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Thread: IDEAS Factory

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    IDEAS Factory

    OK, this is a brainstorming thread. Basically I want to hear ideas on _new_ nanos/abilities/perks that we don't already have, e.g. Hajk's range debuffer.

    So let's hear them.
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    well, some idea would be some insta cast nukes- and for expample a line of "alpha"
    nukes that can only be executed once per oh so many secs by using a withrawl nano cast on you. should make up for the lack of pvp opening punch on cd nukes,and also give us a little more full def punch.

    what id personly love to see is nukes that actually effect stats. a more complex kinda nukes, make cold nukes debuff inits at a certain prefenct for a short while,make more energy nukes carry a stun abilty- make chem nukes tyhat have a chance to DOT the target with chemical burns, even make them nukes demand more than MC to cast like the mp ones that debuff nano skills,but at elast should add more room and intrest and flavor to them.

    frost`s kiss of the snowman


    dmg should be around 2500-5000ish or so

    BUT on a 25% of cases we get a special cast on target that will lower its inits for a about 10 secs due to the freezing cold of the nuke.

    take something quite close only chem dmg and make it take bm,mm,and mc,- a chem nuke with a dot chance.

    would be nice to get a perk line that will mix with nukes, example

    a perk special that creats insabtabily in the nano pool of the target and debuffs it for a ceratin amount of nano points- than a nano that can only be cast on a target running this speical on it and makes it lose more nano points- or some mana burn effect where the points lost by the perk are damagin the target for a certain precent.

    would be nice to see our nukes complent our perks more- even if some new perk lines are needed:P

    still- thing id liek to see most it new defense things- and those dont need new invative methods- only improving those that were negelcted for ages.i do see a room for a better ns.and defintly room for new layers.make them insta recharged,and make them cd only,so a person who chooses to chain layer himslef wont be in a god mode- but be given good protection by actually ttoaly sucrifcing his offence.

    anyway- this were all from the topof my head and numbers and all arent my strong side- and its sunrise here
    will go on rumbling tommorw!

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    Nanofield Projection

    The nanotechnician projects an extremely dense field of nanobots at a range of up to 35 meters from his location. This field temporarily boosts the effective nanopool of everyone within the 20 meter radius of the field and accelerates their nano regeneration for a short time.

    This nanoformula functions on the same principles as the Area Effect nukes that have long been a key part of the nanotechnician tool set except that most of the nanobots that are projected are left unprogrammed and thus, accessible for use by anyone within the field that is created.

    This nanoformula serves as a support mechanism in large scale encounters where the NT must remain out of range due to inability to survive the encounter but is necessary for nanobot enhancement of doctors and other professions.

    Ultimately, the Nanofield Projection lines are highly costly in nanobot usage and require nearly continuous recharging for effective use. This results in a nearly complete loss of any damage output that the NT might provide so is only completely effective as a support technique when the NT has no other value to the situation.

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    ah yes- and reverse HE kinda thing would be nice

    if are masters of giving it nano- shouldnt we be masters of eating it up?

    a nano dot would be VERY handy i think a lot of mobs in sl got some variation of it. something that eats away 500 nano points a tick should be handy in our pvp area.

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    Nanobot Field Visualization

    When running this line of nanoformulas, the NT is able to observe active flows of nanobots overlaid on his vision with a strategic display. Auras and actively refreshing buffs create a network of links that are seen at all times, pulsing at the moment they refresh: HoT's, NoT's, and so forth. In addition, each direct damage, healing, buff, or debuff nanoformula creates a visual tie between user and target that only slowly disappears from view.

    Through careful observation of this visualization, the NT is able to identify critical targets on the battlefield and coordinate attacks with allied NTs.

    This is achieved by a continual usage of nanobots that send signals to a pool of nanobots localized in the eyes of the NT.

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    Disrupt Target Lock

    By use of a highly directed (capable of targetting enemy only through standard usage of IFF technology) and intensive EMP, all weapon targeting systems in range of the effect lose their lock; requiring manual reacquisition of targets.

    In practical terms, all fights (on the opponants side) terminate and targets are lost until either the player manually tabs and hits Q or someone hits them (if they have auto target/ auto fight on).

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    Obscuring field

    The nanotechnician creates a temporary field around an allied target that resembles the commonly used blindness effects. However, this field obscures everything but the eyes; resulting in a beneficial defensive bonus... if short term in nature. This can be used in 'combination' with the blindness effect to create a heightened level of safety (using blindness on the opponent while running the Obscuring field on the tank).

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    Perk suggestion.

    Notum Overload and

    Enhanced knowldge perk specails.......bring their recharge from 6 mins and 3 mins respectivly down by at leasts half....or better.....make notum source 2 min recharge and enhanced knowldge 1 min us a reguraly mob boost of damage....

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    Been mentioned in a couple of threads before, but here they are again:

    Direct damage to targets nanopool.
    A nanoline that directly damages the targets nanopool. Seeing how good we are are gaining nano for us and others i don't see why this shouldn't fall under possilbe abilities of the NT.

    Some sort of portal tech for SL.
    To create a short term portal between the current location and a garden. Not limited by number of peeps going through, but rather use massively with nano each second the portal is open. Somewhere along the lines of 1-2k. Would help out a lot in SL with transport to hard to get places and to raids.

    Blinds that affect both weapon and nanorange in addition to addalloff would be a welcome addition.

    Combining Siphon and Channeling once the aura interrupt is fixed. Personally i would love to see the really, really annoying channeling icon that pops up every tick get moved to either the end of the ncu list or put in a "container" ncu item that's reserved for short-time buffs and auras (f.ex. under 30 seconds).

    Use Enhanced NanoDamage to bring direct damage perk specials on the table. Should be able to use them as seperate attacks without having to land a lower special.

    I'll probably add a few more once i wake up properly.
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    Since the addition of the deck our ability to do damage while performing our former support role is gone. So my idea is:

    - Add a chance to execute roots/blinds/calms/stuns/debuffs (like MP mez pet) and self-layer refreshes to all cyberdeck nukes.
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    The ability to switch the deck into different modes using a Nanoprgramming tool.

    Increased nano init
    A 'stun' special
    A 'DD' special
    A blind
    etc etc
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    Originally posted by Cz
    WT*?! I take Friday off to play AO from Thursday to Monday morning, and Atlantean is down! Gaaaaah! FRUSTRATION CAPS! *bangs head on keyboard* {Edited by moderator: Watch it Cz!!} *bangs keyboard on monitor*

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    Inertia Field

    How about a variant of our Nullity Sphere? Call it an Inertia Field. It works in relation to distance to an object. The farther the object...the greater the damage reduction. To the point of like 90% damage reduction at 40m. This will give us back some function with our roots...and possibly some solo ability.

    This field should be long duration with no real drawbacks. The field should probably start at 10m though. can play with the numbers. I like the idea of having a chance against 40m critters.

    Might be a bit overpowering in PvP with numbers to deal with critters though. Maybe go with the standard 1/2 deal in PvP. Of course, other players would have the option to just get close and remove the effects of the inertia field.

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    New AoE low-resist nukes, AoE is our defining ability. I cannot stress that enough, NEW AOE NUKES.

    Doc's have blind and ransack-removing perk specials, why can't we get something to negate the MONSTROUS effect UBT has on us? I don't even care for NSD protection - that nano is hard to land and takes a while to cast. UBT is FAST, EASY to land, and it's effect is basically the same as NSD. An enemy doc in 25% is the last thing you will see before you have to run.

    Reduce the recharge on roots if we are using the deck. Every other rooting profession can still deal damage while rooting, but it's a complete waste of 4 seconds for us.

    Nano shield perk special / nano, which would transform (part of) the nano damage we take to mana burn. You are getting nuked for 4.5k, that results in 1.5k HP and 3k nano loss.

    Something identical to keeper's ward nano (they stole our HE, we steal their ward), that would deflect 1 hostile nano every set amount of time, back on the caster.

    A direct nano pool attack, which would burn a set amount of nano from both you and your target. That would give us some kind of reason to have a 18k+ nanopool..
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    OK I posted this to the suggestions forum, but I shoud probably post it here so everyone can tell me how bad an idea it is.

    Here goes:
    It would be nice to have a nuke like Candycane that attacked a MOB for all the AC types in order to determine the weakest AC. CC cant do this as it has a fixed amount it can hit for, so what about a perk special like:

    Ascertain Defenses
    AttackTime: 5s
    Recharge: 120s
    To use:
    Target must be NPC (cannot be used in PvP)
    Must have END trained to Level 4

    Hit Target Health -1 to -3000 MeleeAC
    Hit Target Health -1 to -3000 ProjectileAC
    Hit Target Health -1 to -3000 EnergyAC
    Hit Target Health -1 to -3000 FireAC
    Hit Target Health -1 to -3000 ColdAC
    Hit Target Health -1 to -3000 ChemicalAC
    Hit Target Health -1 to -3000 PoisonAC
    Hit Target Health -1 to -3000 RadiationAC

    Even against a zero AC MOB this would only hit for an average of 12.5k, so kind of an AS every 2 minutes.

    Against a Shadowlands MOB with uber ACs (e.g. Inferno) this would only hit for about 1-6k, hence it would be pretty weak but useful in order to determine the best nuke to use.

    Possibly have stronger/weaker versions that scale as the perk line is trained up, e.g

    Level 1 of END it would hit for 1 to 1500
    Level 2 of END it would hit for 1 to 2000
    Level 3 of END it would hit for 1 to 2500
    Level 4 of END it would hit for 1 to 3000
    Level 5 of END it would hit for 1 to 3500
    Level 6 of END it would hit for 1 to 4000
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    How much damage are YOUR nukes doing?

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    Code Scramble/Legacy Code

    Increase the Fumble % for the target

    Req Level 50: +10%
    Req Level 100: +20%
    Req Level 150: +30%
    Req Level 200: +40%
    Req Level 215: +50%

    Kind of a 50:50 NSD with the highest version.

    Oh, maybe I should add: Target Professons != NT
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    Rahmorak, Clan Solitus NT
    How much damage are YOUR nukes doing?

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    How about a nanoline that decreases fumble chance?
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    Originally posted by Cz
    WT*?! I take Friday off to play AO from Thursday to Monday morning, and Atlantean is down! Gaaaaah! FRUSTRATION CAPS! *bangs head on keyboard* {Edited by moderator: Watch it Cz!!} *bangs keyboard on monitor*

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    Ok, I have the best suggestion ever. Take the perkline "Piercing Mastery", copy it into a "Nanodamage Mastery", rename the specials, give them a "Must wield Cyberdeck" flag, and we're there.

    NTs would FINALLY get the alpha we need for Pvp (yes, we can still do the chicken**** "kiting", i know), and it would make a huge difference to our damage outpust.

    NTs doesnt have as many issues as some people like to make us thing.

    edit: poor english made less poor

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    Saw it in another thread

    but possibly extend the warp/fold time and space line adding warps to jobe market, harbor, plaza -- maybe even gardens ... but jobe would be a great warp spot..

    i dunno feels like we are kinda redudant in SL

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    I had mentioned it to Rahmo in a PM, but here's just as well too.

    Have a nanoprogram that forces an instant/[x] long second nano in another person's NCU that simply locks their capacity to cast anything or use perks for a certain number of seconds.

    Call it something like a Nanocontrol Override, and use it to trip up hostile casters, so for instance, if you were to hit a fellow NT with it, they couldn't nuke or use starfall, or in a doc's case, Battlegroup heals, etc.

    Sort of like a stun for non-Q actions.

    Have it scale from like 5 to 15 seconds, etc.

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    New item

    NanoCrystal Damage converter (Cold to Chem)

    when used on an Cold attack Nano crystal will change it's damage to chem creating a new nano so it doesn't override th old one.

    requires 3x QL in nano programing to use. must be equal or grater QL then nano crystal.

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