Recently there has been a growing problem with players out-damaging (kill stealing) alien raid generals and pocket bosses. There is a prevailing misconception that our policy, which permits out damaging, allows such behavior. This is an incorrect assumption.

The “no one owns a monster” aspect of our gameplay policy is meant to reflect that, in an open area where multiple players are hunting, no one person or group can lay claim to the NPCs. All monsters in game are community monsters.

However, this does not extend to those NPCs that are triggered specifically by a player or team’s work. When a team of players trigger an alien raid, in their city, that raid and the subsequently spawned general, are theirs. To sneak in and attempt to out damage the team with the sole purpose of earning loot rights, is in direct violation of our code of conduct. This is considered harassment and will be dealt with as such.

The same applies to pocket bosses, which are triggered specifically by a team of players. To lay in wait and then out damage that team for loot rights is griefing, and will be dealt with as harassment.

Effective immediately, any players confirmed to have violated the code of conduct in this manner, will be suspended. Multiple violations could result in a permanent ban.