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Thread: MRR and PPPEs Quality ?

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    Smile MRR and PPPEs Quality ?

    Just got a hold to a PPPE Shap Hard Armor and i want to use to make q200 Carbonum Armor, my problem is this...

    - Wich Quality MRR should i buy to make Q200 ? and of course thinking on making the new ones that will appear later in the game so its q200+ Armor.

    - Will the quality of the MRR increase the skills necessary to make a armor piece ?

    Any info is welcome but please be acurate and shure

    I've read and i got some info on the MRR with Shape Soft Armor but i need to know for sure.
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    ql60 will make ql200 armour for sure 100%. Usually the process increases the ql by 2 and is dependant on your skills and not of the QL of the MMR and PPPE
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