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Thread: Shop Terminal Refresh time

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    Shop Terminal Refresh time

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a refresh time on shop terminals, im trying to change to clan, and its hard to find one about ql 120 so I was wondering how long the shops took to refresh, so I know how long every once n awhile to check :P
    Thanks, I tried searching but no idea what to search for

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    3-5 minutes have been reported as being the average "timer refresh period" for vendors, from the time it was last used/browsed.

    You need to find a Superior xxxx(?) vendor for a QL 120+ Application, and be sure to be on Neutral ground when you switch.

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    you can also get side change forms as a mission reward and blitz them
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    Shop terminals refresh in 2 min if noone is in shop. If someone is there, they refresh in 15 min and if someone is holding it open they don't refresh.

    Same thing applies to NPCs, with some exceptions, like Jobe cluster guy and some Yuttos.
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