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Thread: Raikos Map v2 Available

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    Raikos Map v2 Available

    Now updated for 14.8 and available at the link below, thanks again to Zanity for hosting this for me


    This version removes the 'zoomed out' or small map, replacing it with a duplicate of the 'zoomed in' or big map. The reason for this is the addition of a lot more markers on the map itself. I was reluctant to sacrifice the use of the small map as an overview of relative locations but to keep all the info on the map it had to be done.

    Both maps show all the original markers, but on the zoomed out map Ive added the Land Control Areas and have moved all the Dyna Camps and Unique encounters to the zoomed in view.

    Thanks to the new map functionality in 14.8, you can easily use as many maps as you like, Ratty has an excellent round up of most of them here

    And now some waffle......

    Changes in 2.0
    -Added Land Control areas to the main map. I was only able to include this thanks to MORB generously making his psd files available. ( I did plan on mapping them at some point, but just havent had the time to go out and scout them all.
    -Added a good deal more Dyna Camps, again all credit goes to MORBs work for making the ones Id missed out easy to add here.
    -Reworked the outpost markers to make it a little easier to spot their affiliation and whether they have a grid terminal or not.
    -Added a Whom-Pah route overview to the main map
    -Added a couple more Unique mob locations.
    -Added a couple of points of interest

    The Dyna-Camps contained in the map represent the event that took place within my guild over the few days following patch 14.5 and the hard work undertaken in that event to find these locations. I was finally able to complete this thanks to MORBs work.

    For the Unique Encounters section I used Darxy's excellent thread and all the contributions therein as a reference, in addition to the knowledge gained in almost 2 years of playing AO.

    Clever boffin Dhurdahl made the tool that turns felt-tip scribbles into in-game maps by computar magic.

    Last word must be a mention for Dovve, I wouldnt have even attempted this had she not done all the hard work first.

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    Cool! I just downloaded it since now in 14.8 I'm gonna collect maps!
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    Ive been using 1.1 since it came out and this is the best map Ive ever used. Thanks so much!
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    A minor bug has been found heh

    If you take the zip file from the link provided and extract it and copy that folder to the location specified the map won't work as there is a subfolder raikos .. I would suggest that you make a new zip file with just the correct folder and instructions.

    For the technincally inclined we can figure this out but some people are not so inclined and will end up with a black map


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    Hi, I've been a long time fan of your maps, and have been using them since version 1

    However I'm afraid I really miss the old layout with the whompha route.

    Is it possible that you make available a 2nd version that updates the version 1.2 with the new dyna bosses and points of interest, but keeps the zoomed-out map the same?
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    Re: Raikos Map v2 Available

    Originally posted by Urshu

    Thanks to the new map functionality in 14.8, you can easily use as many maps as you like, Ratty has an excellent round up of most of them here
    It should be _ALL_ maps out there, as far as I know I have them all. If I'm missing any, people need to tell me.

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    Sorry for thread necromancy, but does anyone know where I can find a working download of this map?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veevex View Post
    Sorry for thread necromancy, but does anyone know where I can find a working download of this map?
    AoRK is much better and more up to date,,, welcome to 17.9.2
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    I've tried AoRK and it doesn't really seem to show dyna camps like this map describes... if at all. That's why I'm trying to find this one.

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    Wow nevermind, sorry... didn't realize I could zoom in more than once in AoRK

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    Wow that is some hardcore necro right there.

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    It seems like Veevex is a Necromancer irl.
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