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    Tax office

    Anybody knows how does it works? After few testes i still have no clue how does it works.
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    this is 2nd hand, but I'm told that it reduces the fee the market interface takes when you post an item for sale in the global market interface. it's a small amount, so many people need to be moving many items for it to pay off.

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    When we first put the tax office in our org city, I did some tests. I sold a few things to Buy Orders through the GMI. After a short amount of time, a percent of each sale was added to the org bank. I don't remember now exactly how much, but I'm pretty sure it was 1% of each sale.

    The 1% comes out of the 3% that the GMI takes for any sales. So the person selling doesn't get any less for the sale.

    Since the office adds to the monthly upkeep of the city -- I think it's 15m per month, maybe -- it takes a lot of sales to actually come out ahead. But if you usually have enough sales (small or large) to come out ahead, it's worth it.

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    The tax office returns 1% of the GMI tax to the org bank account, like Tiralee said.
    It costs 15M/month on your upkeep, so you'd need to process 1.5B/month in org members sales on GMI to even pay for the tax office, and if you wanted to use it to pay the entire upkeep of your city you're looking at ~14B/month in transactions.

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    Gotta love how they removed something done automatically for free, then added it back as building you have to pay for.
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