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Thread: Doctor guide to Symbiants

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    Doctor guide to Symbiants


    Nb. This guide assumes a certain familiarity with concepts such as base stats and common abbreviations for skill names.

    Symbiants are the Shadowlands version of implants but unlike Rubi Ka implants you don't need to add clusters they come prebuilt. Also unlike RK implants rather than adding to just 3 skills they add to many. The symbiant head for instance adds to all nano skills (bm,mm,pm,mc,ts,si,fa,treat) and many more.

    Here's a comparison of the nano skills from a typical ql120 bm/mm RK implant setup and a ql 120ish full symbiant set.

    Rubi Ka cluster based implants
    mm 63 bm 91 pm 26 mc 0 ts 63 si 0 (Letah's weaponless doc layout + pm)
    Shadowlands symbiants
    mm 123 bm 123 pm 121 mc 120 ts 120 si 123
    See here for the full 120(ish) set

    As you can see you can have your cake and eat it. This is also by no means the end of it - the set will also buff just about everything else you could need including base abilitites Treatment,First Aid, 600 to most ACs, Max health, Max nano, NCU, 150 defence modifier damage shielding heal delta and nano delta ... and thats only the ql120 set. Not only this it will buff them higher than even the most balanced RK set could come close to.

    The only significant caveat to this is that apart from a small amount of MA and Bow there are no weapon buffs. There are also no evade bonuses other than nano resist. I suspect the route to happiness involves a careful mix of symbiants and RK implants.

    Symbiants drop exclusively from pocket bosses - more on that later.


    Unlike nearly every other profession there is only one symbiant set available to docs Support.

    The jewel in the crown (as it were) of all the symbiants is the head, here is what the Support head buffs,
    NanoC.Init ,NanoResist,Dimach
    BiologicalMetamorphosis, MaterialMetamorphosis, PsychologicalModfication, MaterialCreation, SpaceTime, SensoryImprovement
    TrapDisarm ,Perception

    The Support set avaialable in qls 1-300 in steps of about 10. Note, not all parts exist at all qls. For instance the Support ql140 set does not include a head but the 120 does.


    Unfortunately symbiants are not very easy on your base stats + treatment. Every single base stat is required somewhere - though you can focus on some more than others.

    All symbiants have high treatment reqs for their level - great for docs. Here are the requirements for each type,

    Agility + Sense + Intelligence
    l wrist
    leg (thigh)

    Agility + Sense + Strength
    eye (ocular)
    r arm
    r hand

    Agility + Sense + Stamina

    Agility + Sense + Psychic
    l arm
    r wrist
    l hand

    As you can see Agility/Sense are required regardless, so are probably a good starting point for things like armor choices at low levels.

    Unfortunately they're not as buffable as Str/Stam. The most important places to implant for a doc are probably going to be head,chest followed by eye, r arm - though these two will hit weapon slots. So as a third skill Intelligence clearly, Str/Stam can be buffed. This does mean IP hungry docs are going to need to look at Agi/Sen compatible RK layouts when trying to mix symbs and implants.
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    Here is the Support set with links.

    Eye (ocular)
    Left Arm
    Right Arm
    Left Wrist
    Right Wrist
    Leg (Thigh)
    Left Hand
    Right Hand


    The list below is probably becoming outdated but I will leave it for posterity, great sites with up to date info are, - Herodotus

    If you know of any locations not listed here please post to the end of this thread and I will update this section. See links above for details of specific QL symbiants.



    Nesbaneb - Flying guy along the mountain just south west of Brawl in Nascense.
    Brain (QL25)



    Lethargic Spirit - drops from spirit hunters and spirits outside Ergo's cave.
    Brain (QL 120)
    Eye (QL 150)
    Ear (QL 120,150)

    Flinty - Rafters on your way to Ergo.
    Left Hand (QL 100)

    Bhinaji Navi - Bosses of the 2 Towers(?).
    Left Wrist (QL 90)
    Chest (QL 140)

    Ashmara Ravin - 4 bosses around the pyramid.
    Eye (QL 100)
    Right Arm (QL 100)

    Blight - plague demons outside Ergo.
    Right Arm (QL 100)
    Right Arm (QL 120)

    Misery - plague demons outside Ergo.
    Ear (QL 90,100,110)

    Marly Suzerain - think these are from the Eremites north of the Western incarnator.
    Left Wrist (QL 100,110)

    Wacky Suzerain - Eremites again I assume
    Foot (QL 100)

    Contorted Soul Dredge - dredges outside Ergo.
    Right Wrist (QL 140)
    Waist (QL 100)

    Tough - (?)
    Right Hand (QL 90,130)

    Hemut - Imps east side of Scheol.
    Chest (QL 90)

    Khemhet - Imps east side of Scheol.
    Left Arm (QL 100)
    Right Wrist (QL 110)



    Toss - The named golems in SW Adonis (on surface). Cranky,Irascible,etc. Golem
    Left Hand (QL 220)
    Foot (QL 240)

    Old Salty - Near the Catedral in Adonis Abyss. 4 Dryad camps.
    Foot (QL 180)



    Zoetic Oak - Sabre tigers (Stubby Stalker and Pudge Stalker), SE of redeemed garden exit and east of that.
    Ear (QL 180, 210, 220)
    Head (QL 220)

    Alatyr - Same as Zoetic Oak
    Chest (QL 180)
    Right Arm (QL 180, 190, 200)
    Left Arm (QL 210)

    Srahir - Icey Shadows and Hiathalins inside Penumbra Hollows
    Head (QL 190, 210)
    Eye (QL 200, 210)

    Juma - Hisii Warior Boss in Penumbra Hollows
    Right Hand (QL 180, 190)
    Right Wrist (QL 180)
    Left Wrist (QL 180, 220)
    Leg (QL 190)

    Kaleva - same as Juma
    Left Hand (QL 190)
    Leg (QL 190, 200, 210)

    Imk - Dragon and malah-ea bosses near the hollows in penumbra
    Waist (QL 220)
    Left Arm (QL 210)
    Right Wrist (QL 190, 220)
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    Aquiring Symbiants

    There are 3 main avenues available for aquiring symbiants.

    1/ Buying them is clearly the easiest but with prices in the range of 10-200 mil for a head this is only for the rich. Having said this the other types are considerably cheaper. Also the demand for the Support set is high as it also shared by 6 other professions - and is unfortunately the only set available to us.

    2/ Farming them from pocket bosses. This is actually a lot easier than you'd imagine, particularly if you farm them for alts with your main. I'll go into more details at the end. Also docs and pet profs will find it easier to solo them than many others. The pocket bosses have lots of HP, nasty deprives and dots meaning the fights tend to go on a long time and without healing and dot/deprive removing perks or some way of distracting them this can be a problem.

    3/ Camping the incarnators. Pocket bosses have to be spawned at incarnators in SL. The symbiants themselves are UNIQUE which mean you can't stock up on more than one of each at a time. This also means that if the boss drops 5 symbiants which is quite common then the chances are spares will be left on the corpse. Clearly if you adopt this approach ask before taking and stay well back during the fight to avoid kill stealing issues. Don't expect to find too many heads by this means either.

    There are also certain dynabosses that drop symbiants.

    Farming Pocket Bosses

    There are pocket boss creation guides here and here, but I'll summarise the process and add hints.

    To spawn a pocket boss you need three components,

    1/ A completed pattern. Amongst many grouped mobs in SL you will find some named mobs who are of a higher level than all the others. These mini-bosses drop the pattern pieces we need. Each pattern consists of 4 parts (A)bhan (B)hotaar (C)hi and (D)om or A B C D. To complete a pattern simply keep killing until you have all four parts and join them together - this requires no skill. The lower unamed mobs will also drop the pieces but a lot less frequently, so it can be worth killing them at camped spawns.

    To decide which mobs to go after consult Herodotus' excellent site or where most of the drops are listed, or see above.

    2/ The next step involves obtaining a crystal filled with the source. The crystals come empty and are called Unpolluted Crystals. They can be bought from MPs who can summon them. You need a crystal of the same or higher ql than the completed pattern. Once you've obtained the crystal you need to fill it from a Notum Wars control tower. Find a tower of the same or higher level as the empty crystal, make sure you won't get attacked and target the tower and right click the crystal, your nano pool will completely drain each time you do this. Nb. You need to use a tower >= the ql of the crystal not the boss - so if your MP summons ql 240 crystals for you expect to have to travel to EFP.

    3/ Finally obtain some subdued novictum. This used to drop pretty reliably from spirit mob minibosses and soul dredges and also less commonly from any spirit. They mostly drop the unrefined pieces now which need converting with a tool - see below. This is actually a bonus as the subdued type is UNIQUE so you can't farm it, the unrefined pieces are no longer unique. You need the same ql or better as the pattern. The lvl 130 mobs outside Ergo in Scheol drop novictum up to about lvl 159 or so and are easily soloed by anyone they're grey to.

    The pieces of Novictum such as Enraged Pith of Novictum can be converted to Subdued Novictum using the Ancient Novictum Refiner. This tool can be bought from the Yuttos Tool sellers. (Caveat Emptor: they rarely stock it and you may have to wait for their inventory to cycle a few times before getting one).

    Join the pattern to the filled crystal - this requires 7.5 times the ql of the pattern in NP. Join the result of that to the novictum - this requires about 5x the ql of the pattern in Quantum Field Physics. (Nb. I think this was lowered by FC as it used to be 6x).

    Spawning the boss

    Locate an incarnator. The incarnators are the swirling blue columns you can see from miles away (not the ones with the crystals suspended in them). When you target the base it should say incarnator. You will need to use an incarnator in the same playfield or better than the boss you farmed.

    Target the incarnator and right click the pocket boss in your inventory. Do not switch your target from the incarnator until the PB has spawned, or it won't appear and you'll have to right click it again. When the boss appears your HP will drop to about 2%. You will need to heal up before attacking it. Fortunately the grey ones won't attack until you attack them.

    Note about a CH issue at pocket boss spawns: When your health drops to 2% or if you are helping a friend and intending to CH them before the fight starts. If you cast the CH instantly it will land and then about a second later be completely cancelled again. Unfortunately you need to wait about 2 seconds before casting it.
    This can cause problems due to CH aggro if the rest of your team have already started attacking the pocket boss. If your team attacks before the CH has properly landed or worse still the first one fails and you have to wait on the recharge then be prepared to be the tank for the entire fight or don't attack and hope they pull the aggro.

    The pocket bosses have a lot of HP and often some nasty trader style deprives. However they can be killed relatively easily if they're grey to you. For killing similair level to you bosses I'd recommend bringing friends. Also don't forget the boss will drop many symbiants of the same kind and as they're UNIQUE there will be plenty of spares.
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    Please post any corrections/suggestions and details of pattern locations to the end of this thread and I will update the guide.

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    Very informative post! Now all I have to do is actually find some.
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    Added the Scheol drops - I'll carry on and add the Adonis ones if anyone expresses an interest.

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    Superb guide

    Nice one!

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    High QL Support Symbiants

    Zoetic Oak
    Ear (QL 180, 210, 220)
    Head (QL 220)

    Right Hand (QL 180, 190)
    Right Wrist (QL 180)
    Left Wrist (QL 180, 220)
    Leg (QL 190)

    Head (QL 190, 210)
    Eye (QL 200, 210)

    Chest (QL 180)
    Right Arm (QL 180, 190, 200)
    Left Arm (QL 210)

    Left Hand (QL 190)
    Leg (QL 190, 200, 210)

    Left Hand (QL 220)
    Foot (QL 240)

    Waist (QL 220)
    Left Arm (QL 210)
    Right Wrist (QL 190, 220)

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    Also, an update do your lower QL post:

    Bhinaji Navi also drops a 140 support chest, which I currently have equipped.

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    Thanks Sheffy - I've updated Bhinaji Navi and cut and pasted the rest in for now - will fix them up with links and locations later.

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    - Zoetic Oak/Alatyr: Stubby and Pudgy Stalker in SW Penumbra.
    - Juma/Kaleva: Hlisi nameds like Turis inside Penumbra Hollows.
    - Srahir: Chlliy Gust and Esanell inside Penumbra Hollows.

    Toss and Imk I have no idea where they drop atm. Very much interested myself where Imk drops but since SL Library seems to be down this weekend so I have no clues at all.

    I would highly advise not to level past level 202/203 if you want to get yourself some good symbiants. Almost every dynaboss in Penumbra wiill run if grey to you after level 202/203 and makes it impossible to solo them. Add the fact that they all seems to have a 50% chance of dropping a source frgament or a pattern it becomes a sheer exercise in frustration to collect pb patterns in Penumbra.
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    gratz gratz gratz

    ope timelaps will make it a sticky , I have send him a PM
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    the link to is not working... hope it will be fixer soon
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    Great guide, just what I was after! Cheers

    edit - Lethargic Spirit also drops up to ql150 Ocular
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    I got that neglectful brain support unit Aban, in the head area that diatribe posted, from

    Head (QL 25)

    a flying guy along the mountain just south west of Brawl in Nascense. Its on the way to some hecklers people always fight.

    I'm 54, but it was still nicer than the regular ole implant I had there. I had like Bio met 30 or something on the regular implant, but gladly had it drop to 13 after I leveled to get all that other stuff on a head implant for a non twink. Great for any class that can wear it I guess if 19 level or above.

    I killed the guy some more, as well as another named like him that is there sometimes, but all I got were some pretty poor arm implants that only gave like 3 on a few things (artillery unit on those, QL 5.) He was green when I first killed him, soon after arriving in shadowlands, and got the head implant. I was so happy!

    Whoah.. it seems from this guide I should go for a pocket boss from pattterns.. oooh.
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    Silq and Naughti - updated and added the Nas section.

    Will fill out the rest when Herodotus comes back up - and any Ely tips are welcome!

    [Edit]: Also just noticed Jayde has followed Auno's lead and added Symbs to his implant configurator - and I can link to them too (though I can't add armor). Have added a link to the 120 set.
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    tyvm mighty ARK
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    er.. so were do i get Bhinaji Navi patterns? i need chest+waist+head+eye+whatever else adds mm/bm :P
    head+eye i know were to get
    waist i got
    chest.. hmmm
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    On a side note: Srahir is a royal pain in the ass if you want a 210 head from him
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