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Thread: GridStream Productions, your #1 source for entertainment on Rubi-Ka.

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    GridStream Productions, your #1 source for entertainment on Rubi-Ka.

    Freelance Reporter Benjamin " Fixerben ” Bacarella

    (IRRK) - Recently I had the opportunity to ask some questions of the founding member of GridStream Productions (GSP). I sat down with Lan "Tarryk" Kozar, and asked some questions I thought the listeners might like to know about the station, and its employees.

    Ben: How long has GSP been on the air?

    Tarryk: It's hard to say. Over 3 years if you count the LTK days as the origins of GSP. We just had our 3-year anniversary in November.

    Ben: How did GSP get started?

    Tarryk: Well, I got started by a series of coincidences, and GSP was the grand coincidence. After I started DJ’ing regularly on Rubi-Ka, several others picked it up and started their own shows. Two of the most regular DJ's, "Shadowrunrr" and "Boco", started splitting time in Reets Retreat with me. I had the idea to start an organization to coordinate our efforts, and already had a name drummed up for it. GSP was born, and it was all uphill from there. Shadowrunrr has long since left Rubi-Ka, but you'll still see Boco running around now and again. He left GSP on good terms a couple years ago to fight in the war. If you see him, tell him I said "Wassap!" *laughs*

    Ben: How long have you personally been with GSP?

    Tarry: I created it *laughs* so that would be 3 years and counting.

    Ben: How is your organization laid out?

    Tarryk: We're currently in the developmental stages of a newer, more comprehensive form of government within GridStream, to account for a rather massive hiring spree we'll be launching in the first quarter of 2005. Five or six Board Members representing the administration, up to four executives with administrative tasks, and an "outer circle" representing the scheduled DJs.

    Ben: Who is the current leadership team?

    Tarryk: Currently (and it's subject to change with all the restructuring we're doing, but this is the set right now) it's Xtrophic, Veldron, Lauri, Decavolt, Gridfan, and myself.

    Ben: How many DJs are there total currently in the organization?

    Tarryk: You couldn't ask for a more dynamically changing number. As of this interview, we're currently operating with twelve active DJ's, and that number is very soon going to go up.

    Ben: Could you give me a breakdown of the general style of music each DJ plays? I’m sure many listeners would like to know this as well.

    Tarryk: That is a VERY long list, especially considering that many of the DJ's play a wide variety of styles. Our current active DJ's are Tristalyn, Lauri, Switchfront, Decavolt, Veldron, Tarryk, Nexeus, Zephem, Tzaphiel, Jairyn, Epiphonic, and Jazzyjen.

    Ben: If you could pick one party that you or anyone at GSP has DJ'd, and say it was the most fun, which would it be?

    Tarryk: Tough call, a lot of them are tied. I suppose the one that continues to resurface in my memory is the one-year Valor Eternal anniversary party that I DJ’d for at the Rising Sun. That was a HUGE blast.

    Ben: Would you say the people of Rubi-Ka support your organization?

    Tarryk: I hope so! *laughs* We're 100% for the people; it's the only reason we do what we do. And a good portion of the people have definitely been behind us the whole way. It's because of the Rubi-Ka population that we're still going strong and hosting parties regularly, we owe them everything.

    Ben: What is your organizations stance on the Conflict on Rubi-Ka, which includes the recent Alien attacks, on top of the Clan/Omni conflict?

    Tarryk: Without meaning offense, we're probably more neutral than most neutrals. *laughs* We're Clan aligned because it's easier as a hiring government to have a faction, and because Reets Retreat is closer to the clan side. It's more of a financial agreement than an alignment though. We're here for the delivery of news and entertainment during the war, not for taking part in it. As far as the aliens are concerned... well I'm not too sure. Far as I know they'd exterminate GSP in a heartbeat, and that makes them an enemy. We keep a low profile on that stage.

    Ben: Any other comments?

    Tarryk: Just a huge thank-you to the people of Rubi-Ka. THANK YOU!!! For everything, the donations, the events, the support, even just being tuned in to GSP is supportive; it pads our statistics on our server, which I can safely say we're not above cherishing. *laughs* GSP loves you, Rubi-Ka, and we're going to stick with you for the long haul.
    GSP has been around for 3 years, and is going to be here to the end. I’m sure I speak for a majority of the population when I say that we all support GSP in its efforts and wish them nothing but the best in the upcoming year of 29479.

    Do you think you have what it takes to be a GSP DJ? You can fill out an application, request a DJ for your own event, and get more information at their gridsite.

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    huge BUMP for GSP!!!
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    GSP <3 especially for Lauri, our fav DJ
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    Great article!

    Yay for GSP and <3 for all the listeners!!

    The Original GSP Groupie

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    Correction to the url posted, it's . I'm sure most of you already know this though. Have a great day in Rubi-Ka!!

    - DJ Meenstreek

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    Quote Originally Posted by meenstreek
    Correction to the url posted, it's . I'm sure most of you already know this though. Have a great day in Rubi-Ka!!

    - DJ Meenstreek
    Yes, My Editor was supposed to correct that, unfortunately my project ended and there was no support after termination. Sorry about that

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    Tarryk and epicine

    Where can we download Tarryk's song ya'll want a caterwahl? the only one i see on acidplanet is "pimp gimp" WE WANT THE AGENT SONG! or at least if tarryk can maybe e-mail it to me. I have tons of orgmates that want to hear it and never seem to be on during the rare occasions when gridstream actually plays it.
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    Tomorrow night (11/2) is the tentative schedule for temporary availability of Caterwaul on Acidplanet.
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    Gsp Ftw!
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    ok. so, where is it?

    I looked on your list and epicine list. not there. it's 11/02/05
    where should i be looking? because as far as i can tell, it's not on acid planet.
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    . there is is finally! very cool tune. it's under epicine for those who dont know.
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