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Thread: Snowglobe's AO Terminology List

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    Snowglobe's AO Terminology List

    This list is an attempt to gather together in one place as many definitions as possible for the often confusing terminology encountered in Anarchy Online. The definitions are not all written by myself, I have collected them from various sources during the time I've been playing and am in the ongoing process of editing them for clarity and consistency.

    I'm hoping people will assist me in keeping the list updated by contributing terms that are missing. Note that the focus here is on acronyms, expressions and commonly heard terms that might be confusing to newer players. The list is NOT intended to catalog every routine weapon and item in the game, that would inflate it to much too large a size, so please keep this in mind when submitting new entries. I'm using a separate post for each letter for ease of organization and to allow for future expansion.

    Feel free also to submit any inaccuracies, errors or alternate definitions. Improving the list will be an ongoing process.

    Unfortunately due to the labor involved in maintaining a list of this size I'm not able to keep track of where the entries that were not written by myself originated to give credit. If you recognize something you wrote in the list and don't wish it to be included let me know and I'll remove it.
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    AC - 1. armour class, the measurement of how effective armour is 2. Asheron's Call, another MMORPG

    AC1 - another name for the original Asheron's Call

    AC2 - Asheron's Call 2, another MMORPG

    ack - exclamation used to show fear or surprise

    acom - a raidbot on Atlantean requiring level 165+ or being a doctor that can self cast CH, you have to talk to an acom leader to get invited

    add - means more mobs are aggroing the team than were expected

    Ado - Adonis, the fourth playfield in Shadowlands

    adv - the adventurer profession

    AE - 1. the Aegean playfield on Rubi-Ka 2. another way of saying AoE

    AFAIK - As Far As I Know

    afk - away from keyboard

    aggro - the aggression a monster directs towards it's attackers, treatment kits and other devices will not work while a player is aggroed

    agi - the agility ability

    AH - Athen Hill, the raised area in the middle of the city of Old Athen, a common meeting place

    AI - Alien Invasion, an expansion which added org owned cities on Rubi-Ka and combat with invading aliens to the game

    alpha - a high damage output attack used to open a fight, usually in the form of one or several weapons specials fired off in quick succession, might involve weapon switching to allow utilization of all possible specials, a.k.a. alpha strike

    alt - alternate, a character which is not the main character you play

    AMS - Augmented Mirror Shield, the Shadowlands extension of soldier's Total Mirror Shield (TMS) nano line

    AN - the Andromeda playfield on Rubi-Ka

    anon - when a player has flagged themselves as anonymous to not show on the /list command

    AO - 1. Anarchy Online 2. Alpha Omega, a well known guild on Rimor

    AoE - area of effect, an attack which affects a group of mobs within a certain range of the target

    APF - Alien Playfields, special raid zones for players level 180 and up to fight aliens in

    AR - attack rating

    ARK - Advisors of Rubi-Ka, player volunteers who serve the game population by answering petitions, ARKs appear ingame with their names in green lettering

    AS - 1. the Athen Shire playfield on Rubi-Ka also 2. aimed shot, a special attack capable of dealing massive damage in a single shot, often found on rifle weapons

    Atlantean - the game's first server, formerly called RK1

    AT - alien title, defeating certain numbers of aliens grants the player alien titles similar to PvP titles

    ataxia - the southernmost heckler spot along the east brink in Adonis located through a narrow canyon

    ATM - at the moment (example: "I'm busy atm but I'll help you later")

    auras - area buffs/debuffs that recycle periodically

    AV - the Avalon playfield on Rubi-Ka

    avatar - your avatar is the visual representation of your character you see on screen (example: "I have blond hair in real life but my avatar is brunette")

    axp - alien experience, a type of XP separate from regular XP or SK which comes only from killing aliens, gaining axp gives access to special alien perks

    aye - yes
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    B&E - the breaking & entry skill, used for opening locked chests and doors and in making some tradeskill items

    baf - bring a friend, term from DAoC describing when a mob aggros and brings another mob along with it

    bah - an expression of disgust (example: "Bah, I got killed by a leet")

    barrel - Spirit Tech Apparatus, a part used in the making of perennium weapons, is sometimes called a "barrel" since it produces the barrel of the weapon

    base - a Notum Wars tower site

    bathrobe - Another name for the Reanimator's Cloak from Crypt of Home

    BB - 1. Bronto Burger, usually refering to the Bronto Burger in Omni Entertainment 2. billboard, meaning the billboard on the hill in Old Athen, a common meeting spot 3. long ago refered to blaster beetle, a mob that was once hunted commonly for xp

    BBB - Blinded Blackbird, an SMG weapon for fixers and soldiers that drops in Crypt of Home dungeon

    BBL - be back later

    beach - usually refers to the beach area in Shadowlands right off the transporter to East Elysium, a popular spot for hunting hecklers

    beam - support beam, an atrox only 2hb weapon having the appearance of a large steal beam brandished for bashing with, beams are not used much any more but were once the de facto weapon for atrox enforcers

    beast, the - the final boss (apparently) of the Shadowlands

    BF - 1. the Belial Forest playfield on Rubi-Ka 2. may also mean "boyfriend"

    bfe - bumblef**k Egypt, a humorous name meaning a very remote and isolated location

    big d - a dungeon at Sentinels in Mort, the higher level companion to little d, once a busy leveling location now rarely used

    bind - insurance scanning binds your character to the location where you scanned so you will resurrect there when you die, it also protects your xp and possessions

    bio - bio break, meaning to go afk to go to the bathroom

    blackhole - What happens when a nano (usually a nuke) is cast but then fails without any error messages or effects occurring

    blind - a hostile nano which causes a player's view of the game world to black out for it's duration, some blinds may also cause the player or mob it's cast upon to miss more

    blitz - to run through a mission quickly, without killing anything, in order to complete the mission and receive a reward

    BM - biological metamorphosis, a nano skill

    BoB- Blades of Boltar

    BOHICA - bend over here it comes again, meaning "we're about to get screwed"

    BoP - Bird of Prey. A popular Martial Artist attack.

    borg - cyborg, a popular mob to hunt for xp

    Bory - the neutral city of Borealis

    bot - 1. robot, commonly referring to an engineer's pet 2. chat bot, an automated system used on chat channels for raids or other purposes

    BP - 1. breastplate, the armor piece which goes in the chest slot 2. backpack

    BRB - be right back

    BRT - be right there

    BS - 1. the Broken Shores playfield on Rubi-Ka 2. bulls**t

    BTW - by the way

    buffs - beneficial nano spells or items used to increase stats or abilities.

    burst - a weapon special which delivers 3 bullets in a single attack

    BwT - Blessed with Thunder, an MA attack

    BY - back yard, on Rubi-Ka these are the small zones with apartment entrances adjoining the training grounds
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    calm - a nano effect which mesmerizes a mob and makes it stop attacking, synonymous with mez

    camp - 1. the act of sitting and waiting for a unique mob or NPC to spawn, usually in order to kill it repetedly for item it has a small chance of dropping, generally considered to be a very poor method of achiving rarity in game design 2. to stay in one place killing a particular type of mob repeatedly for xp (example: "I gained 5 levels last night camping borgs at the ruins") 3. an area where a certain type of mob spawns in large numbers (example: "There's a rhinoman camp North of here, let's go hunt there") 4. a term from EQ meaning to sit and log out

    carb - carbonum armor, a popular tradeskill armor that increases the amount of NCU

    carebear - derogatory term for game mechanics which create more "safe" types of environments where players are protected from being ganked and other unpleasantness, the term originates from a children's TV show

    CAS - CAS Symbiotic armor, a premium armor created through tradeskills and requiring notum chips or fragments to make

    CAV - the Central Artery Valley playfield on Rubi-Ka

    CC - 1. city controller, the central device in an AI city, if the CC is damaged by aliens beyond a certain point it must be repaired before the city will fully function again 2. crowd control, see entry for crowd control

    ccl - couldn't care less

    CDS - Cyborg death squad armor. Fixer armor that drops from cyborgs

    CDR - Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000, a nice pistol which drops from the Lab Director in Foreman's dungeon

    CH - Complete Heal, a powerful heal nano castable by docs

    Chain - when something happens multiple times in a row or very quickly. Usually refers to multiple debuffs/roots being used on you (chain roots, for example).

    char - character

    chem - the Chemistry skill

    chest - armor breastplates are sometimes called chests

    CI - composite Infuses, a Shadowlands nano which casts all 6 Infuses at once with a duration of 4 hours

    CL - 1. the Computer Literacy skill 2. crowd limiting, a feature which will limit the number of players that can be present at a Notum Wars tower battle, anyone over the limit will be teleported to somewhere else in the zone

    clam or clammers - derogatory name used by omni or neutrals for clan or clanners

    clicks - each hit (or miss) of a weapon may be refereed to as a click (example: I get 7 clicks from my weapon between each fling shot)

    clon - Clon****

    clr - clear, typically heard in dungeons to indicate all the mobs have been cleared from the dungeon

    CM - 1. composite Mochams, a Shadowlands nano which casts all 6 Mochams at once 2. in low levels refers to composite Masteries

    CoH - 1. Crypt of Home, a dungeon in Broken Shores 2. City of Heroes, another MMORPG 3. Coven of Hunters, a well known Clan guild on Rimor

    con - consider, the degree of difficulty of a mob in relation to you characters current level, designated by the color of it's life bar (example: "Since I upgraded my weapon I have no trouble soloing orange con mobs.")

    congo rats - funny way of saying congrats, meaning congratulations

    coop -1. cooperator assault rifle, a soldier only weapon 2. co-op, an expression used at raids (primarily mercs) where two or more guids/bots will cooperate to take down the mercs splitting the loot

    CoP - Coast of Peace - a playfield used only for AI cities located south of the eastern part of Lush Fields

    CoT - 1. Coast of Tranquility - a playfield used only for AI cities located south of Clon**** and the western part of Lush Fields 2. Council Of Truth, part of the AO backstory

    countered - when a nano program is successfully executed, but the target manages to avoid the effects.

    crat - bureaucrat

    crat suit - a back slot item available to bureaucrats only which has the appearance of a business suit

    creds - credits, money in AO

    crispies - Crispy Chiroptera, a 1he weapon from Crypt of Home dungeon

    crowd Control - the ability for certain classes (Crat, NT, others) to "control" enemy creatures, by rooting/slowing/mezzing/scaring them. Generally this is done so that the team can focus on one mob at a time and not have to worry about adds.

    CRU - Controller Recompiler Unit, an item found in Rubi-Ka missions necessary to keep a city controller charged and enable alien attacks to occur

    CRPG - computer role playing game, an RPG played solo on a computer

    crunch -- a buff that reduces nano cost, most commonly gotten from NTs but MPs have a similar smaller buff

    CS - 1. customer service 2. Clicksaver, an addon utility for AO to make rolling missions and finding the rewards you want easier 3. Counterstrike, a popular online tactial game

    CSPmap - a replacement game map available from

    CT - control tower, the main tower of a a Notum Wars tower site, required before any other towers may be placed, when the CT is destroyed the base falls

    cuppa - cup of coffee.

    cya - see ya, slang for "I'll see you later"
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    d00d - A certain type of player distinguished by a tendancy to use short curt sentances, type all in caps and generally behave in an obnoxious way (example: "CREDS PLZ!!! WTF?! HELLO??? R U ALL NUBI? I NEED CREDS!!")

    damage team - A team with very little or no healing/calming support, relying strictly on damage output to survive.

    DAoC - Dark Ages of Camelot, another MMORPG

    DAV - Deep Artery Valley

    deck - cyberdeck, a nanotech-only item that boosts nanoskills, allows the use of certain programs but blocks access to conventional weapons

    delta - the amount of increase per "tick" to the health or nano pool, the speed of regeneration is determined by the amount of psychic skill for nano pool and stamina for hit points

    DD - Direct Damage - Nano's or Items that do damage directly to the target.

    Death Loop - What happens to a player who is unfortunate enough to save at a scanner in hostile territory. If the character is then killed he will reappear near the scanner and more than likely be killed again by the local guards, killed again, comes back, killed again, etc.

    Debuff - Nano programs or items used to decrease stats or abilities.

    Die Neue Welt - the game's German server, formerly called RK3

    Ding - An exclamation used to explain that you levelled.

    Disk- Disks are unmade nano's. You get disks hacked and turned into nice stuff.

    DKN - Die Kleine Nadel, a piercing weapon held in the left hand most often used by shades

    dmg - damage

    Doc - Doctor.

    Doh - An exclamation, popularized by the TV show The Simpsons meaning something has gone wrong (example: "Doh! The doc went linkdead and we all died")

    DoT - 1. Damage Over Time, Usually relating to Nano's or Items that do not do Direct Damage but instead they steadily do damage over a given time 2. Defender of the Three, a boss mob in Temple of Three Winds

    Dovve's - a once popular map upgrade that now comes with the game

    dragon - 1. people sometimes call Spinetooth mobs "dragons" 2. Tarasque, the big dragon in the Camelot dungeon 3. adventurer's Calia's Form: Pit Lizard morph

    drains - trader nanos that take skill away from the target and transfer it to the attacker, temporarily (ransack, deprive, divest, plunder)

    dyna - dynacamp, a type of mob camp unique to AO consisting of a boss mob and a number of lesser minions, these can be found scattered around the AO landscape
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    EE - the Electrical Engineering skill

    Eel- omni supply master in Avalon, a unique mob killed for armor he drops and also part of several quests

    EFP - the Eastern Fouls Plains playfield on Rubi-Ka

    elite - Omni pol elite armor. Black type

    ELLTS - Extreme Low Light Targeting Scope, an item popular for high level PvP that no longer drops in-game and so is very valuable and prized. It increases critical hit chances, but inflicts a penalty to initiatives, also LLTS, a lesser version of same

    Ely - Elysium, a playfield in Shadowlands

    enf - enforcer

    engi - engineer.
    enhanced senses - an often asked for agent's buff that raises sense

    Ent - Omni Entertainment

    EoT - Edge of Tarasque, very rare sword dropped by Tarasque

    EP - Extreme Prejudice, an engineer nano formula which buffs pistol and grenade +120

    EQ - Everquest, another MMORPG

    EQ2 - Everquest 2, another MMORPG

    EQB - enhanced queen blade, a 2 handed edged weapon typically wielded by enforcers which is one of the most powerful weapons in the game

    ess - essence, an enforcer buff that boosts health, stamina, and strength

    ETA - estimated time of arrival

    Evac - From EQ. Describes fast-casting teleports that can be used in emergencies, such as the Fixer's fast-casting/hp-stealing grid warps. Also, to call for the use of a team teleport in an emergency.

    evades - refers collectively to the Evade, Dodge and Duck skills found in the Speed category
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    FA - 1. full auto, a weapon special which empties the gun's full clip of bullets into the target 2. the fast attack melee weapon skill 3. the first aid skill

    FAAK - Fall/Falling/Fallen Asleep At Keyboard. Happens when you play AO too late at night without enough cuppas

    faction - a system of points which are acquired or lost by killing aligned mobs found in Shadowlands, you can see your faction by typing /open faction

    farming - doing something simple and repetitive with little risk to gain something, for example doing easy missions for tokens or killing friends over and over to get a PvP title

    FC - Funcom

    feline grace - an often asked for agent's buff that raises agility

    FFA - free for all 1. used in a team meaning loot goes to whoever grabs it first. 2. used at a raid to indicate loot will go to whichever team does the most damage and wins loot rights

    FFoK - Four Fists of Kali, a self-only MA buff that raises the MA skill +140

    FFS - for f**k sake

    FFXI - Final Fantasy XI, another MMORPG

    FG - feline grace, an often asked for agent's buff that raises agility

    FoL - the MA attack Flower of Life
    foreman's - the more common name for the Biomare dungeon in Longest Road

    FOTM - flavor of the month, refers to the tendency among players to adopt the latest uber weapon rather than choosing a single weapon type to stick with throughout their career

    FP - false profession, an agent nano that while running allows the agent to use nanos from other professions (example: "I'm going FP trader if anyone needs a wrangle")

    FPS - 1. frames per second, in a 3D game the more FPS the smoother the motion appears 2. first person shooter, a type of 3D action game (examples: Doom, Quake, Unreal)

    FRN - Finely Refined Notum, one of parts needed to make Tier 3 glyph

    froobie - an affectionate name for new players on AO's free trial plan, derived from mixing the words "free" and "noobie"

    FSS - Fine Smith Shattergun, a trader only shotgun found in Shadowlands

    FT - the Fair Trade store, there are many Fair Trades but this almost always refers to the one in the center of Tir, a place where clanners gather to look for teams

    FTW - For the Win, a rallying cry, often used sarcastically

    FUBAR - f**ked up beyond all recognition

    fumble - nano program execution error
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    GA - grid armor, a type of armor that fixers can summon and use which boosts their ability to evade attacks at a cost of greatly reduced armor class, grid armor comes in 4 types; GA1, GA2, GA3 and GA4

    gank - 1. attacking and killing a player far below one's level who has little or no chance of fighting back, although a legitimate tactic in mass combat, when done off the battlefield it is generally regarded as a cowardly and dishonorable act 2. to attack a player suddenly and unexpectedly doing enough damage before they realize what is happening to decide the outcome

    GC - the Galway County playfield on Rubi-Ka

    GCB - guardian circuit board, a 5-slot NCU belt easily equipable at low levels dropped from GoT in TotW

    GE - Gamma Ejector, a nice low level SMG weapon which drops in Foreman's dungeon

    GF - girlfriend

    ggp - gotta go pee (example: "sorry team, I shouldn't have had that 6th Mountain Dew, ggp again")

    gimp - character that is weak ("I feel like a gimp! I can't kill anything" or "yo! you're such a gimp!" Generally not a nice thing to call others, so please don't)

    gj - good job, a nice thing to tell a team mate when they do well (example: "gj mezzing those adds")

    GM - almost Same as a ARK, but they get Paid. And actually work for FC.

    GOC - Globe of Clarity. Shoulder item dropped from Tara.

    GOF - Greater Omni Forest
    grats or gratz - short for congratulations, commonly used when someone dings or acheives a major milestone (like getting a Yalm or a rare item).

    gogo - Go! Go!, to be ordered to go quickly

    GoT - the Guardian of Tomorrow, a large robotic dog mob in TotW

    gph - Gaily Painted Hood, a rare and coveted drop from Tarasque, the hood gives a -15 nano cost modifier

    greenies - most commonly refers to ARK controlled roleplay event characters whose names appear in green

    greeter - a type of ARK who specializes in welcoming new players

    Grid - Is a place where all cities and lands meet. There is usually a access point to the "Grid" in Large cities.

    grid balls - PGCs are sometimes called this because of their icon resembles of a cluster of interconnected balls

    Grid us: Some professions (Docs, Traders, Fixers) have the ability to transport themselves and/or their team from their current location to the grid. Takes a min or two for a Trader or Doc, Fixers can do it instantly at the cost of most of their HP.

    GS - Galway Shire

    GS - Group Selector: Certain playfields (such as static dungeons, stores, etc) have a maximum number of players allowed in them at once. When that number is exceeded, a duplicate playfield is created to allow more people. These duplicate playfields are differentiated by group selector numbers. So if a bunch of your guildmates are heading for Smuggler's Den and you see them start saying "GS4 everyone", it means you should make sure you're in group selector 4. You can check what GS you're in by hitting shift-F9.

    GSF - Gridspace Freedom, the top fixer run buff which raises the run speed skill by 720 points

    GTA - Guardian Tank Armor

    GTC - Greater Tir County

    GTG - means either good to go (ready)or got to go which can be quite confusing sometimes (example: "Are we gtg? No, sorry, I've gtg")

    GUI - graphical user interface, a general computing term which ingame refers to the parts of the game window the players use to control their play, such as the map window, paperdoll, action bar, etc.
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    Hack'n'Slash - A sub-genre of RPG games or a playing style, in which the objective is to kill, kill, kill with your swords, knifes, maces etc. This is often used derogatory about games that lack story or features to make role-playing interesting.

    HE - Humidity Extractor, a line of NT buffs that restores your nano pool like a HoT restores health

    heal delta - the amount of increase per "tick" to the hit point pool, the speed of regeneration is determined by the amount of stamina

    Health Buff = Commonly refers to the doctor team max health buff line.

    heckler - Large stone mobs that inhabit the brink areas of Shadowlands, due to the design of the Shadowlands playfields players will typically end up spending the majority of their time while leveling killing these mobs over and over in the same spots

    HHAB - Hold Hell at Bay, a ring required to survive in the Pandemonium zone, also provides a large amount of Nano Resist

    HI - Hollow Island, high level outdoor encounter in DAV characterized by increasingly powerful "rings" of foes

    HIW - 1. the Hole In the Wall playfield on Rubi-Ka 2. Hollow Island Weed, one of two end bosses of Hollow Island

    HoT - Heal over Time, a nano that continously heals the target a few points at a time for it's duration (example:

    HP - hit points, represents the players health

    HPO - Heavily Padded Overcoat, mid-level backarmor dropped from Tara.

    HQ - 1. headquarters, a meeting hall-like building in an AI city, an HQ must be present before any other buildings can be put down 2. the Omni-1 HQ zone
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    IC - Iron Circle, a doctor buff that boosts stamina and strength by 20 points

    ICC - Interstellar Confederation of Corporations, part of the back story of the game, more commonly used to refer to the part of the whompa system that connects the 3 factions together

    idd - indeed, meaning to agree

    IDK - I don't know

    IIRC - if I recall correctly

    imho - in my humble opinion

    imo - in my opinion

    imps - 1. implants 2. a type of creature in Shadowlands

    INC - incomming, a warning that a mob is about to attack the team

    IPS - Independent Professionals Society, the name of the buildings in Jobe where nano formulas are sold

    Inf - Inferno, a high level playfield in Shadowlands with a hellish theme

    Infonet - a Clan bot system on Rimor limited to high level players for sending raid announcements to massive amounts of people at once

    init - Initiative skills such as ranged initiative, nano initiative, etc - ie, an "init debuff" would be a nano that had negative affect on ones initiative skills

    inits - refers collectively to the initiative skills, namely Melee, Ranged, Physic, and NanoC found in the Speed category

    int - the inteligence ability

    IOR - Izgimmer's Obfuscated Recompiler, the highest NT nano cost reducer buff.

    IP - Improvement Points (used in skills).

    iron circle - an often asked for doctor's buff that raises stamina and strength

    IS - Inner Sanctum, high level indoor dungeon that continues the theme of Temple of Three Winds
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    j/k - joke

    JDN - Jobe Defender Naginata, a 2he weapon for enforcers or keepers

    JEPP - Jobe Explorer Personal Pistol, a rare adventurer-only pistol found in Shadowlands

    joo or j00 - leet speak for you

    JOTR - Joy of the Race, a rare and expensive rifle found in Shadowlands

    JOTH - Joy of the Hunt, the lower QL version of JOTR

    JPN OOC - Japanese Out of Character, a rarely used chat channel intended for Japanese speakers

    JSPP - Jobe Surveyor Personal Pistol, The lower quality version of the JEPP
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    K - OK

    kk - OK

    keke - a expression of Korean origin popularized on indicating laughter

    kewl - cool

    kiting - killing in transit, attacking a monster and then moving out of it's reach to avoid damage, then attacking again, and so forth, often done by NTs casting area nukes to kill numerous mobs at once

    kitty - adventurer's Grinning Hunter sabertooth morph

    KK - OK

    KOS - Kill On Sight. This is a term used to define your standing with another creature. If you are severely disliked by a faction, NPC or monster you are probably KOS.

    KS - Kill Steal - This is the act of taking a kill from another player that has already initiated combat (Very much looked down on).

    kthxbye - "OK, thanks, bye" usually intended in a joking way
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    L2 - Lineage 2, another MMORPG

    ladder - when trader's "ladder" their drains it means to cast one drain which gives them enough skills to cast a higher drain and so on

    lag - I won't attempt to define exactly what constitutes "lag" in a technical sense, but when used in game it refers to when the game stalls, stutters, jerks or slows down for whatever reason

    lag monster - 1. a humorous name for lag (example: Sorry it took so long, I was fighting lag monster") 2. adventurer's Pit Lizard form is sometimes called this because of it's tendency to cause lag

    layers - is a buff where u get a screen surrounding u protecting uf from different kinds of dmg type, buffable by NTs end ENFs

    LCA - Land Control Area

    LD - Link Dead, losing connection to the server. Also, "Link Death", a death attributed to going Link Dead.

    Leech: gaining XP without taking part, ie afk in a dungeon while the team kills.

    leet - 1. elite, meaning a well connected high level player 2. the name of an adorable little two-legged mob which anyone who has played the game has no doubt encountered

    leet speak - a style of chat using intentional misspellings and substituting numbers for letters, taken to extremes it can be almost unreadable (Example: VV|-|@+ |)0 j00 |v|3@n j00 |<@|\|+ u|\||)3rZ+@|\||) |V|3? Translation: What do you mean you can't understand me?)

    lefts - meaning to follow along the left wall of a mission as a way of helping the team stay together

    legos - Deathless Legionnaires, skeletal mobs in ToTW which drop Frost Scythe of the Legionnaire

    Leveling - When you get enough XP, you will reach a new level. This gives you certain advantages, like more IP to spend on skills.

    LF - Lush Fields

    LFM - looking For more, as in a team wants more members

    LFT - looking For team

    LHR - Lush Hills Resort

    LOS - line of sight

    LotV - Lord of the Void, large and very powerful multi-headed dragon mobs found in some of the Shadowlands playfields

    little d - a dungeon at Sentinels in Mort, the lower level companion to big d, once a busy leveling location now rarely used

    LLTS = Low Light Targeting Scope, an item popular for high level PvP that no longer drops in-game and so is very valuable and prized. It increases critical hit chances, but inflicts a penalty to initiatives, also ELLTS for Extreme

    Ljotur - Ljotur the Lunatic, minor raid mob in DAV

    LMAO: Laughing my ass off

    LOL - Laughing out Loud

    lvl - level
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    m8 - mate, a friendly thing to call someone (example: "Thanks m8")

    MA - Martial Artist.

    main - 1. the main character that you focus on playing, most people have 1 main and a few "alts" 2. name used by Clanners on Rimor to describe the heckler spot just south of the redeemed village in Adonis

    MBC - Massive Bolt Charger , a desirable weapon from Shadowlands, requiring a large amount of Heavy Weapons skill to equip

    MBS - maximum beneficial skill = maximum skill + alladdoff that increases damage, after that only chance to hit is affected not damage

    MC - matter creations, a nano skill

    MCS - Mausser Chemical Streamer, a SMG popular with fixers created by converting a Mausser Particle Streamer with tradeskills to chemical damage

    MD - Mutant Domain

    ME - the Mechanical Engineering skill

    MEP - Solar-Powered Master Engineer Pistol, a complex tradeskill improved version of the engineer solar starter pistol

    meatshield - a defensive tank, a class who can absorb massive damage and whose role it is to pull aggro away from casters and other weaker team members, in AO the enforcer is the primary defensive tank profession

    Medsuit, Treatment suit, Treatment gear = A set of treatment-raising items used for installing implants, centered on a set of Omni-Med clothing.

    meep or m33p - exclamation made by fixers before they grid, comes from Roadrunner.. Meep! Meep! Woooosh! Hmm.. Roadrunner was blue too, and dodged everything. AND he ran faster than anything! OMG!

    mercs - mercenaries, a group of high level unique mobs lead by Ian Warr which are periodically spawned at the primus camp in Eastern Fouls Plains, place holders must be killed in order to spawn an NPC named Otacustes (a.k.a. Ota) who is given a letter obtained through a short quest and will in turn spawn the mercs, the mercs appear inside a stone ring in the camp and must be pulled to a large multi-team force waiting to take them down, they drop coveted azure armor among other things
    mez - mesmerise, the ability to stop a mob fron attacking by putting it into a trance, when the mob is attacked the mez is broken

    merlin armor - collectively refers to a type of armor found in Inferno, so called because it mentions "Merlin" in the description (Examples: Moon Watcher Helmet, Vest of Torpid Sunrays)

    mez - an abbreviation of "mesmerize," meaning to put a mob into a state of "sleep" where it will not attack until disturbed or the mez runs it course

    mez pet - a type of pet available to MPs

    Miiir - a fashonable clothing store on Rubi-Ka

    MM - matter metamorphosis, a nano skill

    MMD - Meetmedere, a popular hangout for gankers due to the fact players must cross a PvP zone to use the grid entrance

    MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, term for the type of game that AO is

    mob - short for mobile object, a programmer's term that refers to roaming monsters and NPC's.

    mocham - a series of meta physist buffs that raise nano skills

    mod - moderator. the people that controls boards. Answers questions when they can, make sure we behave nicely on these boards)

    Mooch - a mocham

    MoP, MoD, MoR - Mark of Peril, Mark of Danger, Mark of Risk. Critical hit buffs that Martial Artists can cast on others.

    mord - Lord Mordeth, the unredeemed boss in Inferno killed for high level faction

    morph - an effect which changes the visible shape of the player's avatar (into an animal for instance), usually also buffing the character in some way, adventurers are the primary morphing profession in AO

    MP - Meta-Physicist.

    MPS - Mausser Particle Streamer, a so-so SMG which can be converted into a better weapon popular with fixers called a Mausser Chemical Streamer

    MQ - Mind Quake, the top MP nano.

    MRR - mass relocation robot, an item used in several tradeskill processes

    MT - Mistell, but also used for mission terminals. (Meet by MT)

    mt - not sure what it stands for (mistype?) but used when you type something in one channel you meant to type in another channel. In other words a reply to the wrong person. Unfortunately, I use this one a lot.

    MT = mistell , means the previous message was sent to the wrong chat channel by mistake

    mud - 1. mudurlugu, a trader only shotgun found in Shadowlands 2. multi-user dungeon, MUDs are text based RPGs played online, they were the predecessor of graphical MMORPGs like AO

    MUHAHAHAH - I tend to do this a lot. Big Eeeevil laugh!

    Mule - Using a specialized character within a certain area to help out one of your other characters. One example is to use IP-points on specialising in making implants, and giving this to another character that is specialised in fighting.

    MW - Milky Way
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    named - mostly used in Shadowlands to refer to mobs similar to dyna bosses on RK, named mobs are significant in that they drop pocket boss patterns and other desirable loot, some named mobs have an actually name like "Joe" others just have a special title, like "Unhygienic Rafter"

    nano - 1. the AO equivelent of mana, sort of a fuel for using nano formulas which much be frequently replinished 2. nano formulas or crystals are sometimes refered to simply as nanos 3. the nanomage race

    nanocost modifier - the percentage reduction of the nanocost of execution of nanoprograms (example: -50% nanocost leads to a nanoprogram which normally requires 500 nano to cost now only requires 250 nano)

    nano crystal - an uninstalled nano formula

    nano delta - the amount of increase per "tick" to the nano pool, the speed of regeneration is determined by the amount of psychic skill

    nano formula - the AO equivelent of spells, nano formulas are purchased or found in the enviroment in the form of

    nano crystals which must be installed before use

    Nas - Nascense, the lowest level playfield in Shadowlands
    neut - name used for neutrals

    nav - navigation, a category of skills (exapmle: "ugh, I have all dark blue nav skills")

    NCU - Nano Containment Unit. Defines the number of friendly nano programs (buffs) your character can have at any given time.

    Neleb's - the Steps of Madness dungeon, so called because the boss mob there is named Neleb

    nerf - when FunCom makes something less powerful. (if they should reduce how much damage a weapon deals, that weapon is nerfed)

    Nerf - When funcom takes action to lower the effectivness of something.

    neut - name used for neutrals

    Newbie - A new player to the game, considered a friendly term

    NF - nano formula, the AO equivelent of spells

    ninja looter - someone who is selfish with team loot/keeps the best stuff or more often doesn't reveal what they took

    ninja/ninjaloot - loot the corpse of a mob someone else killed, in order to steal the loot from them OR go around in missions, opening chests for loot while the others are fighting. You do this, and people WILL get angry at you.

    NL - Newland

    NLC - Newland City

    NLD - Newland Desert

    NM - nevermind

    NN - 1. north north, name used by Clanners on Rimor to describe the northernmost heckler spot along the east brink in Adonis 2. Nano Nanny, a utility for planning implants 3. nite nite, meaning goodnight

    nodrop - a type of item that cannot be traded or dropped in PvP

    noob - Same as newbie but could be considered a somewhat insulting term

    NP - 1. no problem 2. the nanoprogramming skill, an important skill used for assembling implants

    NPC - non-player character, a character in the game that is not controlled by a player, NPCs differ from "mobs" in that NPCs are not usually hunted for xp but rather function as vendors, guards, part of a quest or to serve some other purpose

    NS - north south, name used by Clanners on Rimor to describe the heckler spot just north of the redeemed village in Adonis

    NSD - Nano Shutdown, an MP nano that debuffs all nano skills -2000, having an MP (or agent) along who can cast NSD is important in many high level raids to stop certain mobs from casting devastating area nukes

    NT - nano technician

    nuke - a damage nano, usually direct damage, but can also be used to refer to AoE damage nanos.

    NW - Notum Wars, an expansion or "booster pack" for AO that added org vs. org battles for ownership of notum mining sites
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    OA - Old Athen

    OE - Omni-1 Entertainment, also overequip; used to mean two different things. 1> To equip an item by using temporary buffs that one cannot self cast or by temporarily equipping skill boosting items. ex: "I got a wrangle so I could OE my new gun" 2> When an item that has been equipped by this method turns red, indicating that penalties are incurred because of a sizable difference between the item's requirements and the player's skill. ex: "My gun is OEed because a trader drained me"

    OF - Omni Forest

    ofc - of course

    OHQ - Omni-1 HQ

    ohw - on his/her way (example: "the doc is ohw")

    OIC - oh I see, meaning "I didn't understand before, but now I do"

    OMG - oh my god, an excamation meaning something really good or bad just happened

    OMHH - one more hit healing, small soldier healing nano

    ommer - name used by clan for omni

    OMW - on my way

    ono - It's Oh No! Or perhaps defined as "Oh ****" it's derived from that feeling though :]. Generally, I see it used sarcastically and not in a situation as dire as "oh ****" would be required.

    OOC - Out Of Character. Saying or doing something that is not roleplay. Mostly used by roleplayers, as they sometimes need to say something that relates to the real world.

    oop - out of power, a term from other games used by healers to indicate they are out of nano and the team should pause, not heard that much in AO since the nano bar can be refilled quickly with nano rechargers

    opi - the opifex breed

    org- Short for organisation/ Guild

    OS - 1. Offensive Steamroller, an Initiative buff 2. operating system

    OSB - outside buffs, buffs cast on you by others

    OST = outside tank, a high level tank character outside the team, useful for power leveling low characters

    OT - 1. The Omni-Tek corporation 2. The Omni-1 Trade playfield

    ota - Otacustes, an NPC which is part of the process of spawning the mercs, see entry for mercs

    overtuning - a tradeskill process which removes some of the nano penalties from tank armor

    ownz - to dominate an opponent, typically used in PvP, (example: "I ownz you!"), also the name of a unique mob near Tir
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    pads - shoulderpads, often refers to the pads given as rewards for the popular Dodga quest

    Pan - Pandemonium, the final playfield in Shadowlands where The Beast resides

    paperdoll - the doll-like figure in games on which you equip items you are wearing, in AO there is a 3 tab paperdoll with tabs for weapons, clothing and implants

    parrot - This is the only buff in the game that allows Non-MPs and non-Adventurers to fly without a Yalm. Usefull for getting your poor team somewhere dangerous, or for getting your uber team into Smuggler's Den.

    parts - this could mean lots of things but often refers to the "su****ious" items which must be gathered from bots and assembled to complete the Dodga quest (example: "I was in Athen Shire hunting bots for parts")

    PB - pocket bosses

    PC - 1. player character, a character controlled by a customer of the game 2. a general computing term for an IBM-PC compatible computer 3. politically correct

    peeps - people (example: "Hi, what are you peeps up to?")

    Pen - Penumbra, an arctic themed playfield in Shadowlands

    Pet - Player controlled NPC

    PF - playfield, another name for the "zones" in a game, usually refers to outdoor zones

    pffft - an expression of scorn or disbelief

    PGC - Personal Grid Converter, sort of a key, sold in stacks, that allows you to access the grid from your orgs controllers

    phats or phatz - short for "phat loot," phat is a leet spelling of "fat" meaning uber or valuable, loot may sometimes be spelled "lewt," if someone offers to take you to get some "phat lewt" it's a good thing

    phear - fear

    phixxor - fixer

    PH - place holder, a mob which must be killed, usualy repetedally, in order to spawn another mob

    phreak - when a fixer warps to the grid, from an old hackers term relating to hacking into the phone system

    pillows - concrete cushions

    pk - player killer

    PL - power level, to level very rapidly, usually with the assistance of a high level player healing or pulling

    plz - please

    PM - the Pleasant Meadows playfield on Rubi-Ka 2. psychological modifications, a nano skill

    PNH - Personal Nutum Harvester, the top end NT buff which replenishes the nano pool

    POI - point of interest

    pool - 1. the pool in Adonis is an underwater area you must pass through to reach the interior of the zone 2. a holding area where unsaved xp goes when you die, added to the game shortly before Shadowlands

    PoP - 1. Pain of Patricia, a pistol which drops at mercs, once uber, now nerfed - 2. pop, when a mob suddenly spawns nearby creating a potentially dangerous situation (example: "careful, pop to the east")

    Powerleveling - Playing the game with focus on finding the fastest and most efficient way to raise in level.

    ppl - people

    PPPE - Programmed Photon Particle Emitter 1. usually refers to "shape soft" or "shape hard" PPPEs; rare items which may be converted into MRR tools used in armor production 2. also a intermediate stage in the tradeskill creation of a nano crystal

    primus camp - the location in Eastern Foul Plains where the raid mobs known as the mercs are spawned, see entry for mercs

    proc - a programmer's term, short for process, meaning to produce an effect of some sort at random intervals, for instance a weapon that randomly produces a stun every now and then can be said to "proc a stun"

    pron - porn or pornography, a misspelling which has become a deliberate part of gamespeak

    PSD - probably refers to Problem Solving Device, a tradeskill buffing NCU memory chip, could also mean Problem Seeking Device, a similar item which raises treatment a few points

    PST - Please send tell

    psy - the psychic ability

    psych - the Psychology skill, sometimes used to refer to the Psychic ability which can be confusing

    PT - the Pharmacological Technology skill

    Pulling - Targeting a creature, in order to make it move towards you. Often used in groups. One person is the "puller", and he/her pulls the monster in the direction of the group, who waits [around the corner] to kill the monster.

    puppy - probably referring to the Guardian of Tomorrow, a large robotic dog mob in TotW

    PvM/PvE: Player versus Monster/Environment. This is when you fight NPC mobs.

    PvP - Player vs Player combat.

    PW - Perpetual Wastelands

    pwn - own, a common misspelling which has become a deliberate part of gamespeak, meaning to dominate an opponent
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    QA - Quality Assurance. The internal department that works with testing the versions before it is put out on the servers.

    QL - quality level

    QT - the Quantum Force Field Technology skill, a.k.a. QFT

    queen - usually referring to the Den Mantis Queen of Smuggler's Den

    QW - Quantum Wings, MP's fly on these.
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    R = Ready, generally used when you are done buffing and ready to start fighting/enter boss room etc.

    r u - are you (example: "r u in a team?")

    r2r - room to room. measn the team are done pulling mobs into the first mission room, and arer eady to proceed from room to room

    raid - 1. a large multi-team effort to take down a difficult unique mob 2. an attack on a tower site

    raidbot - 1. special chat bot set up to handle the chat needs of large multi-team raids

    Raidnet - a Clan general purpose raidbot on Rimor, used for raiding uniques on RK (other than mercs)

    raidsnet - a general purpose raidbot on Atlantean

    rawk - rock, when something "rocks" it means it's cool and exciting

    rawr - roar, like what a lion does, a boastful exclamation

    RB - Rome Blue

    RBB - Rome blue basic store

    RBP - Robust Backpack, a rare and expensive backpack most notable in that it adds +60 to several damage types

    RCL - Revolving Cold Laser

    registrar - a type of ARK who records character marriages in the game

    req - requirement, most items in AO have a requirement of a certain minimum skill level to be equipped (example: "It's and easy gun to equip because of it's low burst req")

    respawn - after a unique mob is killed it will respawn, or reappear, again after a certian amount of time at it's designated spawn point, respawning also occurs after the mobs have been cleared from a dungeon or outdoor hunting area (example: "We've cleared the area, now we'll have to wait for respawn.")

    Rezz effects- cursed eq term for waiting for stats to return to normal after being ressurected (respawning at reclaim)

    RG - Rome Green

    RGB - Rome green basic store

    RI - Reduce Inertia, an MA evades buff raising all 3 evades +120

    rights - meaning to follow along the right wall of a mission as a way of helping the team stay together

    Rimor - the game's second server, formerly called RK2

    RK1 - the game's first server, now known as Atlantean

    RK2 - the game's second server, now known as Rimor

    RK3 - the game's German server, now known as Die Neue Welt

    RL - 1. real life, what happens when you're not playing AO 2. raid leader, raids generally go better when a leader is appointed

    RM - Real Mean. The most powerful human mobs usually have this in their names. If you face down one of these and live, solo or in a group, you are definitely uber.

    ROF - rate of fire, the speed at which a weapon fires

    ROFL - rolling on floor laughing

    ROFLMAO: Rolls on floor laughing my ass off
    root - a nanoprogram that roots the target in place for a period of time, the target may still fight and be attacked while rooted

    RoP - Reign of Patricia, an adventurer only pistol that drops at mercs normally dual wielded with a PoP

    roxxor - rocks, leet speak usually meaning to dominate someone in combat(Example: "I will roxxor you!")

    RP - roleplay, being in character in a game

    RPG - role playing game, a game where the player assumes the identity of a naned character which is defined by various stats which may be developed over the course of the game, RPGs were originally played with pen, paper and dice before the era of home computers

    RR - Rome Red

    RRFE - Reactive Reflective Shield - Extended. The top end soldier reflection shield buff.

    rubberbanding - when you're running and suddenly end up back where you started moving from. Also called "warp lag".

    ruins - usually refers to a hunting spot for cyborgs in Mort near Sentinels
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    S&S - shop and save/scan, what you do between missions (sell loot and scan to save xp)

    SAV - Southern Artery Valley

    site - a Notum Wars tower site

    Scan - the act of saving your character at a scanning terminal. "I need to go scan"

    Scope - Either an LLTS, VE, or TIM (a unique/camped mob drop scope). Scoping is the term used to describe tinkering with scope QL and inits to optimize one's weapon performance through the use of one of the aforementioned scopes.

    SD - the Den: Smugglers Den. A static dungon.

    SEB - Stret East Bank

    sec - second (example: I'll be there in a sec)

    sen - the sense ability

    Sentinels - an outpost in Mort where the big d and little d dungeons are located

    SFA - Superior First Aid, a doctor's +80 treatment buff.

    SFH - Southern Fouls Hills

    SFP - Southern Fouls Plains

    shotty - shotgun

    SK - shadow knowledge, after level 200 players can no longer get XP, instead they receive SK which functions the same as XP but may only be obtained in Shadowlands

    SI - sensory improvement & modification, a nano skill

    SL - Shadowlands, a major expansion which added playfields set in a mystical world of floating land masses along with many new features, SL has been a controversal release in that it drastically altered the gameplay of AO in many ways

    Slayer - a slayer droid, the most powerful engineer pet available. Very nasty in team missions, very hard to calm/mez.

    SMG - 1. a submachine gun or the skill of the same name 2. Syndicate Messenger Gun, a high level fixer-only weapon found in Shadowlands

    smug - clan supply master in wailing wastes, a unique mob killed for armor he drops and also part of several quests

    smurf - a fixer in grid armor, so called because the armor's head to toe blue appearence makes the wearer resemble a cartoon Smurf

    Smurf - Fixer in Grid Armor... LOL (sorry couldn't prevent myself from writing it)

    SNAFU - Situation Normal: All F**ked UP

    Snare - a nanoprogram that reduces its target's runspeed for a period of time. Snare and Root both were the names of spells with the same functions in EQ.

    So8 - Servants of Eight, its a type of MA armour

    SoC - Sword of Curiosity, a 1he weapon, lower QL version of the Sword of Wonder

    Social - Used to describe creatures that help out each other. i.e. if you attack a rhino beater and another rhino type is around, then that second rhino will attack you also, because rhinomen are social.

    SOL - s**t out of luck

    sol - soldier or sometimes Solitus

    sol - the solitus breed

    SoW - Sword of Wonder, a desirable 1he weapon found in Inferno

    soz - means "I'm sorry"

    spam - 1. to recast a nano repeatedly, post something repeatedly to chat, or in general do anything repeatedly 2. a general computing term for unwanted junk email

    spawn - when a mob first materializes into the game it is called spawning

    SPB - The QL200 version of the Superior Perennium Blaster, a desirable assault rifle for soldiers

    speeches - engineer and bureaucrat area buffs/debuffs that recycle every 20 seconds, also called auras

    Splitting Mobs - Split Pulling, Pull Splitting, Mob Splitting = Using one of several techniques to seperate social mobs so that you can fight them without any/many adds

    sploit - exploit, taking advantage of bugs to bend game mechanics to your advantage, doing this is against the rules of the game

    SS 1. south south, name used by Clanners on Rimor to describe the heckler spot just north of Ataxia in Adonis 2. Senior Subjugator, second "vortex" boss in Pandemonium, kill him opening portal to 3th island 3. Superior Sentinel armor

    sta - 1. the stamina ability 2. Spirit Tech Apparatus, a part used in the making of perennium weapons, sometimes called a "barrel" since it produces the barrel of the weapon

    stacking - a technique used by teams with bureaucrats to maximize the advantage of the crat's short term xp buffs, the team will damage 1 mob until it is near death and stop attacking, the crat will calm or charm it and the team will go on to the next one, when there are two or more mobs down to almost no health the crat will use the short term XP buff and the team will proceed to kill the mobs gaining a massive amount of XP, this can be tricky and fairly dangerous to do

    Step Implants - Implants that raise a specific stat or skill that are worn for the purpose of installing better implants in other locations, installing maps or NCU equipment, or wearing high QL armor. Step implants are removed and replaced with normal skill implants after you've equipped whatever; popular step implant sets are for psychic, stamina, comp lit, treatment, and map nav.

    STFU - shut the f**k up

    str - the strength ability

    sup - a friendly greeting, dervived from "what's up?"

    Support Class - Used to refer to a profession that may halp a team in a variety of ways, and is not focused on one specific task such as healing or doing damage. Examples of a support class are Bureaucrat, Enginner and Meta-Physicist.

    suxxor - leet speak for sucks, something not good (example: "That suxxors")

    SWB - Stret West Bank

    SWG - Star Wars Galaxies, another MMORPG
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