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Thread: Bug List

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    Sorry cant resist this:

    here, everyone try this.

    1) grab two books, one in each hand;
    2) walk through a door.

    did the book in your left hand fall out?

    if not, then funcom is dumb. if yes, then seek medical help, you have a problem.
    Well, unless you have a 3rd hand to OPEN the door, then yes you either have to put down one book, or hold both books in one hand.

    Nice example hehe

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    The most annoying bug I'm currently enduring is when using my nanos to attack (72NT here), is a critter gets close enough to trigger melee attacks, most of the time my nano casting bar hangs on the recharge cycle, forcing me to guess when I can cast again.

    The other annoyance is with the use of bewilder-type spells. All sorts of fun with this one. I use this in conjunction with root, so I'm not 100% what part is actually failing, but what happens is: when the root wears off, the monster then chases you down, but doesn't actually do anything. Targetting the thing for another spell tells you 'target is out of range'. Turns out that even though it is right beside you, either client or server thinks it is somewhere else. Many times the monster will 'warp' back to where the original root took place. Blast it out of existance and the final surprise-- you can't loot the body, because the body isn't really where it is being displayed. I tested this one by zoning quickly and found that yes, indeed, my monster's corpse had teleported a dozen meters or so and I was able to loot it.

    Oh--- and are the monsters SUPPOSED to get double strikes?
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    Originally posted by Icaria
    Come on, Funcom. Please use your Funk & Wagnalis and look up the word "challange". You will not find the word "impossible" there anywhere, I looked!
    If you looked in the dictionary, you would see it's spelled "Challenge".

    Just letting you know.

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    Minor Bug introduced in 13.2

    In a mission last night, I got hit with two "Lesser Delay the Inevitable" nanoprograms. They stacked together, making my runspeed a fantastic -250 or so. I don't think they are supposed to stack...

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    Thumbs down Zoning and HP loss bug is back

    Now, AGAIN, upon hp's drop by a whooping 300hp! That was fixed and is broken again w/last patch.

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    Angry Pets not fitting in doors

    Warbots, Wardroids, and Warmachines Dont fit through doors in missions as of this latest patch. It used to be only slayers.

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    Sparrow Flight Other broken (in new way)

    Playing last night Sparrow Flight Other no longer works. When someone in my team cast it on me, I saw "Nanoprogram executed successfully" and saw the animation around my character, but I didn't turn into a reet, nothing showed up in my NCU, and my run speed wasn't affected.

    The night before last it worked fine. (Well, as fine as it worked then, with the dropping after zoning).

    This is quite annoying. I had forgotten how frustrating life was before reet form. (There were lots of bitter jokes about "Jogging Online" last night).

    Also, our ADV has a "Team Terrain Knowledge" that has doesn't actually work to buff the team, it just buffs her. Not sure if that's a reported problem or not.

    Thanks for reading.

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    A couple things I saw.

    1) double strikes. Creatures are hitting twice in what appears to be one attack

    2) MOB inits way out of norm outside or if you zone and then zone back

    3) Auto attack on any Nano run on a MOB

    4) MOBs still regenerate at a pretty good pace

    5) MOB Con still ranges from grey to orange in even level missions. (this is not consistent and some seem to work fine and others not)

    6) Vehicles still check for skill before implants on zoning. Cars drop off if you don't have the base skill to use it.

    7) attack and nano bars stop or become out of sync with actual value. Usually happens if you are doing both(see #3)

    8) getting agro from much farther away especially in missions.

    9) of course stuff still moving in backpacks

    I think this is a very stable patch in comparison to the last one. Still a few issues

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    why is plane still unequiping when zoning

    Is there any work around to fix this. I have exactly the air vehicle skill required to equip a plane. However when I zone it always unequips. I don't have any air vehicle implants at all. Died yesterday being killed from mob after zoning because of this. Can anyone help me understand why plane in unequiping. Only thing I can think of is perhaps one of the abilities that air vehicle is based on is lowered during zone temporarily thus reducing air vehicle by one. For instance if ability is boosted by an implant.

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    Tab targetting in missions has been much harder in the last couple of patches. I can hardly ever tab target through a doorway anymore. I can site target if I can see them but that isn't good enough for a pet user. We have to be able to send our pets in ahead of us and that is only possible if we target and /pet attack. We can /pet hunt but the results are usually disastrous, they will often head two rooms away and draw in multiple monsters or run off after more as soon as they finish with the first.


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    Angry Weapon building SMG

    SMG Const. Kit is broken

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    3) Auto attack on any Nano run on a MOB ?!?

    so all you casters think nuking someone for 1k is not an attack ?
    all you have to do now is overthink your strategy again, imho
    e.g. drop you damn pistol, equip a lower melee weapon with 2m range ... or sit back and hug your pillow (ok i dont play a nt or something, but i did in beta and remeber that i could nuke some monsters while standing right next to them without getting aggroed, i think you want this again ?)

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    Invisible Pet bug

    That has just happened to me (an hour ago):

    I was doing a mission in Lush fields, fighting an orange mob (a soft nanoharder). Well, battle didn't run too well and I had to run. When I was 3 rooms away I noticed that the mob hast turned back on my pet. So I sat down and healed and ran back to help my pet, when I noticed the message that my pet has killed the mob already.

    Good, I thought, but then I couldn't find my pet anymore! It was still answering on /pet report and the coords said, it's right next to me. But there was nothing (scary somehow ). "Ok", I thought, "it's probably in one of the walls" (as we all know that this stuck-in-the-wall bug still exists ) and moved to the "main" mission room. But still my pet didn't appear and the coords still said it's next to me. And I couldn't target it either.

    Next test was what's going to happen when I sent it on attack? Well, it did attack! It said "charge" and reports that it's fighting the mob, but there was no message that the mob is attacking my pet nor any message about dealt damage nor any change in health of the mob.
    But when I used a DD nano on the mob itshealth bar immediately dropped down to one quarter (much more than the damage my DD has inflicted), so my pet was indeed hitting it! Btw: doesn't that sound familar to people experiencing the insta-death problem?

    I tried it again with some other mobs and got the same results.
    In one situation I was attacked by the mob (who I thought was dealing with my pet), but no message indicated this. Again I sent a DD nano on it, and this time my health dropped half as well. In the same moment I got about 10 messages in the chat window that the mob has hit me for xx damage (again: insta-death problem).

    Was the first time that ever happened to me, and I haven't heard it before.
    Trinar, lvl. 50 bureaucrat on RK-2

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    Originally posted by Chtuluh
    3) Auto attack on any Nano run on a MOB ?!?

    so all you casters think nuking someone for 1k is not an attack ?
    But ofcourse it is!!! noone has said anything else. We are more then happy that the mob aggro on us when we hit them with a NF.

    BUT, what we don't like is that our own attack bar starts going, even att full def!!!

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    Invisibility bug

    -> Toser Ban: First time I am aware of this is reported for a pet. I had this once happening with a team member. After a heavy fight, I couldn't 'see' him any longer. He was on my team list (white), he showed up on the radar map, but I couldn't see him any longer. The other team mates swore that he stood one step aside of me all the time??? After zoning the situations was back to normal.

    So long,

    100% curious

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    Originally posted by Chtuluh
    3) Auto attack on any Nano run on a MOB ?!?

    so all you casters think nuking someone for 1k is not an attack ?
    all you have to do now is overthink your strategy again, imho
    e.g. drop you damn pistol, equip a lower melee weapon with 2m range ... or sit back and hug your pillow (ok i dont play a nt or something, but i did in beta and remeber that i could nuke some monsters while standing right next to them without getting aggroed, i think you want this again ?)
    Calming a NPC should not cause me to attack it. This sort of defeats the purpose. I don't care about attacking if I am nuking it, that is acceptable. But attacking breaks roots(well if they worked) and certainly breaks calm on a NPC. I am not talking about nukes, heck I hit q alot before I start the Nano. But I certainly don't want to attack something I am trying to calm.

    This is a bug.

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    Invisibility definitely happens with pets. It has happened several times with my crat pet, though I don't remember it with my MP pets. It is often coupled with an odd damage bug where it looks like my pet is not doing damage to a monster but when I hit him all the damage done so far is applied. I like to think that the monster is as surprised by being instakilled as I am when it happens to me. :]


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    Team health buff bug

    This one seems small, but it's a killer. Funcom changed the doc team health buffs to have a range in the latest patch. I'm not sure why. Maybe it seemed like a good idea. It's not. Mobs now get hate from team health buff healing.

    Adds agro me because of my TEAM HEALTH BUFF. I can't use it any more, because it does and will get me killed in its current state. I'm fine with docs getting agro, I really am. But FIX THE FREAKING HEALTH BUFF! I've sunk IP in 250 points of TS basically for that and team grid, and if you're not going to change this tell me now so I can reroll and save on MC, too.

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    Some observations:

    1. I do not get xp for mobs killed by area damage nanos, only the one targetted.

    2. Still grey mobs in 50% missions.

    3. Yalm still uneq' when zoning.

    4. Bracers with reflection does not reflect any damage at all.

    5. Autoattack when using calm-series nanos.

    6. No Int/Psy armor in superiour shops.

    7. When is team missions being fixed, and will it include token to all teammembers inside mission area?

    8. Mission map sometimes go all black, reappears when leaving that particular room.

    9. If zoning out of mission or relogging inside mission, the explored area is removed from map.

    10. Getting a tell from someone on 'friends' list removes that char from the list and down to 'unknown' list.

    11. Sometimes the calm nano is displayed as being successfull, but mob is still fighting.

    12. The reshuffeling gnome is still there, but he is located in some zones in adv/sup shops in Trade. Prob' other zones as well.

    Don't remember more right now, all in all a big improvement with the 13.xx patches, (and I am a NT = can't do PvP yet so no ranting on range cap from me, yet) keep it up devs.

    NT = Nerfed Technician

    My doctor told me I am paranoid, so I shot him.

    Obviously he was an alien agent sent here to kill me...and he did not come alone!

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    saw these bugs last night

    Hit atrox soldier NPC for less than minimum damage using compressed shockwave.

    Phantom death where no damage is shown, but you are being hit.
    This seems to be related to getting out of the range of something that is attacking you and then back in.

    MOBs warping to you. I had this happen at least 4 or 5 times last night where I would be running along outside and stop then poof the thing I had been outrunning is now running at me from in front(not behind) and attacking me.

    MOB levels still not fixed in missions mobs ranged from orange to grey in 1 mission all grey in the next and nearly all green in a third. better but far from fixed

    double hits by mobs. This does not happen consistently but for some reason some mobs are getting two for the price of one.

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