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Thread: Quick GA question

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    Quick GA question

    Wanted to post this to all Fixers using GA.... I'm starting a new toon and have Ga1 ready.. now should I just dump IP into MC or imp it... and if I imp it could some of you post your GAimp setup... I kinda want to equip it as soon as possible but then again I don't want to set any records getting it on

    thanks in advance for any help

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    I'm currently using GA4. My guild has ql220 nano skill advantages, and I maxed MC, TS, and MM (GA skills). Here's my GA nano skill implant layout.

    Eye: Faded MC.

    Left Arm: Faded MM.

    Chest: Bright MM.

    I can self equip GA with only MC expertise.
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    Actually, I'd suggest using a "add all def" shining cluster on left wrist

    Adds something like 130 DMS.
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