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Thread: Friday with Means - February 13th, 2009

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    Friday with Means - February 13th, 2009

    With the Legacy Of The Xan booster going live next Thursday it has been a very busy week..and a very exciting one!

    This week we have a video with new footage from the booster and an exclusive interview with me at Try not to view both too close together to avoid brain damage.



    Have an excellent weekend!


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    First! And kinda short today :P

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    Can't wait to get off work to view
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    and i umm also think that we should have a special nano that u can only cast on froobs,that turns them into lil monkeys and forces their char to work the APF elavator!

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    Looking good
    Preordered earlier this week.
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    Looking decent. Would probably look amazing with new engine.
    Remains to be seen from "closer view".

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    They have you quoted as saying "New players can start the game with an "All-in-One" pack that includes all Anarchy Online expansions and boosters, including the new Legacy of the Xan booster for only $19.99" and in the other post it says it's $29.99



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    I got brain cancer.

    Thanks a lot. :/

    Ah well. No real problem I guess. I was on a mission a decade ago to get as much cancer as I could get my grubby little hands on. I've got about 4 kinds rocking around in my gut fighting it out to see which one takes me out first.

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    I think it would be nice to have the update hosted somewhere with 24h before actually taking down the servers to help with the booster download - a nice .exe installer or even the patch files.

    And of course, a big DO NOT USE THE PATCH TILL WE SAY SO for all people to see.

    My guess that it would help relieve the stress on the update servers.

    The booster sounds pretty cool

    Hope it all goes as planned.

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    Seems that the engine is the next big thing. Means got questions on it and the feed back on that site says it all. Old graphics have to go. So since you knocked the worm bucket over Means can you tells us if it is being moved to the top of the must get done list?

    Otherwise short and sweet works.
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    All Expansions Upgrade

    If I order the All Expansions Upgrade, will that now include the Xan booster?

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    Great video!

    No question answering this week?
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    I have to say I usually look forward to the Friday Q/A...oh well these vids will do

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    So it's Mean's Eleven...

    Let's there are some sequels with increasing #s =)

    Keep up the good work....

    and give us new global research and a better trade/shop system =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demoder
    Looking good
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaylinne
    Looking decent.
    Are you refering to the booster or to Means?

    Looks like you've pulled there Means!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Disodoctor View Post
    Are you refering to the booster or to Means?

    Looks like you've pulled there Means!
    Booster. I didnt realize Means was an option to discuss, is he now?

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    WOO HOO!

    Since the Legacy of the Xan booster is now officially announced, maybe updating the Friday With Means & The Game sections of the website would be a good idea too?
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    Our goal is to have a closed Beta running this year.™

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    Anyone noticed at the end of the vid : "Coming soon(tm)"
    Sense of humour ftw
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    Somewhat disappointed in the trailer. Trailers are meant to market the product and everyone knows sex sells. You should reshoot the trailer but with nudity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lugoman View Post
    Somewhat disappointed in the trailer. Trailers are meant to market the product and everyone knows sex sells. You should reshoot the trailer but with nudity.
    Or, implement the Omni-1 Red Light District with the booster
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    Great video and who was that awsome looking engineer it?
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