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Thread: Sheathing weapons

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    Sheathing weapons

    This may sound as ridiculous as my Customizable airship/apartment thread but who knows.

    anyways, I was thinkin maybe in the near future there would be some kind of command where you can either put your sword on your back or side like a ninja sorta. or if you have guns you can put them on your sides or behind you. & when you start a combat you see your character taking out the weapon & use it & after the battle(if you want) it would show the character sheath it.

    I dunno I think it seems like a cool addition in the future.

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    This would actually be a pretty cool addition. I was actually thinking along the same lines a couple days ago about how cool it would be if we could get sheaths, holsters and shoulder straps.

    FC could make use of some type of trade skill (maybe Weapon Smth) by alowing players to equip some type of strap on to their rifle. This would be a nice addition.
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    Good Idea!

    I like to see riders on the backs of people, crossed over.
    And Hammers kinda on a sling over the back.

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    Nope, it´s a great idea.

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    It's a brilliant idea. Especially for rp'ing - I try to build up a Jesuit priest (doc) and his huge shotgun doesn't fit the cloak/hood he wears very well

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    And esp for people who complain about having to re-OE weapons after social activities.

    It is a good idea, though.
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    love this idea, I am sick of having to unequip my gunand have it in my backpack because it is too heavy for my little arms to carry around all day.. and it really doesnt look very friendly chatting to someone with my gun in my hand.

    sheaths all round!

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    You could buy dual holsters for your pistols, or buy a strap to sling your rifle on your back!

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    Ya, it'd be nice to be able to sheath/holster weapons. Maybe even add an animation where you can quick-draw your weapon(s) for those who like the dramatic and want to duel. Those trenchcoats would have some meaning then with one side drawn back as if you're exposing a side-arm so you can reach it easily.

    On that note, I wish clothes would move around when you moved. Having a trenchcoat stick to your body like glue just doesn't look good.


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    Since there appears to be a crowed gathering and saying that they want it I guess we can forgett it ever happens. Things we want is never in line with Funcoms vision.

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    *bump* glad people agree with me on something finally! heh

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    I love that idea! That along with the social clothing tab.

    How 'bout it Funcom?
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    Talking Oh yeah

    I Like it Bump

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    Cosmik or Cz, could you just reply with an "acknowledged" to threads that are bumped 80 times in a row so people stop taking up space? :-)
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    Mmmmmmmmmmmm, detonate likes this idea! 2 thumbs up!
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    Talking Thigh holsters

    A friend told me that she wants thigh holsters like Lara Croft!

    What a great idea!

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