I was soloing a huge team mission when the mission timed out.

I realized i was sleepy and since there was no more urgency to get to the boss, I found a quiet round and loggued off.

About 36hours later, I relogued into the game.

My character was sitting outside of the mission area, just in front of the entrance (no longer possible to enter of course, that is to be expected).

The problem is that ALL the items I had gained in that huge mission were lost except for one single item I had actually equiped.
Thats was at least 25 items. Including cloaks and other somewhat valuable items (no VERY valuable one though).

I petitioned of course but there wasn't any GM online.
(Note : there wasn't any GM online either 2 days before when I was running on red tiles labelled "ERROR"...)
No object in reclaim, nothing solved by zoning.

Can I hope for some kind of refund/compensation for the items ? I don't expect to get the items back especially since I can't possible give their names and QL but still... The lot should have fetched around 400k which is quite some money for me.

I hope this post can warn other players about the problem...