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Thread: Opt-In For Newbie OOC

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    Opt-In For Newbie OOC

    Quote Originally Posted by Literary View Post
    AO on Steam will be great for AO.
    AO OOC will also have an overwhelming (200+ comments every minute)
    amount of newbie questions like "HEY HOW DO I OPEN MY INVENTORY?" (<-my fav) ,
    "Why aren't achievements working?", "How do I switch weapons" etc.
    and ofc trolls but we have bigger trolls.

    I'm really looking forward to all the new players.
    Which reminds me of a suggestion from a while ago, about helping out newbies to the game: an "opt-in" choice for the Newbie OOC.

    Currently the only way to help out newbies while they are still at the Newbie OOC level is keep a character at that level, log in, and camp the channel for questions. It would be much easier if people who wanted to help could opt-in to the newbie channel and keep an eye on it while they are on their higher level characters.

    Since it would be opt-in, no one that didn't want to be there would be bothered by it. And true newbies would get the benefit of experienced players who want to help out.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that there are some people who do just that -- keep characters on newbie island to help out others -- and I admire them greatly for that!
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    Would be easy to achive this... let newbie OOC be available but unsub by defaut when you hit level 10-15 (whatever it is atm) and you need to activly subscribe back.

    I support the ability to see this channel from anywhere on any toon I could help on.
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    Seconded, thirded, fourth'd, and +1'd.
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    Absolutely add this, would make it much easier for us to help.
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    Yes please. Easy and efficient.
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