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Thread: Grid Armor items

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    Grid Armor items

    So, I found GA MK1 last night on my first night of GA-hunting; actually I found it on my fifth solo ql57 team mission. :)

    What I'm wondering now is what I can and should wear with the GA. I can get it on now at level 59 with two mochams and can self-sustain it at 75% effectiveness. I've got a Head Skinchip - Physical Protection that I can use in a few levels, I read about those. But what about rings? I can't wear any of the rings from the temple. :/

    Also, is there any way to wear social clothing under the GA, so I don't look like a complete hick when it drops? :)

    Any and all tips I should know or a link to a good guide with tips would be appreciated.

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    You can't wear any clothes under GA.

    Start putting IP into matter creation, and I mean a lot.

    I'd advise getting 2 corroded rings from Tri Plumbo in the Biomare/Foreman's dungeon.

    Remember not to spoil yourself. A fixer in GA can kill things just standing there, while an armored fixer has to run. I didn't use GA until level 104-106 (not completely sure), and having so much time in regular armor allowed me to perfect my kiting skills.

    Remember, if you are pressing the back button, you are not kiting right!

    Tip- Use a gamma ejector or MCS, get your GA to 100% effectiveness, up your matter creation so you can self cast it, and try not to die often. (all I can think of at the moment )
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    I don't quite agree with making it a priority to self-cast GA. It's convienant, sure, but I follow the philosophy that it's better to spend credits than IP.

    At low levels, IP is scarce enough, and there will be other nano's you will want to be able to cast. And using GA, it's unavoidable that you will be behind fixers without GA, just try not to be too far behind. Basiclly if your smg, burst, RI, and evades are up to date, and you are pretty current on your HoT's, NCU buff, and run speed (important because it will increase your evades), then think about putting points into MC.

    Another option is to have a set of implants built specificlly for casting and equipping your GA, then swapping them for your normal fighting implants. Sometimes it's easier to find a doc for SFA and IC than finding an MP or Trader.

    Just be cautious how you use your IP, never spend'em unless you have to.

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    Is it just me or does Keeper's Vitality seem like a good GA implant?

    Compared to my current QL92 Waist Implant it has 14 or so less BioMet but on the other hand has a higher Max Health (150 vs 112) and a whooping 1300 or so more AC total. Or is AC completely worthless when wearing GA?

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    It seems a good implant to use if your 100 or lower.

    AC is never worthless IMO, the AC's on that implant would reduce damage by about 20 points per hit. Not alot, but could make a differance, especially in a long fight.

    Also you would get a bit more HP out of this. It adds 12 stamina, that's about another 45-60 hp depending on your breed.

    I like this implant, wouldn't use it over my QL 200 waist implant, but back at 60 I'd have loved that thing.

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    To self-equip or not is a matter of style.
    If you want to be locked into the suit for X hours (unless you want to spend credits and time hunting MPs or traders) you don't need to be able to self-cast it.
    I would advise against wearing the smurf suit in public places, like cities.
    1) It's ugly! Equip a pillow and you'll see what the smurf suit looks like. Don't expect to score any point with Lilnymph, Suricia, Xellina or any of the other fixer chicks while wearing it.
    2) People think you're rich! Beggars will flock to you.
    3) It will declare to everyone that you are a fixer. Expect buff requests and maybe a few blitz requests too.
    If I'm not in a hurry I don't mind giving out buffs and what not, but not if I only stepped into to town to stock up on a few nano-rechargers.
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