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Thread: Ergo Quest Walkthrough

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    Arrow Ergo Quest Walkthrough

    Ok. This will obviously be a post updated over time, but thought I'd get it started as I completed 2 Ergo quests so far and wanted to help those in need out. I found it fun traveling around without a walkthrough, but if for whatever reason you don't feel like running back and forth read on. If you want to suprise yourself then obviously don't read on

    Ergo Quest #1: Insipid Ring
    This ring is currently not needed to get into Shadowlands, though it's believed so by many. Perhaps in the future it will be the permanent key to getting to SL, but I have a feeling you have to do ALL of Ergo's quests to get a ring that will allow this instead of having to pay the toll. Those of you who were on Beta may want to correct me.

    You will need 4 parts to bring to Ergo Guardian of the Shadows:

    A Burnt Out Memory Chip
    Circuit board
    Copper Wire
    Small Power Supply

    Confirmed locations are: Foreman's, Subway, Steps of Madness, Smugglers Den, Cyborg Barracs. Foreman's and SoM having higher drop rates from my experience, but being heavily camped and a slow respawn rate.

    Once you have these 4 items travel to Yuttos Camp in Wailing Wastes at 509x533 and talk to Ergo, give him the pieces and you will recieve an Insipid Ring specific to your profession (Infantry Unit for MAs). If you are TL6 you will recieve a Caliginous Ring and I presume you do not have to do the 2nd quest to get into the Island of Scheol. Neurobatica tried to get in using the ring before she did the quest and failed, but because she didn't gain any items from the quest I presume she probably could have gotten in without going through it. If anyone can confirm that they can enter without having to do the quest let me know.

    Ergo Quest #2: Caliginous Ring
    This ring will grant you passage to Scheol, located North of Elysium.

    Part 1:
    Again you will need 4 items to bring to good ol' Ergo:

    Mortiig's Heart
    Imp's Wing
    Hiathlin's Spine
    Ermite's Vibrissa

    Coords for each (all on Elysium):
    Lost Mortiig - 584x1174 in Callous (SW Elysium on a sandy spot on the water, never moves)
    Lost Imp - 764x1378 (forgot the name of the area, zone North of where the Mortig is)
    Lost Hiathlin - 861x1826 spawn in the water, wanders around Jagged Coast, Brink, Eastfang and Excalibur's Point (south of the dark island which is NE of Elysium)
    Lost Eremite - 552x1613 in Shell Beach (big sandy area NW Elysium)

    Unfortunately the map is currently bugged and you might get confused Hopefully will be fixed soon.

    The process for all of these is exactly the same (<name> will represent the creature you are looking for):
    First you find "Lost <name>" (eg Lost Mortiig). Kill it, then a "<name> from out of nowhere" will appear. After killing that one, a "Another <name> you didn't see" will pop up so sock it in the mouth (this one's a bit tougher usually). Then you will finally get 4 big copies, 3 of which are "Fragile <name>" and one of which is "Healthy Looking <name>". Kill the healthy one, and knock out the weak ones.

    DO NOT LOOT ANY OF THE CORPSES BEFORE THE HEALTHY ONE POPS UP. I looted the Lost Mortiig and when the Healthy one died later it just disappeared before I could loot it. What is happening here is you are pulling these mobs from somewhere in the area, and theoretically you could find the Healthy ones along with the Frail ones hiding around, but it was only the Mortiig I ran into later in a crevice this way so it's not too easy to find them.

    A note about the Ermites, they are under ground so you will have to keep tabbing to find them, even the ones that popup once you've killed the previous mob.

    Part 2:
    Now bring all these pieces to Ergo located in a cave in Northern-most Elysium marked by an orange dot on your map. He will give you a "Mark of the Challenger" in your inventory. If you feel like doing the next part (not too hard if you're 140+) tell him you're ready to betest the Challenger and give him the Mark back, and you'll get a key and a mission. Go to the next room in which there is a glowing portal and you'll be transported into a dungeon which looks different every time you get this mission. Find the Challenger (a big rolled up rock) which you can see on your local map as a red dot, kill him and loot his "Tooth of the Challenger". Exit back through the main door, give Ergo the Tooth, the Mark and the Inspid Ring and in return you will get the Caliginous Ring and be able to get into Scheol! YAY! *pat on the back*

    More Ergo quests to come as knowledge of them gets out

    Go Omni
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    Great guide for us people who work a lot
    I'll be waiting for the next one!

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    Go Omni
    why hasnt shadowlands nerfed me enough

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    Ergo gave me a Caliginous ring..............and I didn't do a single thing but talk to him *shrug*

    Dunno if that was a bug or not. Haven't tried my ring to go to Scheol yet, but I'll try it soon. Hopefully my ring works
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    If you are lvl 200 you get the +2 ring and dont need to do the first SL quests
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    Durring your conversation with ergo on the first area, nascence. there is an option in the dialogue to say something along this line "ill do it, even tho it is a little below my par" i know below my par is in the line at least. choose this and you will be "reassessed" by ergo, and you will be given the first ring, without having to do the quest, and be able to immediately go to elysium.

    I was at level 144, so that option may only give you the ring, if your past a certian level.
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    Wich mob drops the necessacy items in quest 1 in steps of madness?
    and mob or just the boss?

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    all mobs drop it ,well in firemans anyway nd i guess ever ther mob in any other dung too

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    think it's 150+ on the ring
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    its not 150, it way more..! Prob arund level 175+
    I am 157, and i have try'd everything, even getting huge loads of guardian faction..
    So i urge those around 175, to try and get the ring without doing the quest.
    And if someone finds out the min. level for the quest, then do post


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    Really good work Refflection, Thanks

    This should also help all the newbies who keep finding odd NODROP stuff in Subways (like me )
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    Im 196 and got the +2 ring just by talking to Ergo, but it requires a certain number of Guardian faction points to get into Scheol. I got in with 1100ish, so for high levels , getting into Scheol isnt much work.

    Good job on the guide

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    stupid question... but hey, we r all noobs again =) I just wanna know where i can find ergo in nascence...
    Jansi The dancing fixer

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    if im not mistaken, hes at the red dot in the SE corner of the map

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    I got owned.

    How are Low LVL Omnis supposed to do this when there are gaurds at the whompas?

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    You can get to the Yuttos camp in the wailing Wastes on foot. Start from Last Ditch (Reets Retreat) go north into Athenshire past the War Academy to zone in WW. After that head West till you hit the village. I did the run with a level 12 character once, though a good run buff would help to keep ahead of the odd roller rat.

    I also spotted Ergo once in Omni Forest. Not sure if that was part of the quest.
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    one in omni forest?.. about where?

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    anyone?.. been looking for 3 hours.. =\ *feet r tired*

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    yay the gaurds at the war acadamy killed me.. so any news on a yuttos in omni territory?

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    There are two passages into WW either side of the War Accademy. Guard only cover the left side. If you go to the right of the Accademy you should be able to slip right through under their nose.

    I am not sure where in Omni forrest (or was it Great Omni Forest?), it was just a chance sighting, I was not paying much attention.
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