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Thread: UERK-volunteer engie warpers for new dungeon post here

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    UERK-volunteer engie warpers for new dungeon post here

    Any sub 110 peeps willing to warp high level engies into the new dungeon to get tradeskill items (or for whateve reason), please post here. Don't forget to specify if you are RK1/Atlantea or RK2/Rimor.

    Also, first <110 level engie who signs up after me gets a free beacon warp nano (if they don't already have it). RK2 only.

    I'll start: send tell ingame to Tensegra on RK2. I'm usually on late evenings, US pacific time.

    FYI, according to this guide you need a team of at least 3 players to get past the first chamber (there are things that need to be done simultaneously by multiple players to proceed). It'd help to have ready a team of two and preferably 3 or more since warpers will get you in, but might not want to actually accompany you further.

    Edit - actually you can throw the switches and get past the first room with just 2 toons, if you time it right. So just a warper and warpee is all you need
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    Iacon can. I will be on later tonight, Atlantic around 6:30pm.

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    Talking Genious am I!

    Wait a minute... I dont think I can run that program yet. :-p Hehehe, ya. Think first, post second!!!!

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    Yay, was waiting for someone else to post first

    I'll be on rather late tonight (USA time) but once I figure out how to get into the dungeon and where it is, I'll happily pull in other engineers that outlevel the place. I could use some help gathering the items myself, too.
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    This actually works? Not possible for the TOTW and IS dungeons.. confirmation?
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    Yup, its posted by CZ if i remeber correclty or someone else form Funcom that Warping into dungeon is ALLOWED
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    Hindeburg would be your man on RK1 Atlantean. Nice little side gig this. Breaks the monotony of Making Carb armor.

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    Helping drive the bus

    I warped a few last night.

    give me a tell /dcotortrish or engitrish

    again no charge, lets get those prices for tradeskills down

    server Rimor or RK2

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    I have warped a few people inside, not asking for cash but i have accepted donations.
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    I can warp people in, I got a young engi I keep at CoH just for the guild but if someone else needs a warp yell at me.
    I'm on RK1

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    I am still fascinated by the acronym
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