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Thread: Friday with Means - August 19th, 2011 - Progress

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    Funcom employee Friday with Means - August 19th, 2011 - Progress

    Next Version and Pande Instance:

    Should be a new version coming to TestLive today with more significant tweaks the new Dust Brigade instance and the new swath of daily missions. The Pandemonium instance will not be "Live" with the very next update as we feel we want it better tested before its open release. That being said we will be having it available on Live for some event-style testing. Getting together then numbers we need to really give this a go on the test dimension is difficult and will be fun as an event anyways. Who is going to be first on each server? We'll absolutely know.


    There was a fair amount of discussion this week and last about the Battlestations. I took some time to speak with people who were *ahem* hostile concerning the current mechanics in place. After some discussion some modifications were settled on:

    1. Regular conditions entrance time slightly increased (by 3 seconds).
    2. Repeated trips to the Decontamination room (repeated death inside 90 seconds) will result in a longer "respawn time" of about 36 seconds (about 16 seconds longer than normal.)
    3. The "Healing + Nano" HOT stops when you exit the decontamination chamber.
    4. It is no longer possible to Cap points during grace period.

    Hopefully these changes are a step in the right direction.

    Engine Progress:

    This week Parsed managed to both get the tilemap textures to line up perfectly for the first time ever but also got the ground (heightmap/mesh) to be perfectly reproduced for the first time. Both of these were huge.

    First off - the tile map:
    There is texture blending in the Conan engine for all ground tiles making it impossible for us to do something you would consider a straight edge between two textures. As a sci-fi game we have many sidewalks, paths, metal plates etc on the ground that we don't want blending with their surroundings. In Age Of Conan and straight edge you see on the ground is in fact a mesh object that has been placed there. So very significant for maintaining the look and feel of AO to get that to work...and now it does.

    Height Map/ Ground Shape:
    This was incredibly important as the visual and physical aspects of the ground, while close, were not perfect. This would result in floating buildings, fences, and where the ground did not match previously generated collision floating players. There are some locations where you can see this in current AO where the collision of the mesh does not match the visual representations of it. Without this great work by Parsed this week this would have been a very significant problem going into the future. This was the source of by far the highest number of visual bugs in the new engine....and now it is gone. I'm very happy about this week's progress.

    Nano Changes and Documents:
    As it would be fair to say this process is taking longer than expected, one of the more annoying nanos "Defeat Righteousness" will be getting a change in the next update to become "Shade's Caress". Included in this post are the icons made by Docaholic and Genele to replace the icons of all the old nanos...I think they look great and can't wait to see them in. See if you can guess which icons are for which nanos

    Have a great weekend everyone!
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    I think the new icons looked too asian!

    No seriously,

    They look awsome!

    Great work Helene and David!
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    Very colorful icons! great stuff.

    2. Repeated trips to the Decontamination room (repeated death inside 90 seconds) will result in a longer "respawn time" of about 36 seconds (about 16 seconds longer than normal.)

    Uh oh, my poor shade in no armor will be spending a lil more time in decon.

    Good to hear about some engine stuff.

    \o/ for more daily missions.

    Hmmm...errrrmmm.....nah......errrrrr....wth might as well .....stack personal furnaces.
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    4th seeing the icons is pretty cool, cant wait till we see these ingame
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    Daily Missions Bug Thread(Closed)

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    Nice updates this week!
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    It's the end of the world as we know it - it's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine...

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    I guess I'll express an unpopular opinion.. but it is my opinion anyway.

    I'm tired of the icon changes. Some of them, when they were a replacement of an overly used icon, were great. But the more recent changes seem like changes just for the sake of changing.

    I personally don't have an issue with the existing nano icons. Maybe they aren't perfect but they've been this way for many years and I know what I'm looking at without even thinking at this point. I'm all for useful change but who exactly is this helping right now? Its not like there's some huge influx of new players to impress so why not leave things as they are and roll out ALL of the icon changes at once (in sync with the new engine) instead of constant shock/change on icons every 2-3 months.

    Maybe its my old age but these minor icon changes are annoying.. especially after waiting so long for changes to take place that actually do matter.
    Battlestations-- great changes.. I would have thought that at least one of those things was a bug in the first place (being able to cap while still in grace) but glad to see them fixed. Any chance we can get some sort of in-game GUI option to see how many are in each BS Queue at any given point in time? Also is it possible that you implement the suggestion that has been posted many times on not warping people into decontamination until you've confirmed there are legitimately enough to start a round? And, excuse my ignorance on the situation, but are the suggested changes going to fix what must be a bug when a round starts at a 4 cap.. I guess its a bug or maybe it is a result of somethng else not working properly with the invitation system.
    Engine-- Thank you for the update though I have to tell you that as a non-techie, the updates on progress don't tell me much. What percentage would you say you are to completion? That might help a bit more because you telling me that you got some tiles to line up properly sounds to me like something you'd do when you're just getting started but obviously my knowledge is limited and since you're excited about it.. I take it that means that this is bringing this project closer to completion/beta stage. No sarcasm or insult is meant here.. I legitimately do not know what your update actually means in terms of the status of the graphics update as a whole. Is there a lot left to do or what?
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    Still not gonna place my feet inside BS, nao uni rules say I go drink beer!

    That is all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    Nano Changes and Documents:
    As it would be fair to say this process is taking longer than expected
    You think?
    Let's see some progress soon, pretty please.
    Don't you just hate this kind of ppl

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    Some nice icons, and a few that just look out of place to me, namely the eagle and all of the male physique entries. Still really nice.

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    like the new icons
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    Thumbs up Icons

    The new icons just look fabulous, really looking forward to see them in action.

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    Wow, news..
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    Too many words
    "A whole new place to run around for ages in then die suddenly without warning."

    "I know who coded pet pathing... and when I see him I say "/follow" and I start waling in to walls :P"

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    How about fixing the professions first?!

    2. Repeated trips to the Decontamination room (repeated death inside 90 seconds) will result in a longer "respawn time" of about 36 seconds (about 16 seconds longer than normal.)

    Are you aware of that a soldier can steamroll a soli keeper 3 times during one AMS? Open your eyes!

    Reading a bit down: So you are finally fixing the gamebraking DR?
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