This isnt the only post on this subject. The population of omni to clan is roughly 33% to 66% although its probably more than that. The omni are sick and tired of fights being imbalanced and losing despite all the effort they make in fighting back. All but the most stalwart are seduced to either join clan, start a new alt in Atlantean server, or simply quiting AO altogether. This problem isnt new and has been around for some time. We need solutions to this growing problem.


1. Allow clan token boards to turn to omni. One of the main reasons clanners dont turn omni is the inability to get an omni token board. Please allow this to happen so the clanners dont have to painstackingly build up an omni token board if they decide to help the game out by switching sides.

2. Change Crowd Control(CC) to limit the amount of people joining a new area based on their side of the conflict. Dont allow more than 30 omni or clan in a wider land area to help make the fights more fair. If more than 30 clanners want to attack an omni base they should have to separate into two groups instead of massing in and having CC trickle omni forces in one by one.

3. Bigger side changes. There needs to be a motivation for joining omni. The omni's perks are pitiful at best. Better selection of items? Omni armor? These perks are good for low lvls maybe but later on it doesnt make hint of difference.

4. I see more and more tower bases goign 25% in the early morning when no one in Rimor is online. This has got to stop. Change the timers to alternate 12 or 18 hours so these bases are at least feasibly attackable instead of perpetual landmarks. The land situation is becoming more and more static because of this phenomenon.

5. Make towers give bigger vicinity buffs. The Tower buffs are pretty pitiful atm. Clanners simply rush in, ignore the towers and slaughter all the omnis. The towers attacking turrets like massive cannons are fine but the buff towers need to actually make a bigger difference at the higher lvls for helping to buff Their sides.

6. Make Tara 5% when he spawns. Clanners can at least fight each other if they cant sate their appetites on omni.