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Thread: Anyone want to group for GA Hunts?

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    Question Anyone want to group for GA Hunts?

    Just a thought... I was thinking it might be fun to get a bunch of Fixers in a goup to go after mission bosses for GA looting!

    I was thinking GA 2-3-4 since I am lvl 89 and already have ga2

    We would assign everyone a number, and then go do team missions until we get everyone a ga disc!
    Everyone blitzes up to the boss room together. With full group the boss will drop 5 random nano instruction discs so that would up chances, also we could be sure that fixers are getting the discs...

    Any thoughts on this idea? I know that I could just wait till I leveled more and solo team missions, but I thought this might help the fixer community?

    Anyone interested?
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    that's a really good idea. i'd sign up if i could team with your level. consider me always willing to do something like this, though, if i'm in game and not in a team.

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    if you are on rk1 i would be interested in a few of these sometimes, have ga2 am lev 95 now, send me a tell sometime i would be looking for ga3 and ga4 but would help with the ga2 hunts
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    ME ME!

    LvL 76 on RK1 looking for GA1...wouldn't mind picking up GA2 either. I've been spending the past few days doing QL55-60ish team missions, still no luck, but finding tons of worthless junk and nanos.

    /tell Kerran

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    i am RK 2 and am lvl 132 and since this is not for xp i would love to do that

    and if this is for RK 1 then anyone on RK 2 jusr send tell in game to me
    but we would have to have 6 for this to work well

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    Glad to see a decent turnout! I just think it would be fun to have fixers get together to help eachother out. Especially some of the higher levels willing to take some time to help us younger lvl people.

    It is RK1, just send me a tell later today when I'm online!
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    but they never speak of my thirst."

    If the Iron Reet is outside all day long, do you think it has rusty nuts?

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    I'm interested. Won't be on till tomorrow tho . . .
    70 Fix. Would be looking for GA2, but I can't solo a 90(?) boss.
    Anyone wanna team with meh to help look for GA2?

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    actually, i had thought of forming full teams just for requesting team mishs to solo, but it fizzled out as some ppl just wanted to kill everything in the mish and thus left the group. bah!

    but i reckon this would be faster though. anyway i'm lvl 58 on rk 2
    i rather go up progressively e.g. get ga 1 (which would help get ga2. i think) although if anyone wants to group for a ga1 blizt find me aka, Callhandor.

    i'm giving up on my enf alt and playing my fixer exclusively

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    If you decide to do this on rk2, let me know and i'll give y'all some nice buffs to help you on your way.

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    I am always interested blitzing team bosses.

    I am level 148, RK1 and play mostly 10PM+ EST. I would prefer to solo bosses (we could cover more ground that way) but i would be fine going in groups.

    I think I can only team with lvl 100+ though (can't check right now)

    I have been trying dyna-bosses with little luck. I do though have bags of Fixer nanos and IDs if anyone is looking.
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    LvL 150 needing GAIV.. call me anytime your forming up =)

    /tell Sergyevich
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    Just team normally and solo missions like the "Finding GA guide" says. A ql 80 mission should be fine for finding a ql 90 disc.

    Remember, you are defined as a twink if you have GA2 on before level 80.
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    115 Fixer, I have no GA looking for GA-3 id like to join in to help. Im on most of the time char name is Emmorta7

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    Sound Cool

    Throw me a msg if you're needing another body to fill out the team. So far I've been completely luckless finding any level of GA.

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    lvl 135 Fixer on RK-2 looking for GA 3 or 4
    just shout for me if there will be a GA hunt on RK 2

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    im in for ga 3-4, lvl128 with 170ish cds on rk1

    /tell Niklez

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    my fixer is just level 30 at the moment but would be nice having a GA for future use. I would probably be better off using my Adventurer alt when missioning these discs until my fixer is of higher level.

    If a GAteam on Rk-2 need to fill out a space i could always bring in my Adv. Im in for GA2 or GA3

    /tell wildflower or wildy
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    let me if anybody on RK1 wanna go hunt some GA hunting
    lvl65, looking for all types of GA

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    nnina,fixer clan on rimor lv 128
    next lv i can blitz boss team mish lv 109(boss lsv 116)
    if fixer need help for blitzing boss team mish,or just making team for that,tell me

    /tell nnina

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    My lowbie lvl 70 GA1 fixer would be in for the GA2 or 3 hunts. /tell Veflex if you want another

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