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Thread: Who to seek to build GA Nano Crystal?

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    Who to seek to build GA Nano Crystal?

    I was wondering who all you lucky folks with GA disks go to, to have your nano crystals made.

    I'm a lvl 47 fixer on RK1 and am getting to the level where I can start to look for a GA instruction disk but am worried that the first person I give it to to make the crystal for me just swipes it.

    I'm guildless by the way, and fairly new (back after over a years absence), so I don't know who the regular nano crytal builders are.

    Thanks for your time!


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    Superslag (someone help me remembering his new name) - Clan
    Destractor - Neut
    Varonika - Neut

    Slaggie can build anything if he's still playing. And if he can't build it he'll make sure he finds a way to do it anyway. He's probably built more GAs than any other engineer on RK-1.

    Dest and Varonika can probably build MkI and II.
    They've made some of the other fixer nanos up to around QL 120 for me and can most definatly be trusted with a GA disc.

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    you can check the market board for someone advertising the service, who has references most often or send me a tell in game, i have used a lev200 trader who does this and every other trade i have needed, including making a mcs, making my ga2, who is very nice and reliable. i cant remember his name, but have him in my contacts ingame, so if you want send me a tell and ill give you his name. btw i always tip him very well especialy for something like building a ga. he has all the tools to do it just askes u to get all the needed stuff, which is store buyable exept for the carbon rich rock of the appropreate ql(which i may have 1 for u, as i went collecting them the other day for mine, i think i also grabed some lower ql ones)
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    Your best bets are as follows:


    All are very high level engineers with the tradeskills necessary. Both Superslang and Highorbit have a very good reputations as tradeskillers and would never stoop so low as to swipe a GA disc.

    Lyricia doesn't do as much tradeskilling for the community as Superslang and Highorbit, but she's leader of a great guild called First Light (EG) and is also head of the EndGame alliance. She's also a big sweetheart who did my GA3 disc. I'm sure if you asked politely she'd be happy to do it for you.
    Aameul - Fixer - RK1
    Hethradiah - Keeper - RK1

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    How many people foget Octo, jeeze !!!
    Lordvold Fix MA's
    Flxme The ranged alt

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    Originally posted by Lordvold

    How many people foget Octo, jeeze !!!
    Trusting Octo with a disc as he himself is trying to aquire GA? Hmmm...


    pirates. with lasers.
    Are you having an argument on the internet, again?

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    Seppubot if you are Omni. He's a great guy and currently runs a campaign to turn all ga and ns discs into nanocrystal form. I bet he'd do it fairly cheap.
    "Self Proclaimed Fixer God since Jan 2002"

    Note: This account was stolen from me by someone I thought I could trust. I didn't realize what was going on untill someone from my guild contacted me and let me know what was happening. Funcom was gracious enough to give the account back to me, the original owner, but the account is deactivated for the time being and my main concern was just getting it out of the hands of an unsavory character. Sorry for the drama.


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    Thank you all very much! I'm glad there are folks out there that can be trusted.

    With the prices GA disks are going for now-a-days, I was beginning to think that I should just skip attempting to find one, for fear that it might get swipped.

    Thank you again for the recommendations, I'll make of note of these folks should I get lucky enough to find a disk.


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    those are people i always of them is always on and they are both great guys.

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    Choniptum on RK2 did my GA1 today, for free. dont know how high he can go, but was very nice and trustworthy.
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    Arcticbunny on Atlantean server

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    Traduh made up a Mk I for me today on Atlantean. He was very helpful, even though I was being a div, and couldn't find where he was.
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    You can contact me for any GA type conversion on RK1.
    Just bring a carbon rock between the QL of the ID and max QL 190ish (so I can do it in combat gears and unbuffed , can do any ID QL otherwise) and I will do it for free.

    I wouldn't steal any amount of credits/pyreals/platinum/whatever in any online game: as honest in life as in game and honesty brings luck I was told one day

    /tell Donway or Losthawk or Psyrage (mainly)

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    I have a trader who can make up to GAIV (but actually not much further.) Shout me anytime.
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    Cokepepsi on RK1 - great service
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    All RK1, All Clan

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