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Thread: Roleplaying quick guide

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    Thumbs up Roleplaying quick guide

    Hi, new to Ao ?
    Welcome how very nice to see you *smiles*

    Since you are new here and interrested in RolePlaying you might find this quick guide interresting.

    Roleplaying in Anarchy Online is active and exists on both servers and within all fractions, so you can be Atlantean ( Rk1 ) or Rimor ( Rk2 ) Clan, Omni or Neutral, it really doesn´t matter, it´s all up to you !

    To find organisations that are into RolePlaying just click the name of the server you are playing on and you will instantly come to a place where you can find a list of organisations you might like to get in touch with.


    To get a grip on what is going on in the Major Rolpaying situations and in AO in general regarding RP I reccomend you vist the Editor News . For direct info on what players are up to on your server look at "the Buzz" for the server you are playing on.
    To make it easy for you, you can find Atlantean Buzz here and Rimor Buzz here. Please keep in mind that all postings there should be made in Character or IC as it is called in short. If you have to leave an Out of Character remark in you post or OOC as it is called in short [OOC: Text ].
    Please use this so all can easily and fast see that you are speaking OOC. The syntax vary from player to player but that kind of syntax shown here will be understood by most everyone.

    Of course there is a official story to, but that is not situatet on the forums but you can find it here.

    To read up on story line related names Aovault has made a good collection of them. divided into Story Characters and Player Profiles. They are not 100% complete but still a very nice place to get up to speed on names.
    Story Characters are played by ARK so they have green names. Note that no event / story related person have ARK infront or after their name, the green name issue causes a lot of confusion, but look at the name and you will soon see if it is Ark at work or Story line based. If they have ARK in thier overhead name they are working in the major ARK departmen that handel petitions and support player issues. If they have a green name tag and don´t have ARK in their name they are a part of the story line and wil not handel petiotions / player issues and will only talk in character , that is role play.

    What is RolePlay ?

    Role Play or Rp for short is when you set up and act as a person who acually is real. A kind of theater act where you have a role.
    The fun part is that other that Rp also acta accordingly to their character´s story. So you get a challange there to interact and develop your story and your character.
    By interacting you develp your own and others story and maby just maby you are a part of changing the major story

    Why do you RolePlay ?

    Well, there is not single reason for everyone as to why they roleplay, all I can really say is why I do. I roleplay to create an extra depth to the game, something more than run, shoot and camp.

    I always try to RP with goal of having fun in mind, so I tend to avoid RP that has a sole person as it's target and prefer those that more people, if not everyone can be involved with.

    Important to remember is the roleplaying is just acting, when I roleplay it as my character, with other characters, there is nothing personally directed at the players behind the characters. It is just a game and it's just for fun, always remember that.

    So go out there and get as involved in RP as you want to be.

    Creating your character

    When it comes to creating your character I can only give you the basic I use my self.

    To start of I try to remeber that Im not one of the first settlers but rather a child of someone, thus I have grown up on Rubi-Ka and should have some basic info about the conflicts that tear my home planet.
    Next I get a pice of paper and a pen ans write down some key words for the personality I like my toon to have.
    The could sound something like, stubborn, intense in feelings, loyal and rarley see anything as Black or white.
    To you who think you see who those key words are for, Im pretty sure you are right
    Oh and remeber keep the RP fun, not just for your sake but for the ones you RP with as well.

    These key words are used by me as the basic for this toon, a place to start off from and fall back to when I get to out of line from where Id like to see him develop. Remeber thou that your toon will grow with time, so the key words might / will change over time.

    The littel extra you can add to you Char,
    You can allways add extra "****e" by using yourspelling like Fhinn gives exampels of furter down , and or maby throw in a repetative use of a word or a studder ? Anyhow, you should create him / her / it ( Atrox ? ) as you feel comfertable with. A tip is to creat something you can easly adept to like a second nature. To make an advanced chart as your first char might be well a bit to andvaced, keep it to a level you feel comfertable with and move from there

    Fraction ?
    Yes there are Fractions out there Clan, Omni and the non sided Neutrals. There used to be a contious fight between Omni and Clan how it started depends on who you talk to, who the evli is.. huumm well that depends on who you aks.
    However now with the launch of Alien Invasion there might be a littel bit of troops between Clan and Omni. who know´s..
    If you like to read more about Neutral / Omni / Clan please read thru the info under the offcial story and then "the Buzz" links for the server you pick to play on.
    I do not wish to taint this with to much info since it will how ever much I try not to , risk being tainted by my own oppinions.

    When do I RP ?

    Ah, yes a wery good question indeed.
    You can Rp all the time if you like in all chat chanels, but I don´t reccomed you do just that.
    You have some chanels that are marked as OOC and to try and Rp in there is not a good Idea.

    In tells, vicinity and even org and temp group chanels sure why not. It can be hard at times , for instance when standing in town and talking about different weapons and items things like that. use the [ooc: txt ] if you get stuck or have to say something so that peopel understand that you are rp´ing.
    The callenge to rp is a wery nice thing in deed and surely can add something extra to the game experience. Don´t worry if you seem to make misstakes now and then, we all do and we all get better over time. Practice is a key word in this

    So to sum this up for now, you can RP all the time every where, just dont wear your self out and remeber even thou you rp keep your toon on a levle that makes the game ejoyable for all the peopel around you, respect the peopel you meet.

    How do I RP ?

    RP works mainly thru Chatt in game, using the vicinity / tell chatt chanels. You Rp by saying things, and just folloing the flow that you and others create. Remeber just because the person next to you like it iIC It dosn´t mean you have to like it IC. It´s really realy hard to explain. I recommend you head out into game and try instead If I think of more to add here I will.
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    you welcome..

    this is sticky material indeed.
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    Talking, and describing wil be added soon, to this screen near you )

    I will keep adding to this thread so you can expect more in the future. If you feel there is something special you like to see here please post you suggestion. Oh and if you just like what you see feel free to let me know that to
    I allways work better when I know people like what Im trying to do *smiles*

    [ edited some minor spelling errors, few new links and green name issue mentioned HUGE thanx to MrEvil for correcting my spelling
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    Added a bit more as you can see, will try to make the last addition better when I get home from work
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    Just a tine info that a "What is RP ? " will be added hopfully during the day.
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    Nice work itel, i look forward to seeing it expanded.

    I found it hard to RP at first but finding your "voice" is important in playing your character. Its always how i start my characters.
    e.g i have a RP trader alt that has a lisp. Whenever i play him it simply ends up as great fun as i have to type a "s" as "th"

    e.g. Tho how are thingth going?
    Really thath thuper! Thorry i mutht dath...

    And on that character everything flows from that simple idea. He rapidly became very camp, vampyric and kinda creepy. A whole character package from a simple starting point. WHen i RP him on guild chat or vicinity the whole org starts RP-ing back and it becomes great fun. All down to that simple spark of a character.

    Character ideas:
    why not make him/her have a strong accent of some type?
    make him/her arrogant or over-confident?
    Very grumpy?
    Vain and shallow?
    Very stupid?
    and so on....and then only answer/talk as the character would.
    Put simply, RP-ing is fun, it adds to the game experience and frankly often its better to laugh now and again than be burned out.


    (Knowing these boards, i would like to point out that I am not mocking people with lisps, simply using it as an example of how to start a character off from an idea )
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    Cheers m8
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    Alterd a bit in teh exsiting text , sorry for the confusion it might cause, Wil try to behave ... but it´s hard for a Fixer
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    Yes make this a sticky...

    My caracter is build up on my own principles IRL the ppl i have sympathy for and so on... It is off course clan, a rebel, a freedom fighter, a person that by any means will get his goal... Someone might say terrorist tendencies... Very supportive of the Sentinels in tir... And their total hatred towards omni and neutrals...
    Well that's IC ... I'm really a very friendly OCC...
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    Thax for you suport and nice explination that really shows that IC and OOC are different persons =)

    On a side not I really really have to do a spell check on this post =)
    If more peopel think this shold be sticky Ill send a request to CZ about it.
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    bump from a long time RP'er.

    good info, all in one place.
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    *very* nice!

    This one deserve some stickyness
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    Placed the next thing that wil be comming up so I remeber to do it
    Also a small request if you think of something you feel is missing here send a PM or if you are new / old to Rp and like ot ask a question PM it to me and Il do my best to awser it. And perhaps also add a explination on the topic of question to the thread.
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    Hello - I joined the game much because I'd love to try a graphic RP chatgame, how is the rp done, w headset or with posts? And I have tried to talk w ppl, but most ppl aren't even responding to my posts

    I am an Omnitech adventurer [healer type] anyone who have a group I could join? I don't really know how guiöds work and stuff - got the game 3 days ago, ;-P

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    Hi And welcome
    Nice to see you here.

    RP works mainly thru Chatt in game, using the vicinity / tell chatt chanels. AO does not support voice as far as I know of besides the pre defiend words you can use but they are rarely used I think.

    What server do you play on ? Atlantean / Rimor / German ( sorry forgot the name of it ) Further up in the thread you can see links to Atlantean and Rimor server . they are compiled lists of RP guild on respective server.

    If you are on thr Rimor server please send a "/tell Itel Hello" and I wil galdely see if I can help you out.
    Since I notice you have a ö in your post I can also add that Im from Sweden, not sure if you are from here Ortoceratite but if you are you know that we speek the same language.
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    Guild, nationality and ö

    I'm a swedish Rimorite, hehe.

    I saw som elinks, but those omni I tried was dead links. I'll try the rest, just a little impatient, lol

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    Nice well send Itel a tell And Il see what I can do to help you
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    Just like to let you know that Itel dosn´t exist anymore I deleted him a few day´s back along with the rest of my toons and leaft Ao due to RL issues. I things change I will let you know that Im back.
    You make sure you have fun out there now and RP Alot !!

    ( mm please no good bye or stuff like that here, just posted this to let the readers know that I cant help them in game any more, i f you can let them know here plz )
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    Wink Okay ...

    Im Back
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    Added a Why do I role play today , got that question in my mind so I sorted it out and well liked to give you all that awser to. Remeber this is a work in progress. Any hints on what is missing please PM me. If it regards the current story Im cluless since I have retierd my RP char and is slowly building a new one up, who it is I wil not tell you , that would ruin the fun wouldn´t it ?
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