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Thread: A scene from ocra garden, Today.

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    A scene from ocra garden, Today.

    Camera pans over garden of Ocra, swooping majestically over the trees then comes to a small pool of water where a lonely figure sits on a strangely glowing blue rock in the middle of a pool, in the middle of a tree.

    A second figure large, almost trollish approaches the first and coughs to get the others attention.

    "Telegram for ya, doc" says the large trollish rock-like one.

    "Hmm" the doc says, then reading the telegram aloud, "Congratulations, we have granted your request to fix the timing on your AOE Perk Heal."

    The doc smiles and then reads allowed louder knowing good things are coming. "The timing will no long disagree with the description."

    The doc stops and does a double fist pump "woo hoo". Continuing on with a huge grin on his face he reads the last line. "So after our experiment on the test server we decided to change them both back to" The last words come in a strangled scream of disbelief as the docs smile disintegrate into a anguished scowl, "10 minuets.. WTF".

    The doc sits down heavily on the strangely glowing blue rock in the middle of the pool. splashing the two alters on either side of him.

    The trollish creature grins evilly. "Oh and package for ya too" he says handing the dumbstruck doc a small box.

    "Ahh" the doctor sighs, "at least its not all bad news." He says opening the box to reveal a expensive looking pistol with a note attached.

    "Dear sir. OT corporation is proud to assist you in the problems you have with this "Pain of Patricia" and its noted failure to do much of anything against the hecklers that threaten the boarders of our new land." The doc reads smiling again. "We discovered the problem was with the burst cycle mechanism overheating and causing a large and rapid stream of fire to emanate from the weapon, We adjusted the timing on it to prevent any possible damage to those using it, or those its being used on." The look on the doc's face has become blank, as shock and numbness set in. "We hope you consider us for all your future weapon tuning needs."

    "Also this arrived on personal transport." The troll pulls out a grubby piece of folded paper covered in large crayoned lettering.

    "Oh great, its from Mongo" the doc says, then reading the grubby letter aloud, " Me leaving. Me find spiritual life better. Me spiritual adviser give me heals AND nano. Bye. Your friend Mongo."

    The doc shrugs. "Figured" he says resignedly, crumpling and tossing the letter into the pool behind him.

    "Oh, I almost forgot, one more thing." Says the now despised troll, "I was supposed to give you this too." he finishes as he kicks the doc in the teeth.

    "No real reason, they just thought it would help."

    The baffled and bloodied doc gives a -3 tooth grin to the troll, "Yah " he says slowly "it did. That hurt somewhat less than the rest of it."

    The camera pulls back, giving a slight bobble as if in mirth and then fades out.

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    (Edited Added Post Script)


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    That rocks.
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    Very nice
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    Best SL Doc post ever
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    lol! ace
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    It includes everything but the scene where the doc drops the soap.
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    Originally posted by Zanthyna
    It includes everything but the scene where the doc drops the soap.

    i thought you wherent gonna ever bring that up!!!


    nice way of gettin our problems across

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    omg, i would be laughing more if i want crying too...

    thats great.
    just call me the idea monkey

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    Originally posted by Jynne
    Maybe that can be an ad campaign: "AO - like methadone for slots junkies"?

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    Thumbs up

    Very nice indeed
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    Originally posted by LtBurlap
    omg, i would be laughing more if i want crying too...

    thats great.
    My exact words hehe

    Ace Lifelove, nice writing
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    Nice way of putting it. ^^

    Yes, this is in essence a bump...


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    /tips hat

    nice one

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    The good news is, however, that you've been nominated for Oscar.

    The bad news is Oscar is my pimplechinned brother with bracers.
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    hey u forgot CH agro
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    Post Script:

    Character: Vetgirl (177 Doctor)
    Current Location: Ocra Garden Reclaim
    Status: Retired

    I'm keeping the perscription pad. Is that wrong?

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    Originally posted by Lifelove

    I'm keeping the perscription pad. Is that wrong?
    Might as well get some good antidepressants out of the deal.

    bumpers, I shouldn't be outhealing Doc perks with Bio Shielding.
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    hehe nice post...
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    rofl! Best post in a long while! =P

    Dont retire tho to many people are retiring... im running out of pplz to say bye too
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    will miss ya honey - enoyed being at mercs with you. #so, so sad that writing, but veyr well written.

    Love and luck to you and yours


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