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Thread: Sheathing weapons

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    Thumbs up YES!!!

    This would only give so much more feeling in when we interact... and we would look cool too (hopefully)

    *Larani blowe the smoke from the barrowls and sheathers her weapons in her twist holster*
    ".. Ah.. all in a hard days work..."

    *happy dance for Viro's idea*

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    Re-Bump :)

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    I don't even thnk it should take up a slot, unless it is a clothes slot. I mean, if you buy a pistol, they could give away the cheap carrying case. A strap on a rifle or meelee weapon wouldnot take up any space on your person, neither would a holster. It wouldn't even have to be a trade skill item to put on. I can put a strap on a paintball gun easily.

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    Due to the forcefull nature of SilkeX, I am forced to bump this thread. I give my apologies but he is threatening me and therefore most comply. Thanks for your time.

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    Cool I give you an even better vision of what this could be

    Rite now we ask for something and FC gives us the most throw to gether thing they make. So rite now you will get a put my gun to my side thats its. What needs to happen.

    1. Make the ip system what you ment (my xplaintion in the ip wipe thread) this way spending ip on a holster is worth it.

    2. Have another tap for holsters.
    A.You would have one that would hold ammo. (you would have high ql hold higher amounts and you reload from it and its faster then from inventory (your not looking through your backpack your your bullets then putting them back.
    B. One for your weapon, 2 for dueling. 2 handed would be on back and 1 handed would be on side.
    C. Stim Packs, (this one would determain the amount of Stim packs you could hold (wouldnt do the same with ammo bc ammo can be tossed around but stims can break dont want to keep them with guns and bullets in your backpack.
    D. If you ever add gerenades then they would be to.
    E. Any little item you can use in battle would be stored in these holsters and not back back. Little pouchs for implants (implants are really small items that sould be held in your hands, with implants your arent a cyborg)
    F. This type of seperation of items was ment with the new back packs but you need to make ql of these back packs and have ONLY THAT TIP OF THING FIT IN BACKPACK.

    BTW dont make them cost alot

    3. Have ppl be able to draw guns and enter, combat mode, even if in 100% they wont be able to attack anything but hey they look like combat mode


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    how about an arnold schwarzeneger like should strap that will carry small items like knives and grenades. just an idea.

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    you mean a bandolier? that'd work, too. but we still need holsters, you don't use a bandolier for weapons. just ammo.
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    We need some system for sheathing. Even a temp one till my idea whould be added or something close, Im tired of carrying a gun 28/7.
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    *bump* (yay 70th post)

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    Holstering your weapons would be nice. We wouldn't need actual holster graphics on our chars or holsters in our inventory. Just have the weapons attached to our sides or back ala Daoc. The weapons would then jump into our hands when attack mode is activated.

    Having actual holster graphics, more locations for holsters, commands to carry or holster when out of combat mode, etc. would all be nice extras that I'd rate low priority. Just matching the functionality available in your competitor Daoc would be enough for me.

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    Yeah there I agree there really isn't a priority to have holster or sheath graphics, I would settle for the weapon just go to your side, back, etc. They could implement something with trade skills so you can build a holster/sheath or strap on to your armor or weapon

    The could also have so that the higher your ranged int. the faster you can draw your gun or the higher your melee int. the faster you can draw you sword, hammer, etc. This would make for some cool good old western draw pvp battle.

    Just an idea
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    Can you say bump?
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    Cool I dont belive it...

    I just bumped....

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    bump bump
    my rerolling squad (what s IPR? )
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