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Thread: Sheathing weapons

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    *bump*(40th post woohoo)

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    I think one point behind this was so you *DON'T* have to unequip. I like the idea of holstering. I could wear my rifle slung over my back or shoulder

    Originally posted by Leo Nomis
    Hmm... And, to discourage certain people with QL weapons twice their level, the weapon would sheathe automatically when not in combat. Sheathing would unequip, thus forcing the character to reequip once they want to use the weapon again, which would in turn force a skill check.

    As people don't always go around with their weapons sheathed of holstered, a few animations could be added to enhance realism. Such as, a character could show off their weapon, and although the weapon would actually be seen within the character's hand, it wouldn't be equipped. Same goes for when the character is within a mission: it would take out its weapon, as if alert.

    I know this small sheath system isn't out of Funcom's league... I hope they consider it.

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    I'd love to see how my Dual Riders would look strapped in an X formation across my back.
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    Yeah! I want this, but i dont think we will see it for a LOOOOONG time if at all...

    FC has to make much graphic changes to manage this, and frankly they have a lot of bug fixing to do.
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    I don't see that the graphic changes would have to be that dramatic. It could go in place of a backpack and/or cloak (on the back slot) as "sheathed sword(s)" and be represented by either one or two crossed weapons.

    Alas, combining two weapons for crossed-sheathing would be a little more work, but it seems rather simple (comparitively) to at least give it a head start with a single sword.
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    I simply love that idea!! Plz make it happen FC! And how about a little sound as you pull out your pistols from your holster? *sschwooshh* and when you pull out those rider from your back *swwingg*

    Just an idea, but i would be cool wouldn't it!?

    //DrWizzz lvl109

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    Thumbs up

    Great idea
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    I lilke the idea..

    hehe ..Draw your leet dolls, Amanite!


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    cool idea

    Sounds great!

    I would like to see this as a social command, so no slot or skill check is needed.

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    Love the idea

    Been toying around with making a Soltuis Enfocer who uses Katana's just so I can say

    You have no honor!

    Even if I do get owned having a sheath woould let me RP much easier

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    Thumbs up right on, slick!

    Grip bumpage here. if DAoC can do it why not AO? but i gotta say that we neeeeeedd a friggin reload button, too.
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    Re: right on, slick!

    Originally posted by The Grip
    Grip bumpage here. if DAoC can do it why not AO? but i gotta say that we neeeeeedd a friggin reload button, too.
    Yeah - reload button is definitely needed. Definitely. Absurd that I have to wait until someone is trying to kill me before I can load my new pistol.
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    If it's feasible to code, this is a good idea. I've always liked it in DAoC. You can have 3 weapons displayed on your person when not fighting (two handed weapon on back, and 1 handed weapons on each hip).

    It is silly, really, in the RP'ing aspect that people are sitting around town with beams, rifles, shotguns, etc.... all still wielded, while chatting about the weather.

    Imagine a crowd of cops in the donut store with their guns still in their hands.
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    Cool errr

    yeah the ultra silly DAOC can have holster feature......and AO cant..why?..............

    (anyone who seriously thought about combat systems would see that the mindless hack&slash game also has one MUCH better than may be the only thing it has.....that s something else)(i m sticking to damn ao because of its great RP potential- ZERO% used till now,you dont need to tell)

    we re still waiting for a damn reload button.........

    yeah....."reload"....damn hard to code.....even harder to animate........

    argh.....the holster feature is something that should be ALREADY in the game from day one anyway......

    (not visually was even in ultima for gods sake!!!)

    we all want it so....fc will surely not make it........

    i really wonder how long till everyone gives up hope like me.....
    (for all who s another frustrated advent here speaking....or whining/crying/screaming whatever....)

    (i STILL wait for the day when i ll be able to dual wield a pistol/smg AND a 1he and ranged combat will be logical.......>>>>no matter what it is....NOTHING can run to me when i m pumping serious lead into its body directly from my "boomstick".........i m sure you all thinking....."you gotta wait till your last day" i know...........)

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    You guys know you can select your ammunition in your inventory then click it on your weapon in your "wear" screen to reload, right?

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    Angry well gaw-lee!

    no i didn't know you could click in 12 different menus to go through that process to reload! i'm just an eegnert redneck from tennessee. we just got kompewters an lectrsity down here tha otha day!

    of course we know that...that is the problem. you shouldn't have to do all that clicking and opening and closing menus just to reload. i know it's not all that difficult, but when you do it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over...get the idea?
    "Woke up this mornin' got yourself a gun."

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