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Thread: Doctor's Guide to Notum Wars

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    Doctor's Guide to Notum Wars

    Well, NW has been out a while now, and nobody's written one of these. So, since I'm kinda bored and in the mood to, I will

    I. Introduction
    Doctors, as we're all aware, can be quite effective individuals on the PvP battlefields. This guide is intended to provide Doctors of all levels with advice on skill setup, equipment setup, weapons choice, nano use, and general tactics to maximize their battlefield potential.

    II. Basic Survival
    Your first and foremost concern on the battlefield should be self-preservation. This is somewhat counter-intuitive because by nature we are focused on healing others. But because of our power to heal others (and ourselves), and because of our much-hated debuffing ability (discussed later), we are considered primary targets by our enemies. It is very common for Doctors, once identified, to be targeted by multiple opponents - as many as 8 to 10, in some cases - to ensure they're killed and killed quickly.

    We don't do any good for anyone else if we are dead. Here are some tips and tricks that I've found help me last a longer time on the battlefield.

    1. Hang back. If you are out of range of the enemy, you can't be killed. This is especially important if the enemy is "gas camping" - they have all the time they could want to pick out their targets and coordinate take-downs. You will be one of the first they take down if they can target and engage you from the 75% zone, and there is really no way to survive or escape this sort of attack: multiple (4 minimum) enemies cross into the 25% gas, and unload on you with debuffs, roots, and specials before their grace runs out.

    The best way to deal with gas-camper enemies in the 75% zone, however, is to cross into the 75% zone yourself. Stand there with them; encourage your side to do the same. This takes away their ability to do targeted take-downs, and it lets you heal people who are fighting in the 25% zone with impunity. Computer Deck Range Increasers or buffs are great for this. It is also a great defensive tactic, in general, against gas-camping attackers. By sitting in the high suppression with them, you "run down the clock" on the attackers, since they won't want to go into the gas and lose grace for fear of you doing "take downs" against them.

    2. Stay With Friends. Get in a team with some other people for team healing, and so that they can provide you with extra protection and damage output. Stick near them, but - as I said before - hang back behind them so that attackers have to "run the gauntlet" through the damage-dealers to get at you. I find it very nice to team with NTs, Enforcers, and Soldiers - if I get rushed, they have the best chance of killing my attackers before I get dropped, or at least, getting revenge for me.

    3. Run Away. If you are seperated from your friends, or left behind and exposed, don't try to hold your ground. Run back towards the control tower or the nearest group of your faction's people. Smart enemies won't chase you because they know you're going towards help; dumb enemies will get killed when they run out ahead of their support. Make sure you get run buffs and have free-movement stims. Also, even if you're with a bunch of friends, back off if you get more than 2 or 3 people attacking you, or if you're being debuffed. Again - smart ones won't chase, dumb ones will get killed by your friends. Carry virus scanners to sit and clear out those debuffs and then go back up to heal your friends.

    4. Go Anon. Most people know this, but not at lower levels. If you show up on /list as a doctor, expect to be targeted.

    5. Heal Yourself. Don't be shy of healing yourself, even spam-healing yourself. You don't want to leave yourself open to alpha-death, just in case someone's specials recycle or they'd been saving their specials for when you were weak. Make sure you keep yourself at max hp.

    6. Debuff. Keep track of who's attacking you, and make sure you init debuff them. Your chances of survival are much, much higher then, even against 3 or 4 opponents.

    7. Full Defense. Keep your slider at 0% to 5% agg/def. The last thing you want is to make it easy for them to take you out

    III. IP and Skills.
    To be most effective in NW, the following skills should be considered priorities when IP aren't available for everything:
    Nano and Aiding: BioMet, MattMet, PsyMod, First Aid.
    Speed: Nano Init, Evade Clsc, Dodge Range, Duck Expl, Nano Resist, Run speed.

    Note that this favors defensive abilities: Healing, Debuffing, Evades, Escaping. Nano Init is kept high so that you can slide your agg/def bar left and still insta-cast. Doctors win by outlasting enemies, not by crushing them with damage. If you don't have the IP for a weapon, focus on your debuffs, and let your friends do the killing.

    IV. Equipment.
    1. Armor: For NW, you should favor armor with hitpoint bonuses and NCU bonuses, if at all possible. I very rarely run all the way out of nano pool on the battlefield without a chance to recharge it fully, and extra hitpoints give you a better chance of squeaking through a "takedown" alive. NCU bonuses are important because we'll want to use some NCU accessories, detailed below.

    Important PvP ACs are Energy, Projectile, Chemical, and Radiation. This is to protect against sniper rifles, shotguns and manexes, MCS/QB/EQB, and hellspinner/hellfury. The latter two are mostly problems at high levels; at lower levels Chemical and Radiation can be left behind in favor of Energy and Projectile.

    2. NCU Belt: When we're in battle, wearing a computer deck range increaser, and a recompiler, can make a huge difference. These two items will let us insta-cast on full defense, and heal and debuff from beyond the reach of our enemies. Both of these tactics are very useful for our survival. Using a hardcore CPU upgrade is optional, but recommended for people without a GPH or azure breastplate. (ie, almost everyone). This leaves us without a lot of NCU for buffs, which is why an NCU ring and NCU bonus armor are Good Things (tm). So are fixer buffs. If you have 801 self-buffed comp lit, you can put in 6 NCU chips and buff up, then replace them with the special components. Note, however, that if your NCU is "over filled" you will not be able to cast new buffs on yourself - however you can "refresh" buffs that are already running. Make sure you don't let your buffs run out!

    3. Weapon: Rifle, rifle, rifle. The theme of this guide has been to keep our distance, and the sniper rifle is the best weapon for this. The merits and demerits of various rifles have been discussed in depth; very simply put I think that the Caterwaul is a good TL5+ choice for its aimed shot recycle, while the X-3 is superior at lower levels when IP are tighter and AS skill doesn't go up that high, for its regular damage.

    The ithaca is also worth using, especially if you can equip a movement predictor scope.

    UPDATED: 5/28/03
    Rifle, or more specifically, the Aimed Shot special, is coming up for an 'adjustment' in the near future. In other words: Caterwauls and Ithacas are getting nerfed. The shape and form of this nerf are yet to be determined, however (in combination with the trend of new weapons being profession-specific and the upcoming release of Shadowlands) it is recommended by the Guide at this time that Doctors who wish to save their skill reset points not choose Rifle for PvP purposes.

    Weapons choices that remain viable at this point are SMGs (mausser chemical streamer) and Pistols (Pain of Patricia). These weapons are short-ranged however, and so act more as self-defense weapons than offensive weapons. Decent range can be achieved with Movement Predictors and Vision Enhancer scopes (the init debuff on the VE is negligible since both weapons are burst-centric on full-def PvP).

    V. Healing Tactics.
    Okay, we've covered how to keep ourselves from getting jumped and splattered, what skills to concentrate on, and what gear to favor. It's come time to do our part and keep our friends alive during the fight.

    The best way to heal people is to team with them. Try to get yourself into a full team, and try to team with people who need to be healed a lot and/or can't heal themselves - soldiers, enforcers, NTs, agents, or traders are good bets. It's especially nice to team with 3 or 4 NTs who are AOEing, as that lets you keep them healed of the massive amounts of reflect damage they'll take. If you're teaming with people, make sure your team stays together so that you can see their hp bars. Team healing goes a long way in mass PvP, especially if your people are getting AOE'd.

    The next best way is to CTRL-TAB for targets, and heal people who are hurt with direct heals. This isn't very effective or easy, because of lag, and sometimes you'll end up healing people who aren't under attack and therefore don't "need" it. But it's the best you can do to heal people you aren't teamed with, unless you...

    Target an enemy damage-dealer and /assist them. This requires that you be in range of the enemy, but it makes sure that your healing is getting directed towards someone who's being actively attacked.

    The worst way to heal others on the battlefield is to try mouse-targeting them. This is because it's hard to target a moving person in severe lag.

    As to what heals you should use... it depends on the situation. I'm fond of complete-healing anyone who's low on health as I CTRL-TAB through a number of targets, rather than spam-healing one person.

    VI. Hitting Back.
    There are three things you can do against the enemy in NW. These are Attacking, Debuffing, and DoTing.

    1. Attacking: Straightforward enough - you hit Q or use your specials, and start dealing damage. As a Doctor you always want to be at or near maximum range from your target. If you have to move forward to get into range, edge forward until you can just barely open fire. Never, ever, ever chase someone who runs away.

    A good offensive tactic is to assist a heavy damage-dealer from your own side, like a soldier or NT or agent, and use your specials and First-Degree-Burns to help finish their target before they can run. But really, pick almost anybody and add your damage to theirs. On your own, you don't kill people fast enough to get them before they can escape.

    2. Debuffing: Our init debuffs are some of the best (and most hated by others) debuffs in the game. Use them. With your range increaser or NT range buff, every time you tab an enemy you should try to debuff them. The amount of debuffing you do during a battle can give your side a serious advantage.

    Debuffing an NT or Doctor from the other side has a great amount of impact on their effectiveness, and should be considered priority.

    3. DoTing: Very broadly speaking, this isn't an option for most characters. If you want to seek title points, though, throwing stacked DoTs at enemies is a good idea. Even if you don't get the kill, you'll get points for damaging them when someone else kills them. Still, I consider it more or less a waste of nano at TL5+ unless and until you can cast WNR and Sentient.

    At lower levels, you may want to consider being an "MC Twink" and using MC implants, a pepper pistol, and MC Mochams to cast higher-level DoTs as your offense. Most DoTs are very effective in total overall damage, or can be used to counteract the regen of other twinks with Fixer HoTs running to make them more killable for your friends.

    In the mid-levels, DoTs don't scale very well in damage output and really can't be relied on, especially if you don't have a lot of nano pool.

    VII. Buffs.
    Never fight self-buffed. The following buffs are vital to your survival and success:

    Fixer NCU buff - you need it to fit everything else
    Essence - Hitpoints are good.
    Reflect Shield - A 30% reflect shield means you have 30% more hitpoints
    Run Buff - You want to keep your distance and escape, and the only way to do that, is to have high runspeed.
    Nano Cost Reducer - Make your nano last longer without recharging. This is more important than HE, since HE takes time to tick.
    HE - Nano = Life for a doctor. Regenning nano extends your life and the lives of those around you.
    Self Buffs - Hitpoints, nano resist, nano init. You know why

    VIII. Conclusion.
    The Doctor is a powerful battlefield combatant, but also a priority target. The tactics and equipment outlined here are meant to keep us alive and free from debuffs, while healing our own side and, whenever possible, hitting back at the enemy.

    If presented with only a few options, we should concentrate on defending ourselves healing our side, and giving the enemy few chances to swarm us or do a coordinated "take-down."

    EDIT - Addendum:
    I just realized, on seeing this post rooted, that I didn't talk much about roots and snares. D'oh!

    Roots and snares are serious problems for you. Your best chance of survival is keeping away from the enemy, retreating when they advance, and running for it if you start getting swarmed. If you're rooted or snared, this kind of an option is gone.

    Always have free movement stims ready. I'd suggest giving serious thought, if you have the time, to blitzing the highest QL ones you can use - some of the snares are entirely too long in duration. If you get snared or rooted by an AOE, get rid of it as soon as you can. If you can sit and use the "purge nano kit" instead of stims, you should.

    Odds are if you spend too long rooted or snared in place against one opponent, they'll already have help on the way to take you out. Even if it's a profession you'd normally beat one on one, assume they have a bunch of help on the way, and do your best to get out of there. Also call for help of your own, you should be staying near friends anyway.
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    n00bish question, but how do you go 'anon'? I assume a /anon?
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    Yes the ingame command is /anon
    Taren "Jynne" Suitt, Level 216/16 Eternalist
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    The Doctor Guide to: Notum Wars Martial Arts Perks! Nano Controller Units
    The General Guide to: Auto-Combat General Perks

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    Been to two tower raids, died almost instantly both times.

    I hope these tips will help


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    Great post. I have a thread going about the usefulness of the CDRM for Docs. You posted a damn fine argument for having them! Thanks.
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    Get over it.

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    Excellent post!
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    Thumbs up

    A very nice guide, thanks for sharing Jynne. I would suggest you add FireAC to the list for high levels too. The Pain of Patricia seems to be becoming the pistol of choice for many support profs. Melee AC may be important as well since docs have no roots or mez they're an easy target for pet profs.
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    Thumbs up

    Excellent post! Root this thread!

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    Nice post Jynne!!
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    Nooooo more root-madness, sigh, but seems I can't get around it; nice guide Jynne

    *fetches some glue*

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    Yup nice post.

    If you have an a&o fetish, you can try staying way back, and chaincasting that one healing your team over and over. Tried it once, interesting effect when you can sit down and recharge. If its laggy, don't bother ;p
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    Jynne's guide dont apply for Omni doc's...

    Frylis 10 points guide for Omni-Tec doc's in TNW:

    1. cansell all buffs in ur ncu
    2. take off your gun
    3. take of all your armor, put medsuit on
    4. slam your biges initdebuff on your self (sticky one)
    5.go full AGG
    6. charge the bigest group of enemies in your sight (cc kicks in..? try again!)
    7. camp reclaim for atleast 20 min
    8. go take a rl pee, some food and a soda
    9. sadle up in your yalm, take the longest posible way back to batle.
    10. start over again at 1.

    Have a nice day

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    A side note: This guide dont apply for Omni doc's.
    Bwahahahaha Omni at heart huh?

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    lol you still didnt see your error - I think you meant it wasnt for CLAN docs no?

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    I edited it to make it more clear....
    Hehe, i saw how it could be misunderstood

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    Nice job, I am thinking of starting a pvp doc just for yucks. I was wondering what is the best breed, nm would be nice for the larger nano pool but is it worth the bad hp. Is Solitus a better choice in the long run. There is no reason to have a bigger np if your all ready dead.
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