all the time," but a few have been found and reported in the last couple days alone, which is a welcome change if the trend continues and isn't just random luck.

    6. Portable clinic cannot be used in SL
      Swapping implants on-the-fly was something Doctors could do easily, but was taken away in SL because Portable Clinics have the 'must be in RK' requirement. Can we please get that requirement removed?

    7. Grail availability
      Please consider upping the droprate of Doctor grails, perhaps from more sources. With only ~10 per server after so many months, we simply think these items are far too rare.

    8. AOE Heal perks--balance and tweaks
      Our AOE Heal perk recharge times were changed from 1 to 10 minutes in the final phases of SL Beta. While we can understand 1 minute being too low, 10 minutes is off the scale at lower levels. Suggestions: find a "middle ground" for BGH recharge, or merge the 4 AOE heals into a single AOE heal with a fast recharge. Also, any chance of lowering the execute time to 0.01 seconds (like the Close Call perk special) instead of 1s? These are emergency heals--it would be nice to get rid of the 1s lag time when precision healing is called for.
      This is really only an 'issue' sub-200. If 210+ Docs had BGH recharge lowered significantly, it would be quite overpowering.

    9. Shadowlands DOTs
      Please consider lowering the nanocost on them a small amount. Also please consider lowering the cast times on them--it takes an eternity to cast the lvl 217/219 DoTs on full defense.

    10. Perk specials
      Perk specials Viral Combination, Malicious Prohibition and Mistreatment have a Nano Resist defensive check. Thorough tests have shown that an opponent's AddAllDef also affects whether perks will land or not in addition to their Nano Resist. This makes it impossible for (just 1 example) a 220 Doctor to land perks on certain professions with high DMS. Please remove the DMS check on perk specials that use Nano Resist as their main defensive check so they work like nanos.

    11. Team heals go DOWN in healing output
      The last 4 team heals go down in healing output over time due to their recharge times increasing more than their amount healed. Funcom had plans to change this for us 2 years ago. Nothing has been done as of yet.
      Per Funcom, this is not a bug, but rather a concern.

    12. Atrox Doc Tier 3 helmet & back item
      The Tier 3 Doctor helmet and back item do not line up at all like they do on the other breeds.
      Per Funcom, the meshes are working, and it is not a bug, but a concern.

    Bugs are in the other sticky thread.
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    I've taken our old Issues/Concerns thread and re-worked it a bit, as well as re-ordered some of the issues to how I think they should be listed. I'd like feedback from the community, however, to see if anything significant is missing from the list, or if there's a legitimate reason to have certain concerns higher or lower on the list than they currently are.

    Please keep in mind that, to my understanding, all issues will be submitted to Funcom, so their order in the list may not be too significant or important (i.e. if you think #6 should be #4, don't sweat it ). Funcom will see the issues as important to the community regardless. But if the community thinks #16 (arbitrary number) should be in the top 5, I would need to know so I can let Funcom know its a "top Doc issue" instead of one that is low on our list of concerns.

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    A lot of this list isn't really all that "important"...
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    ... to you.

    They're Doc Community 'issues' nonetheless.

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    This isn't about Doctors being the strongest or weakest class in the game, this is about concerns of the Doctor community. These have all been addressed by multiple people, listed and prioritized accordingly.

    Even the strongest class in the game is allowed to have concerns and suggestions. That's what this list is. We are lucky that the severity of most of our "issues" is lesser than those of many other professions, but this is our list nonetheless.

    No need to retort each point. Remember, some of these issues aren't problems at all for high level Doctors, but are huge concerns and valid issues for Doctors between TL3 and TL6. This list is all-encompassing, not directed simply at 210-220 Doctors at the "peak" of the profession.

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    I think it's a good list and I'd rather give them a list that has too many things on it then one that leaves off important stuff. Still, the true test is if FC is able to use our list to make doc'ing more fun.
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    Nts "can reach" their top nuke Sheffy......


    1.It comes at the cost of one whole perk line into nano choice. Pathetic for Nts when this line gives little to nuthing any other benefit...and other perk lines are there begging to be chosen.

    2. Nanomage can only reach self buffed without towers and org contracts if he does 1. and has a tonne of MC basically being completly gimp for AC/hp. If he has towers/org contracts he is well off.

    3. Any other breed has to look to towers and org contracts.

    Summary yes using your top heal is class defining just as much as Nts using their best nuke in game. We are in the same boat.

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    I have given the list another overhaul after doing a lot of thinking and talking with some Doctors in-game. I really appreciate the feedback I've received thus far (at least the constructive feedback ) in helping mold our list into something more manageable and realistic.

    I've placed the issues into 3 groups: High importance, Medium-Low importance, and Very-Low importance. I also removed some superfluous and outdated issues, and updated the ones that are left.

    I'd like to get some feedback about, and hear some arguments as to why some of the Medium-Low importance issues should be considered of High importance to the Doctor profession. I've added some personal commentary at the end of some of the issues to give my stance on why they are not necessarily doctor-wide problems.

    Basically, a lot of people (myself included) think this list should be trimmed down a bit. Let's give Funcom the true Doctor issues, not a bunch of ideas we'd like to see implemented.

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    After spending several hours discussing many of the things that were originally posted with Sheffy I'm thoroughly impressed with the ideas and concerns and comments that he's posted here. I'm really happy to see things that really matter to the doctor profession become address and the things that aren't so important brought down but still left up on the boards for the devs to consider.

    Good job


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    Here's my 10 cents worth and my objections

    1. High importance.

    A BM/MM items. These things are in game. My BM/MM is very balanced atm. I'd move this down to lower importance. More items will lessen advantage nanomage docs have vs other breeds.

    B Team heals. Conglomerate health plan heals for like 1400 now? My nanosurgeon perk heals for 1500. I would move this down to lower importance. Currently other professions have assumed the AOE healing duties (adv with bioshield, team heals, soldiers with there perk heals, keepers with aor, mps with spirits). More team heals would lessen role others have as being valuable members of a team.

    2. Medium Importance

    A Considering how strong docs are WITH support symbionts, adding additional lines would possibly be overpowering.

    B Heal requirements are fine. There has to be a place for twinking and work/reward and advantages to breed selection, IE a 220 nanomage doc can wield a weapon while casting the 220 heal.

    C I'd move Grail droprate up, since it is dropping at such low rates to be unavailable, very essential buff item for nanomage docs.
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    >> Improved * line not in-game, or too rare <<

    Wasn't that one fixed comming patch? Overheard Haminie in an other thread saying they are in the shops, with a cool "priceless" quote hehe.

    {rant removed by Regulas}

    Good list Sheffy Nice idea on the priority things.
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    Originally posted by Letah/Vhir
    Also this is Sheffy's list not mine!
    Uh, all but one of the issues came from your list

    As for not agreeing with all of the issues, neither do I. I posted my personal opinions at the end of some of the "issues" in italics. That doesn't mean they're not issues of the community, though.

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    As for making a high-level list and a lower-level list, I could do that but its my understanding Funcom is looking for just one list - nothing overcomplicated. That's why the list above contains issues for the high level doctors (Grail, 'Target must have Shadowlands') and lower level doctors (BGH recharge time, no lower-level nanos). I could be more specific in the descriptions as to which level ranges each applies to if people think its needed.

    The way our nanos and perks scale from 1-200 and from 200-220 are totally different, thus making it difficult to make an issues list where every issue addresses every level of the profession. I'm sure you can appreciate that, and continue with the constructive criticisms and suggestions to help make sure our list is what it should be come submit time.

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    Originally posted by Bungalokelly
    I have no problem with a lower-level-content list, but saying that docs are void of content is hil-arious! And Funcom's time could be spent a lot better fixing other things
    The "all level ranges" comment was specifically referring to Doctor weapons. That should be obvious from the sentence you quoted the phrase out of.

    Not to say I think we need uber weapons, but a Turnspirit weapon with a min damage of 15 in Shadowlands is sad at best. I think the concern is that more weapons designed around Doctors (perhaps with more 'useful' mods) would be nice to have.

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    Little update regarding 2 issiues which appearently will get fixed with the comming patch.

    Test server notes:

    1) Treatment Transfer can now also be used on targets who have learned the sixth perk in the Nano Surgeon line.

    2) Doctor heal programs introduced with Shadowlands no longer require the target to have the Shadowlands expansion.


    This is ofcourse, great news. Infact the testnotes include alot of interesting changes, you can read them here -->

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    Ya I'm real happy they made a work around for the target must have problem we were having.

    Treatment Transfer being changed...all I can say is "Why?"

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    I removed a few posts that were off-topic and ranting. If you want to squabble then take it to PMs. Let's not hijack Sheffy's (well written) thread.


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    I think some of the issues are also kinda outdated...

    I was a big proponent of the "doctors lack content" and "omg our symbiants are sucky-to-mediocre" issues... six or eight months ago when SL was new. And that's because at the time, we totally did lack decent content for all level ranges.

    Now there are certainly items, and the issue is more one of droprates, which isn't exactly specific to doctors.
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    WTB Doctor cyberdeck!
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    Consolidated and re-worded many of the concerns. Cz has asked for a "Top 10" so I ordered them accordingly. I think most of us agree our #11 issue is such a low priority that if Cz leaves it off the list given to the devs, it'll be okay

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