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    Symposium Event Logs

    (( Logs from the Science Symposium event so that all those who missed the it can experience the laughter and drama.. oh and the science of course. May thanks to all everyone who attended.

    Start logging of "Vicinity" at 11/22/03 19:57:18

    20:02: Dabblez: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Isaac Asimov Science Symposium
    20:03: Dabblez: The format will be each speaker will take the floor and talk about his or

    her subject. I'll then coordinate any questions
    20:03: Dabblez: Between speech and questions the time limit is 10 minutes
    20:04: Dabblez: Our first speaker is RUR's very own Bogosorter
    20:04: Dabblez: and he will talk about leets and thier attraction to solitus females

    #1 Bogosorter
    20:05: Bogosorter clears his throat
    20:05: Bogosorter: Hey, man! I'm Tom Markarian, man, and I'll be reading,
    20:05: Bogosorter: like, excerpts from my paper entitled
    20:05: Bogosorter: "The Effects of Leetus Uberus on Homo Solitus Females"
    20:05: Cogs concentrates on the speaker
    20:05: Bogosorter's pet, The Shover: Chicks Dig Leets
    20:05: Bogosorter clears his throat
    20:05: Bogosorter: In my study, I exposed, like, a whole lot of
    20:05: Bogosorter: Homo Solitus females to Leets under carefully
    20:05: Bogosorter: controlled conditions and, like, took measurements
    20:05: Bogosorter: of their neurochemistry.
    20:05: Bogosorter's pet, The Shover: We took some Leets and a biocommunicator to a bar, dad.
    20:05: Nepentheia: Leets Roxxor
    20:05: Bogosorter: Uh... Right, man.
    20:05: Bogosorter clears his throat.
    20:05: Bogosorter: All for the benefit of science, man.
    20:05: Bogosorter: The experiment showed that, like, the mere sight
    20:05: Bogosorter: of a Leet resulted in an increase in levels of
    20:05: Bogosorter: 2-phenylethylamine, norepinephrine, and dopamine
    20:05: Bogosorter: consistent with, like, the consumption of
    20:05: Bogosorter: stimulants in the methylxanthine family.
    20:05: Bogosorter's pet, The Shover: Leets are like a box of chocolates.
    20:05: Bogosorter clears his throat
    20:06: Bogosorter: 2-phenylethylamine is also called, like, PEA, man.
    20:06: Bogosorter: It's, like, the most important of these because PEA
    20:06: Bogosorter: stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin
    20:06: Bogosorter: in addition to, like,
    20:06: Bogosorter: binding the dopamine receptors directly.
    20:06: Bogosorter's pet, The Shover: Leets make you feel good!
    20:06: Bogosorter: Unlike many, uh... pharmaceuticals, the dopamine
    20:06: Bogosorter: response was confined to the prefrontal cortex, man.
    20:06: Bogosorter: Not, like, the nucleus accumbens
    20:06: Bogosorter: or general mesolimbic system.
    20:06: Bogosorter's pet, The Shover: Leets are safe and non-addictive!
    20:06: Bogosorter: Handling a Leet, like petting and cuddling, man,
    20:06: Bogosorter: showed an increase the, like oxytocin and
    20:06: Bogosorter: endorphins levels, which could explain the 'bonding'
    20:06: Bogosorter: which occurs between females and Leets, man.
    20:06: Frarco looks puzzled
    20:06: Bogosorter's pet, The Shover: Leets are like your children.
    20:06: Bogosorter: But, like, these increased levels of
    20:06: Bogosorter: neurotransmitters were only observed as long as
    20:06: Bogosorter: the Leets kept quiet, man. A few words from a Leet
    20:06: Bogosorter: reduced the, like, neurotransmitters
    20:06: Bogosorter: to normal levels in a few minutes, man.
    20:06: Bogosorter's pet, The Shover: Keep your mouth shut, dad. Except for compliments.
    20:07: Bogosorter: In conclusion, like, further research is
    20:07: Bogosorter: necessary to determine if the effects
    20:07: Bogosorter: are, like, universal among breeds,
    20:07: Bogosorter: and if they're, like, purely psychological, man.
    20:07: Bogosorter: Of if, like, Leets produce chemicals
    20:07: Bogosorter: which cause this response.
    20:07: Bogosorter's pet, The Shover: I'll get the Leets, dad, and meet you in a hour.
    20:07: Bogosorter: So, like, any questions, man?
    20:07: Mysten blinks
    20:07: Cogs: Yes
    20:07: Missmaul 's eye twitches.
    20:07: Nashka: Hmm I do
    20:07: Nepentheia: Nope. No question about it. Chicks dig leets.
    20:07: Frarco Jaw drops
    20:07: Nepentheia nods.
    20:08: Cogs: Bogo.....what would you say the scientific impact of your work would be?
    20:08: Nashka: How come it don't work for me when I'm a leet?
    20:08: Bogosorter's pet, The Shover: Tell them about the rabbits, dad. Tell them about the rabbits.
    20:08: Blackswords: have you tried your research with Adv Leets as the test catalysts?
    20:08: Bogosorter: Well, it's like, general research, you know. Basics. It's not expected to have, like, an impact.
    20:08: Frarco grins
    20:08: Cogs nods
    20:08: Bogosorter: But it might help me get some chicks gridmail addresses... Their *real* addresses.
    20:08: Cogs: don't see any commercial value here?
    20:08: Nepentheia: Fuzzy Lap-warmers, Leets are. Even the grumpiest of people are much happier after being in the company of a Leet.
    20:08: Nepentheia nods.
    20:09: Chireenia: Umm.. I got a comment, mr. Markarian.
    20:09: Bogosorter: I used, like, only genuine leets, not adventurers pretending, man.
    20:09: Nepentheia: You'd be amazed by the results of both. Really.
    20:09: Nepentheia nods.
    20:09: Nashka: Yea synthesis the stuff for the Homo Solitus Male... Can ya do that?
    20:09: Bogosorter: Oh, sure. If the qualities of Leets could be refined, man. There'd be a lot of commercial value, man.
    20:09: Nashka: That would certainly help Dude
    20:09: Blackswords: so perhaps you should see if there is a measurable change between real and fake leets.
    20:10: Bogosorter: That's a great idea, man. I'll be sure to check it out.
    20:10: Nepentheia: Ever see someone turn into a leet? Total attitude adjustment. They can be dower and grouchy... turn them into a leet and POOF, they're bouncing and scampering about, joyously.
    20:10: Chireenia: I'm a woman, and I can't say I particularly like leets. Real or fake. Is it something wrong with my chemical receptors?
    20:10: Nashka: So Leets in a bottle sure be a bit cruel though
    20:10: Nepentheia: Never... ever... underestimate the Power of Leet.
    20:11: Nashka ponders the thought
    20:11: Bogosorter: No, man. The degree of response varied from subject to subject, man.
    20:11: Lexmcstorm rubs his left arm watching silently
    20:11: Kritias smiles.
    20:11: Bogosorter: I wouldn't be, like, putting real leets in a bottle, just any chemicals that could be, like, traced and refined, man.
    20:11: Nepentheia: Leets have an especially strong attraction to blondes of both sexes, I've noticed.
    20:11: Nashka: Hehe
    20:12: Masterlilli raises his hand
    20:12: Bogosorter: I'll have to check that out, too, man.
    20:12: Nepentheia leers at Bogosorter.
    20:12: Bogosorter: Cool, man. That's about it, man.
    20:12: Cogs applauds
    20:12: Dabblez: Thank you for that.
    20:12: Bogosorter's pet, The Shover: Terminate command received.
    20:12: Nashka: Nic eone Dude
    20:12: Cogs: Very interesting!
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    #2 Ariekel
    20:15: Dabblez: Please welcome Ariekel for Whispers Edge
    20:16: Kithrak claps
    20:16: Cogs waves at Ariekel!
    20:16: Ariekel takes a long drink from her bottle before putting it away.
    20:16: Dabblez: who I think will talk about swords?
    20:16: Eomar cheers
    20:16: Ariekel: Yeah, pretty much.
    20:16: Lexmcstorm watches the door a moment.
    20:16: Dabblez: the floor is yours
    20:16: Ariekel: Though the technology involved could have other implications fer particle beam tech an' stuff like that.
    20:16: Cogs smiles, in eager anticipation
    20:17: Ariekel takes a moment to compose herself.... by the red flush of her face and scalp it's fairly clear she's been taking advantage of the free booze and food here.
    20:17: Nepentheia hopes Ariekel will talk about leets, too.
    20:17: Ariekel isn't going to talk about leets. At least not officially.
    20:17: Nepentheia: Oh.
    20:18: Ariekel: Ahem.... right. So, my discussion today is gonna cover weapons tech, specifically swordcrafting, an' how it's been affected by the new elements discovered in the Shadowlands.
    20:19: Nepentheia perks up... Shadowlands. Oh, Ariekel is going to talk about Shadowleets then.
    20:19: Ariekel: As some of you may be aware, ancient Earth swordsmiths used a technique of sword smithing involving the folding over layers upon layers of steel upon each other, rather than the forging of a single solid slab of steel.
    20:20: Ariekel: This technique, generally used fer the forging of Japanese weapons, has been used since in niche markets by modern crafters, including.... ummm.... that guy in South Artery. The smith guy.
    20:20: Ariekel grins goofily
    20:21: Ariekel: Now, this prolly dun sound terribly interesting in itself. But it's potential fer weapon design becomes important because of the potential fer including other materials, besides steel, in the construction of said weapons.
    20:21: Ariekel: Now, how many of you here are familiar with the physics behind novictum, one of the new elements recently discovered beyond the portal?
    20:22: Ariekel: Right. I see some of you aren't familiar with this. I wasn't either until recently, after a discussion on the topic with the rather infamous Ergo.
    20:23: Ariekel: Novictum, according to Thedeacon an' other metaphysical scholars, is a sort of polar opposite to notum. While notum contains some sort of essence of life, or somethin' like that anyway, novictum is more of an essence of death, or more specifically entropy.
    20:25: Ariekel: While it might be inferred that novictum is somehow antithetical to life, the truth appears to be that both elements possess some qualities that are essential to the continuing of what we know as life... while notum has some relation to processes of growth an' creation, novictum has some similar relation to forces of decay, entropy, an' the destruction of elements that might be problematic fer life as we know it, organic life.
    20:26: Ariekel: After all, poetic as it may be to bemoan the power of entropy or whatever other such mopey poetry nonsense the kids are into these days, the fact is that we'd be in bad shape if not fer the death of old skin cells, the breaking down of food particles, an' so forth.
    20:26: Ariekel: But I digress.
    20:27: Ariekel: My research an' conversations with the "floating bobble head" have given me reason to believe that notum an' novictum, much like positive an' negative magnetic fields, have an opposing effect on organic matter that they come into contact with.
    20:28: Ariekel: Generally speakin', this isn't a big deal, like magnetic fields. It would take a massive concentration of notum or novictum to have a noticable effect on a human being, just by putting it in proximity to them.
    20:28: Ariekel: However, like magnetic fields, it's not just about the amount of the stuff ya use. Size dun always matter, ya see.
    20:28: Ariekel grins and winks
    20:29: Ariekel: The patterns an' arrangements of notum an' novictum deposits also have an affect on how the elements interact with their world. Sometimes, a huge effect.
    20:30: Ariekel: usin' modern mathmatical calculation, along with knowledge of ancient swordsmithing gleaned from the yutto swordsmith Dances-With-Hecklers, I have a theoretical blueprint fer a weapon harnessing these physical forces.
    20:31: Ariekel: Ummm.... Dabz, we got an overhead projector or somethin' here?
    20:31: Dabblez: sure
    20:31: Ariekel: Sweet. Lemme see that thing.
    20:31: Dabblez turns on the slide projector
    20:31: Ariekel finds the projector, finally.
    20:31: Dabblez watches a blank holo-image
    20:32: Ariekel moves out of the way of the projector screen.
    20:32: Ariekel plugs her neutral interface jack into the projector's memory unit, and uploads the relevant images from her NCU to the projector.
    20:32: Ariekel fiddles with the buttons, and eventually gets it to display the diagram.
    20:33: Bogosorter squints at the projector and nods his head in mock understanding
    20:33: Ariekel: Now, as ya see here, we have a complex arrangement of notum an' novictum deposits, placed in between the folds of the weapon's blade.
    20:34: Ariekel 's diagram appears to be that of a sword blade, with various points color coded and with tiny notes denoting the amount of notum or novictum in each location, with lines connecting each. The lines seem to form a weird stick figure of a really tall, stretched out shadowleet.
    20:34: Nepentheia knew it! Shadowleets!
    20:35: Ariekel: So far, this seems to be the optimal pattern fer the notum an' novictum deposits, which makes it difficult to adapt this technology to other uses, such as power plant design or quantum force field technology.
    20:35: Chireenia copies the design on her notepad
    20:35: Korejar frowns slightly, but nods.
    20:35: Wraco makes BooP store the images
    20:35: Ariekel: The deposits of novictum an' notum exert an effect on organic substances, not entirely unlike that of positive an' negative magnetic fields. Only instead of a literal push an' pull, it's more of a push an' pull on the life force of the target.
    20:36: Ariekel: Physical side effects theoretically should be pretty gross.
    20:37: Ariekel: Now, of course this is still on the drawing board. An actual weapon is still in production, this isn't the sort of thing you can fire up a factory an' make. It has to be hand crafted, with care an' precision.
    20:38: Ariekel: A machine dun correct it's own errors well enough, the best we've been able to do with modern weapons production tech is to help us place the notum an' novictum deposits accurately. It still requires a real human touch. Or yutto touch. Or whichever.
    20:38: Ariekel gives a self-satisfied smile.
    20:38: Ariekel: An' that's pretty much that. So... like, questions?
    20:38: Korejar: I have one....
    20:38: Dabblez: Just one question please
    20:38: Ariekel: Fire away, Korejar.
    20:39: Ariekel has scrawled the words "Prototype: Whisper" at the top of the displayed diagram.
    20:39: Korejar: How do you account for the variences? The ancient swordmaking used the slight variances of the human touch that made the stress lines make the blade stronger.
    20:39: Korejar: Wouldn't one wrong hit... smoosh the deposits out of place for lack of a better word?
    20:40: Ariekel: Not necessarily. Of course, if we stuck strictly to the ancient swordsmithing traditions, this thing'd probably do somethin' really funny like crumble or bend all out of shape once it hit a solid armor plate.
    20:40: Ariekel: Notum an' novictum do weird things sometimes, ya know.
    20:41: Ariekel: However, by constructing the blade out of a steel-carbonum alloy we are able to avoid that problem, theoretically.
    20:41: Ariekel: Awww, hell, I'm bein' cut off I think.
    20:41: Ariekel grins
    20:41: Korejar chuckles.
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    #3 Missmaul
    20:42: Dabblez: Our next guest speaker is Miss Maul.. with something about... toothpicks
    20:42: Missmaul grins
    20:42: Montul applause politely
    20:42: Rizzior smiles
    20:42: Nepentheia: Ooooooo!
    20:42: Mysten blinks and wonders what a toothpick is
    20:42: Nashka hoots for MM
    20:42: Missmaul: Arright, uh...
    20:42: Missmaul: Well, I got the idea for this thingy when I was taking a walk through Lush Fields...
    20:43: Missmaul: I was walking innocently along the path when all of a sudden I was attacked by VILE CREATURES!
    20:43: Missmaul: They were hidiously ugly
    20:43: Missmaul: They were...
    20:43: Missmaul pauses for dramatic effect
    20:43: Missmaul: KILLER REETS!
    20:43: Missmaul: So like, I was on my way to the grocery store one minute and found myself walking to like...the forest the next...
    20:44: Missmaul: And it hit me, ya know!
    20:44: Silentstride gasps
    20:44: Dabblez bllinks
    20:44: Missmaul: So all of a sudden I got this crazy idea and got like, 6 leets.
    20:44: Missmaul: In the past, humans have used foil hats to protect themselves from, uh...vampiers...cult fanatics...government people...werewolves..
    20:45: Missmaul: uhm...gypsies...
    20:45: Missmaul counts on her fingers
    20:45: Missmaul: Well, the problem with tin foil hats is I was wearing it at the moment and the reet was still able to make me buy milk instead of eggs at the grocery store.
    20:46: Missmaul: So when I realized what was going on I threw a toothpick at it and it ran away...
    20:46: Missmaul: The next day I fortified the tin foil hats with toothpicks and they worked much better.
    20:46: Missmaul: Plus they didn't get all crushed when my friend stepped on em.
    20:46: Missmaul puts on a decorated tin foil hat
    20:46: Missmaul: Then of course I had to prove it, so...
    20:47: Missmaul: I made little toothpick/tin foil hats for 3 of the leets.
    20:47: Missmaul: The 3 leets were perfectly normal
    20:47: Missmaul: And ate leet treats and stuff like normal leets.
    20:47: Missmaul: The rest of the leets started wrecking my apartment n stuff.
    20:47: Missmaul: Cost me a bunch too.
    20:48: Missmaul mumbles "of course, that might have been the hit the floor jack I accidentally fed em...hmmm..."
    20:48: Missmaul: Oh well!
    20:48: Missmaul: In any case, toothpicks are now recognized as a defense mechanism against killer reets, and cows are still purple.
    20:48: Missmaul twitches a bit, looking at all the people
    20:49: Missmaul: Uuhhhmm...uhhh...
    20:49: Mowinckel adjusts his monocle
    20:49: Missmaul shouts: SAVE THE LEETS! AAAAAHIEIIEEAAH!!!
    20:49: Teeku: Brava!
    20:49: Bogosorter: Have you tried other, like, throwing items, like pumpkins or equanimity stars or those tiny, little Agents, man?
    20:49: Cogs: A most interesting discovery, miss
    20:49: Cesley shouts: LEETS ALL THE WAY!!
    20:49: Missmaul cowers in a corner
    20:49: Bogosorter: Er. Nevermind, man.
    20:49: Nepentheia shouts: roxxor
    20:49: Nashimiron likes her fur
    20:49: Ferodir: Bravo!
    20:49: Ariekel: Whoah, you should so throw a tiny agent at a reet! That would rule!
    20:49: Dabblez: were there any questions for Miss Maul?
    20:49: Ariekel makes plans to test this by throwing Vixentrox at a reet.
    20:49: Nepentheia: Yes.
    20:49: Wraith001 laughs
    20:49: Nepentheia: How many Leets live in her apartment now?
    20:50: Missmaul puts on a monacle and a fake moustache.
    20:50: Missmaul adopts an outrageously fake accent.
    20:50: Missmaul: 3. I threw the rest off the balcony.
    20:51: Dabblez: Thank you Miss Maul.. that was... I different
    20:51: Missmaul looks shiftily at everyone

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    #4 Swiftmind and Blackswords
    20:51: Dabblez: Next up is Swiftmind and Blakcsword from Omni Mining
    20:52: Dabblez: They will talk about Notum depletion
    20:52: Aazamon takes notes
    20:52: Swiftmind: Greetings citizens of Rubi-Ka,
    20:52: Swiftmind:
    20:52: Swiftmind: As most of you know, I am Cristin Moscardelli, Director of Omni-Mining. I assume there is no need for an introduction of myself or Omni-Mining as a whole.
    20:52: Swiftmind: I am glad to see many here today, interested in continuing discoveries and inventions in the vast world of Science. Science has always been important for me. It has made everything what it is today.
    20:53: Swiftmind: That is why I am pleased to see all of you here. We are continuing the advancement of science and our understanding of our surroundings.
    20:53: Swiftmind: But instead of speaking about science as a whole, I will get to the reason for me being here.
    20:53: Swiftmind:
    20:53: Swiftmind: Notum.
    20:53: Swiftmind: The very word speaks so many meanings. This one word describes an ore, a way of life, a source, and sparks many different emotional reactions.
    20:53: Swiftmind: But why does it create so much reaction among people? For it is so important to our lives. No matter what breed you are.
    20:53: Swiftmind: Notum itself created a new world literally and figuratively. Notum is the reason this great planet became so important.
    20:53: Swiftmind: Notum also created a whole new variety of technologies not previously imagined by our ancestors. Some even depend on it for survival. This is why it has such emotional reactions, for the importance of this one ore is so grand.
    20:53: Swiftmind:
    20:53: Swiftmind: Yet all great things have also great fears. The greatest fear of Notum is that it will disappear.
    20:54: Swiftmind: This one fear has sparked deception, violence, paranoia, and entire radical groups. Omni-Mining despite its relaxed view on this, has always considered this as a possible outcome.
    20:54: Swiftmind: Thus Omni-Mining has spent a lot of resources over many years to research into this fearful question.
    20:54: Swiftmind: Yet the more we discovered and realized, the less fearful this question became.
    20:54: Swiftmind:
    20:54: Swiftmind: I will first discuss the reasons behind some of the radical groups claiming that Notum is disappearing.
    20:54: Swiftmind: This group being the Borealis Pact, specifically the Nanomage Liberation Front. For many months now, we all have heard their claims.
    20:54: Swiftmind: After reading their statements on the gridfeed and other areas, the only concrete proof I have seen was two articles they constantly display.
    20:54: Swiftmind: Yet these articles are just about a year old now. They are out of date and not worth using anymore. Not to mention these articles sources are unknown and not backed with references to research and observational proof.
    20:54: Swiftmind: Both articles aren't saying anything of truth.
    20:54: Swiftmind:
    20:54: Swiftmind: One of these articles talks of inhabitants "feeling" the notum levels decreasing, even "losing" strength. Yet who are these inhabitants?
    20:55: Swiftmind: The article says outlaws, ones living in small villages. Now what gets me to laugh is when something goes wrong everyone immediately thinks it's the Notum levels.
    20:55: Swiftmind: These inhabitants aren't feeling anything. It's impossible to feel notum levels to drop, which brings to question what they are feeling and from what external substance.
    20:55: Swiftmind: Are these people mutants, notum addicts, animals? We don't know thus not concrete evidence.
    20:55: Swiftmind:
    20:55: Swiftmind: The second article mention about the Subway, blaming the mutants on insurance technology. Which in return blames on notum levels.
    20:55: Swiftmind: I laugh again at this conspiracy theory. Many things can happen to create a mutant body.
    20:55: Swiftmind: The most unmoral is experiments were done on the body but this mutant escaped, another is mutant reproduction, or toxic poisoning, or mutilation.
    20:55: Swiftmind: I can go on and on of all different variables that contributes to the possible outcome of such mutants. The fact is the notum level is not to blame.
    20:55: Swiftmind: If they levels were dropping a year ago, and continued to this day. Why haven't we seen widespread mutant creation by insurance technology?
    20:55: Swiftmind: We haven't. Thus the levels have not dropped.
    20:55: Swiftmind:
    20:56: Swiftmind: Now on to Omni-Mining's observations. Notum is a very adaptable substance. It creates a certain amount and can increase that amount if needed.
    20:56: Swiftmind: Yes I did say it creates. What do I mean? I speak of Notum rifts. They are widespread everywhere, some deep underground, other on the surface.
    20:56: Swiftmind: Each contributes vast amounts of notum to the famous notum veins all around Rubi-Ka.
    20:56: Swiftmind: Omni-Mining's Exploration Sub-Department has discovered 314 Notum Rifts in the 30% terraformed area of Rubi-Ka alone! 314, an amazing amount of rifts for a small area.
    20:56: Swiftmind: Just imagine how many more are in the 70%. If you say there are 314 per 30% of area. Lets also say the remaining 10%, since 30 * 3 is 90, has 104 rifts, which is 314 / 3.
    20:56: Swiftmind: Well that means that for the overall total of Notum Rifts on Rubi-Ka is 1046 Rifts! Another amazing number.
    20:56: Swiftmind: Yet this is not conclusive. We may never know how many there are.
    20:56: Swiftmind:
    20:56: Swiftmind: Each rift creates notum by regenerating notum. The Rift takes old notum flowing around and induces it back it to its pool like structure.
    20:56: Swiftmind: The muti-elemental bodies of the Notum atomic structure splits creating two Notum elemental structures. This is usually seen in Biology know as Mitosis.
    20:57: Swiftmind: The regeneration is similar to mitosis in nature yet it is not exact. This means that Notum on its own will create more Notum in the rifts.
    20:57: Swiftmind: Omni-Mining Researchers have also discovered that when introducing spare unrefined notum, already mined, back into the rifts, it increases the output of new notum.
    20:57: Swiftmind: A great find. Thus all notum not used in the refining process can be recycled back into the Rift system, regenerating the mined notum.
    20:57: Swiftmind:
    20:57: Swiftmind: Yet one draw back is the rifts always create notum at the same speed.
    20:57: Swiftmind: The regeneration never increases or decreases. Since we can not affect the regeneration process directly, yet.
    20:57: Swiftmind: This may give some explanation of the "lower notum level" feeling effect. More notum is being taken from the vines but new notum is being outputted at the same speed.
    20:57: Swiftmind: But does this mean that the notum will dry up? Not really. A surprising find in Rift 185-B, is that if more notum is taken out, more is regenerated.
    20:57: Swiftmind: Why exacted is still unknown at this point. One idea is that since the vein is emptier then the surrounding vein, more notum flows in from the surrounding vein.
    20:57: Swiftmind: Helping the regenerate process create more Notum to fill the gap.
    20:58: Swiftmind:
    20:58: Swiftmind: What does this mean as an overall? This means that Notum is infinite. It is created by itself and it can be recycled.
    20:58: Swiftmind: It is not like any other ore, since it grows. As long as the rifts stay active, there is no need to worry about Notum levels.
    20:58: Swiftmind: Now you may question about rifts. Rifts can hardly be touched, for mining purposes. The Private towers only mine the surface level notum veins.
    20:58: Swiftmind: While Omni-Mining's bases mine deeper veins, but we never touch the rifts. For we know how valuable they are.
    20:58: Swiftmind: Plus the cost of the special equipment needed to use a rift for mining purposes would just make it not worth it.
    20:58: Swiftmind: Rifts themselves also grow. They are very slow and take many years. But since 28800, the time Omni-Mining discovered the rifts, we have seen at least 20 rifts grow.
    20:58: Swiftmind:
    20:58: Swiftmind: Thus in conclusion, as we have always said, Notum is infinite.
    20:58: Swiftmind: The ore itself regenerates by the aid of Notum Rifts. In which the rifts also grow.
    20:59: Swiftmind: It's a cycle that never ends, a cycle that has proven itself flexible and adaptable. Notum can never be used up.
    20:59: Swiftmind: Such a thought is only a myth, a thought created by the paranoid fear of a few. This is why we do not fear depletion anymore, for we have seen it can't deplete.
    20:59: Swiftmind: I wouldn't be surprised if notum was here ever since this planet was created. It has stayed the course of time, and will stay the course of use.
    20:59: Swiftmind: I thank you for listening
    20:59: Rizzior claps lightly
    20:59: Nashka hoots
    20:59: Eternalforce: Hoo-ah!
    20:59: Eternalforce applaudes
    20:59: Aazamon: since you attacked me personally
    20:59: Rethanica applaudes
    20:59: Ferodir claps louldy and raipidly
    20:59: Chireenia applauds and stretches her fingers from scribbling notes so fast
    20:59: Missmaul: Notum tastes funny...
    21:00: Demenzia flashes a grin
    21:00: Aazamon: would you allow me to rebut
    21:00: Verdeloth squeaks approval
    21:00: Ariekel gives the thumbs up.
    21:00: Missmaul claps from behind the couch
    21:00: Swiftmind: hmm...
    21:00: Aazamon: my science that is
    21:00: Swiftmind: well since this is time for questions, if it is a question, I believe yes you could
    21:00: Eternalforce: Give it a go! See what he possibly has to say]
    21:00: Aazamon smiles
    21:00: Nashka keeps his eyes open
    21:00: Aazamon: I will ask you this question
    21:00: Aazamon: in any of your "science"*sarcasm*
    21:01: Aazamon: did you actually witness creation of matter out of nothing, or where you simply mistaking the cycle of notum that the NLF has been researching and reported on over a year ago
    21:01: Aazamon: creationism being proven completely invalid 30,000 years ago
    21:02: Swiftmind: Is that the whole question?
    21:02: Nepentheia wonders if anyone has ever had a chat with that foreman over at the Notum Export Facility where the Notum Cannnons are. He sure talks about Notum Rifts, and the creation of them out of nothing.
    21:02: Aazamon: I"m keeping it short so your sub-nano brain can keep up
    21:03: Dabblez coughs
    21:03: Eternalforce: At least we're human, nano-freak
    21:03: Swiftmind ignores Aazamon's brain comment
    21:03: Swiftmind: well...
    21:03: Dabblez: Please, let's keep the tone civil
    21:03: Ariekel: Hey hey! Step offa the nanomage, girl.
    21:03: Demenzia purses her lips again, crossing her legs, then quietly keeping her hands on her knees
    21:03: Silentstride: everyone here is human
    21:03: Rizzior grins amusedly at Aazamon
    21:03: Blackswords: That relates to my Observations of notum Rifts Aazamon.
    21:04: Minkii is pretty sure that all Notum comes from ... a guy named "Eddy"
    21:05: Aazamon: well the question is simple, if notum is infinite and exporting it off planet doesn't dwindle it at all. Then it must be created somehow..from a limitless source. Which is fairytale
    21:05: Swiftmind: I never said it was created by nothing. I said it is created by a means similar to mitosis. We have discovered that Rifts use energy to create it, I believe John here will go into that. Energy is given off by the Notum, why it works so well with nanos. It seems a certain amount of this energy is used in the mitosis creation process then it is put into the notum itself, being slowly released.
    21:05: Ariekel: Think we're beyond nonsense about fairy tales an' such now. You have been beyond the portal to the Shadowlands, right?
    21:05: Katanga wonders if Swift can explain where all this new beer keeps coming in her . If that isn't creationism, then what is?
    21:06: Bogosorter: What do you think is, like, the relationship between these notum rifts and, like, the Source thingy in the Shadowlands? If any, man?
    21:06: Swiftmind: But as seen in mitosis
    21:06: Blackswords: Notum Rifts are the point which New notum is regenerated and the only thing I can fathom is that Life energies are somehow creating the rifts and allowing the Notum to be generated.
    21:06: Swiftmind: Take a cell, it splits to form two new cells
    21:06: Dabblez looks at her watch
    21:06: Nashka gets a gong out
    21:07: Teeku checks to make sure the notum charged recorder is still working
    21:07: Blackswords: I have found New Rifts forming where there is a High concentration of Life...
    21:07: Aazamon coughs
    21:08: Dabblez: I am going to have to ask you draw to a close
    21:08: Swiftmind: Well I am finished Dabblez
    21:08: Swiftmind: I am not sure about John here
    21:09: Blackswords: I'm done for the most part
    21:09: Swiftmind: Well then it seems we are finished
    21:09: Dabblez: Okay, well thank you
    21:09: Blackswords: the only thing I can say is that as more life abounds in Rubi-Ka more notum is made
    21:10: Swiftmind: Of course
    21:10: Dabblez: This is of course research which affects us all.
    Dabblez - Rubi-Ka Universal Robots (RUR)
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    #5 Kithrak
    21:10: Dabblez: our next speaker is KIthrak form Red Tape. A reminder, 10 minute limit
    21:10: Nepentheia: Oooo... Chuckie!
    21:10: Kithrak: Thank you Dabblez
    21:11: Rethanica: You go Lincoln!
    21:11: Nashka purrs
    21:11: Kithrak blinks
    21:11: Nepentheia waits for Kithrak to start out, "Fourscore and seven years ago..."
    21:11: Ferodir giggles
    21:11: Dabblez laughs
    21:11: Kithrak: Good afternoon ladies, gentlemen and atroxes.
    21:11: Kithrak: I am here to inform the general public of what our R&D department have been working on.
    21:11: Kithrak holds out a pocket holo of an Omni-Pol Battle Suit that has been heavily modified with wires and additional devices. The
    21:12: Nepentheia: Ooooo Leet Battle Suit??
    21:12: Kithrak tries again
    21:12: Kithrak holds out a pocket holo of an Omni-Pol Battle Suit that has been heavily modified with wires and additional devices. The exposed wiring and open access panels suggest that it isn't finished yet.
    21:12: Eternalforce looks with renewed interest
    21:12: Kithrak: This hologram you see before you in a prototype environmental battle suit that has been in development by Red Tape's Research & Development and Magi-Tek's Scientists for over 6 months.
    21:13: Nepentheia hopes it's an Omni-Poleet Battle Suit.
    21:13: Kithrak: What this suit hopes to do is create a completely enclosed environment that when completed will re-create the atmospheric conditions on Rubi-Ka, thus allowing Nanomages the ability to leave the planet for the first time.
    21:13: Bogosorter looks intrigued
    21:13: Kithrak: The notum is being supplied in a liquid form from pressurized canisters as you can see here on the back.
    21:14: Kithrak: Various bio-med sensors located throughout the suit diligently monitors the conditions inside and adjusts accordingly.
    21:14: Kithrak: The liquid notum has shown to be most potent in supplying the control needed to supply the varying amounts needed. We are working on a possible alternative that is a more stable form of the liquid notum.
    21:15: Kithrak: It has been the major hurdle in the environmental suit's development.
    21:15: Kithrak: However despite the technical issues aside, not only does this prototype unit work in the trial runs, but it has shown to improve the Nanomage's affinity with nanobots by up to 150%.
    21:16: Kithrak: It has replicated the Rubi-Kan atmosphere so well that it has actually created a more ideal environment.
    21:17: Kithrak: The suit is quite expensive and there are still some issues to work out. The technology is based on technology with patents pending.
    21:17: Kithrak: Market analysis projects that it will be very popular with the Nanomage crowd simply because many would be interested in visiting other worlds.
    21:18: Kithrak puts the holo away
    21:18: Kithrak: I will now have time for questions for the remainder of the time allotted.
    21:18: Nepentheia has a question.
    21:18: Bogosorter: So, like, do nanomages have to, like, wear the suit all the time? Or can they step out for a few hours, man?
    21:18: Eternalforce: I have a question
    21:18: Teeku: I have a couple questions...
    21:18: Nashka: Hmm whats the maximum lifespan of the canasters ?
    21:18: Kithrak: First question, yes if the Nanomage is outside of Rubi-Ka they will need to remain in the suit because it is what's keeping them alive.
    21:18: Nashka: Oh *chirps* and waits his turn
    21:19: Chiip: kithrak..what do you think of how will this affect good to our
    environment....Rubi-Ka is bad enough..
    21:19: Ariekel is impressed, and wants one of these suits.
    21:19: Kithrak: No more reason for them to take it off than the rest of us should take off our space suits while in space.
    21:19: Nepentheia: What about... sex? Those battlesuits are a bit stuffy. Ever thought of creating an aura, much like the Humidity Extractor, instead of a stuffy battlesuit?
    21:19: Kithrak: That is a personal issue and would be up to the client, not the researchers.
    21:19: Nepentheia: I mean... you go to another world, where others can romp around freely.... but being stuck in a battlesuit?
    21:19: Nashka giggles with little hic type noises
    21:19: Eternalforce: Kithrak, how much will this thing cost? And is it worth the cost to ship nanomages off planet?
    21:20: Katanga hopes it will cost way more than a GA4
    21:20: Silentstride frowns that eternal force is talking about nanomages like they are notum or something
    21:20: Kithrak: The research has been in the hundreds of million credits.
    21:20: Chiip: Kith is a nanomage..he must've put effort into it..
    21:20: Kithrak: We're expecting that the final cost to be comparable to a luxury Yalm.
    21:20: Eternalforce: I hope you see a profit in the future...this seems like a strain on Omni-Teks budget
    21:20: Marsis wonders which nanomage in his right mind would go to another planet in a suite with a notum supply controlled by omni ?
    21:21: Ariekel frowns at Eternalforce's statement
    21:21: Teeku: What is the projected release date on this suit?
    21:21: Aazamon raises his had for a question
    21:21: Kithrak: As mentioned, we're still working on the issues of reliability, patents and security.
    21:21: Teeku: Also, will this be available to all nanomages who can afford it or will it only be available to Omni-Tek employees.
    21:22: Kithrak: If the suit fails on Rubi-Ka, there are no problems. If it fails off world we'd have a problem.
    21:22: Chiip: they are still working on the prototype people..dont give him a hard time
    21:22: Teeku: Also, will this be available to all nanomages who can afford it or will it only be available to Omni-Tek employees.
    21:22: Ariekel: Yeah. This gonna be available to clanners an' neuts who can pay a fair price for it?
    21:23: Korejar pokes the dog once.
    21:23: Kithrak: This will be a patented Omni-Tek Corp technology.
    21:23: Kithrak: That will be for Omni-Marketing to decide.
    21:23: Ariekel nods, her expression darkened.
    21:23: Teeku: Ah Yes.
    21:23: Montul frowns and nods his head angrily
    21:23: Dabblez: Thank you Kithrak
    21:23: Kithrak: Thankyou Dabblez.
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    #6 Lesus
    21:24: Dabblez: Two more speaker I think
    21:24: Dabblez: Next Lesus on the ever important issue about upgrading robots
    21:24: Lesus's pet, Engineer Gladiatorbot: Wait command received.
    21:24: Lesus's pet, Engineer Gladiatorbot: Waiting.
    21:25: Lesus: Thank you
    21:25: Lesus: it has recently come to my attention that robots and other weapons need to

    be able to be upgraded.
    21:26: Lesus: I believe that I have found a way to do this by attaching components to them.
    21:26: Lesus: so far, this only works with robots.
    21:27: Ariekel: me wonders if this is another one of those Vibratron 5000 droid attachment fiascos... she gets enough of that in her grid mail box.
    21:27: Lesus: I
    21:27: Lesus: I do have a small demonstration. This should work.
    21:27: Dabblez observes in fascination
    21:28: Lesus: by attaching a to a robot, the robots attack will become more powerful. However there have been occasions when the process has overloaded.
    21:29: Lesus: Now for the demonstration.
    21:29: Nepentheia gives a drumroll with her leety tail.
    21:29: Lesus is mad
    21:29: Shadehawk wonders if a flux/deflux wave in that Gladiatorbot's impaxiator will trigger something. "But of course Lesus has thought about that or he wouldn't perform that stunt live!"
    21:30: Nepentheia: Eeeeep!
    21:30: Lesus: That did not work so well, but at least I am still around
    21:30: Dabblez grins
    21:30: Lesus: There are still some bugs to work out.
    21:30: Lesus: Thank you all
    21:31: Bogosorter wonders if he's tried reversing the polarity of the neutron flow
    21:31: Dabblez: Any questions?
    21:31: Nepentheia wonders if Lesus turned it on.
    21:31: Dabblez: Right, than thank you Lesus.
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    #7 Verson
    21:31: Dabblez: Our final speaker is Dr Verson
    21:32: Dabblez: who will talk about dissociative notum recombination
    21:32: Dabblez: Thank you very much to everyone you took part today
    21:32: Dabblez: Dr Verson, you have 10 minutes
    21:32: Verson: I doubt I'll talk that much
    21:33: Verson looks nervous
    21:33: Verson:
    21:33: Verson: I am Dr. Verson. I study...well everything about notum.
    21:33: Verson: I published a paper recently to gain support for my research.
    21:33: Verson: I would talk about my findings, but all I have is theories. I have not had the resources to test my theories.
    21:33: Verson: Thus I have been searching for supporters.
    21:33: Verson:
    21:33: Verson: But sadly I could not find support for my research.
    21:33: Verson: I must admit many were generous to give me several items.
    21:33: Verson: But overall I discovered that the Clans do not have the necessary equipment and access to notum that my research needs.
    21:33: Verson: But I have found people who not only were impressed with my work and interested in funding, but also had everything needed.
    21:34: Verson:
    21:34: Verson: It does pain me to do this but I must.
    21:34: Aazamon takes the data packet
    21:34: Verson pauses
    21:34: Verson hesitantly continues
    21:34: Verson: Today I announce my departure of my Clan life.
    21:34: Verson: I will be moving south and become an Omni-Tek Citizen.
    21:34: Eternalforce: Score one for Omni-Tek!
    21:34: Verson: I will be joining the researchers of Omni-Mining and help on their research project Infinite Circle.
    21:34: Eternalforce does a victory dance
    21:34: Nepentheia beams a proud smile at Verson!
    21:34: Teeku 's jaw drops agape
    21:34: Verson: I bid all those who helped me a farewell.
    21:34: Nashka nudges Eternalforce
    21:34: Ariekel shrugs
    21:34: Demenzia quickly taps her comm and gets up
    21:34: Eomar looks sadly at Dr. Verson
    21:34: Massatsu: Bravo lad. Bravo.
    21:35: Cubeshot: traitor
    21:35: Minkii raises hand
    21:35: Demenzia flashes a brief one-sided smile to the gathered people, clamping a beacon on Verson's arm
    21:35: Demenzia: Well. So long, suckers. Have fun

    ed - At this point Verson with a party of Vector Blue agents vanish into the grid.

    21:35: Marsis clan or omni, what a choice ..
    21:35: Shadehawk: Hear hear!
    21:35: Eternalforce: Huh?...
    21:35: Mysten blinks
    21:35: Ariekel: The hell?
    21:35: Nashka: Hmm
    21:35: Nepentheia: roxxor
    21:35: Dabblez: Erm
    21:35: Eternalforce: Dabz?...
    21:35: Missmaul shouts: It's a conspiracy.
    21:35: Teeku: What is going on?
    21:35: Eternalforce shouts: EVERYBODY STAY CALM!
    21:36: Nepentheia: no no no... he's just going to get a shower, its okay!!
    21:36: Minkii thinks we have an agent that copied his notes anyway
    21:36: Wraco: are we to get panic now?
    21:36: Dabblez: Well on that unscietific note
    21:36: Nashka wonders what Verson was studying
    21:36: Dabblez: I wish to thank everyone
    21:36: Bogosorter wonders if past tense is correct
    21:36: Eternalforce whispers: Meet me upstairs at the bar after this
    21:37: Dabblez: Bogosorter, Ariekel, Missmaul, Swiftmind, Blackswords, Kithrak, Lesus and Verson
    21:37: Dabblez: and everyone in the audience
    21:37: Nepentheia: and leets.
    21:37: Nepentheia: Dont forget leets.
    21:37: Dabblez: and leets
    21:37: Marsis shouts: hear hear
    21:37: Nepentheia smiles.
    21:37: Bogosorter: So, like, next year, we're having the Feynman Science Symposium, right man?
    21:37: Rethanica giggles softly
    21:38: Dabblez: and remind you this evenet was sponsored by RUR, Rubi-Ka Universal Robots
    21:38: Gluestick: One more thing to mention. For those of you who consumed the beverages provided, should you find yourself blind, I'm told the effect is totally temporary.
    21:38: Dabblez: Artificial Intelligence at genuinely stupid prices.
    21:38: Mysten is glad she didn't drink the beverage
    21:38: Rethanica laughs hysterically.
    21:38: Dabblez: thank you
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    I must apologize for my absense.

    ((Today is the first day I can access anything on, but I trust you got my message from Nevver Saturday. Hopefully, we will do this again.

    Btw, this is the first time I can't log on in 1½ years. It's not a coincidence of course, it's the "demo ghost."))
    Tenfour, Scienceleet, Abhaya, all on Atlantean
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    In response to Omni-Minings findings and thier claims of infinate notum.

    This is what you pass for science? This is what happens when groups with a vested interrest pretend to do science. You see some promissing signs and completely misrepresent them to the public as something they are not. The Nanomage Liberation Front would be more than pleased if notum was infinate, however sadly we are not living in a fairytale land and there is no limitless supply.

    I will answere your point about Insurance reclaim misshaps due to notum depletion. For one, you claim there aren't widespread cases, however you arn't looking obviously. Simply go to the dark underground passages under our major cities, Athen, Rome, and Borealis and you will see many incomplete patterns and reclaim mutants. These passages, out of the way of our daily lives go unnoticed but they are teaming with the victims of incomplete reclaiming. Now it is possible that these rampant, and relativly recent reclaim victims are caused by another effect other than notum depletion, more research is needed. However, one event that has taken place recently that coincides with the appearance of these poor victims is the expansion of notum mining. I am currently researching into wether or not these victims died in or near notum mines, perhaps due to the "Notum Wars" and have succumed to localized notum depletion and reclaimed at thier insurance points in their home cities.

    Another point you bring up, your main thesis is that notum rifts create notum. Now we in the NLF have been researching a similar effect, we call them nodes instead of rifts. This is because we have found they are points where notum gathers and even recycles. Your example of seeing an effect much like mitosis in a cell simply proves us right. Mitosis doesn't create anything, it splits one large cell into two as a form of reproduction. Before mitosis takes place it must collect enough mass to be able to create two new cells out of the one. The nodes do this by collecting trace notum and even freeing trapped notum in other compounds. This is done in a similar way our body releases oxygen from the iron oxide in our blood for cellular respiration.

    The most intriguing part of your research however backs up our research, and is something we have been called religious fanatics for. There is something very life like about notum. It acts in an organic matter, and acts almost like life. It reacts to lifeforces and it does reproduce itself. But it does not reproduce itself from nothing. Our research has indicated that the less notum around the more difficult it is for it to coalesce. It is our fear, and yes more research needs to be done, that if notum levels reach a certain level that there will be a collapse in this process and it will not be able to sustain itself. This is when the Notum Cycle will stop and Nanomages will perrish.
    Last edited by Aazamon; Nov 27th, 2003 at 21:31:56.
    Aazamon General of the Nanomage Liberation Front

    28973 The first Homo Nano is born in an Omni-Tek laboratory. The inclusion of trace notum into the DNA sequencing of Nano foetuses means that this breed is able to live only on Rubi-Ka.

    Until all are free!

    We are recruiting

    The Nanomage Liberation Front

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