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Thread: FC's lack of effort in fixing bugs is truly amazing.....

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    Thumbs down FC's lack of effort in fixing bugs is truly amazing.....

    First off i'd just like to ask a rhetorical question.
    How is that nothing has been fixed in god knows how long?

    Ok i'm going to make a list of some of the major issues in game that FC has done nothing about(they seem to be doing a whole lot of nothing recently)
    1.This has got to be the rubberbanding issue it's been going on for far too long and every time I ask about it I either get the runaround from someone or I get n00b ark who wouldn't know what to say to give me the runaround which is getting fairly annoying at this point just ONCE i'd like a straight answer but that's being hopeful.........

    2. How about not being able to cast nano programs because for some reason the server is lagging behind and still thinks your trying to cast an old prog and won't let you cast a new prog found a couple diff ways this one works but in the end u still get the same result(you tend to die)

    3. How bout grid/zone crashing I know lots of ppl who have been having this problem and the sad thing is it can happen when u have a 20 ping and don't know what the word "lag" means

    4. HP bar bug. really annoying when someone dies in ur team and for all anyone else knew they were at full health the entire time

    5. mobs having the ability to insta kill yet again........

    6. can't think of one for #6

    7. buffs not being taken into account after zoning. I petitioned about this one a while ago got an ark who didn't believe me :/
    but every time I zone I have to fully rebuff or i'm at a negative to all skills I normally buff no idea why but for some reason they aren't being taken into account after zoning like what used to happen to duel wielders where all buffs etc weren't checked when zoning and thier weap would drop to inv only the buffs aren't being accounted for in this case period

    8. why does it takea manex 20s to reload? curious if that's a bug or intended the weap is slow enough as it is w/o the hideous reload time

    9. not a bug but why does every ark have to act like he owns AO and all things in it inculding you? this is just a straight complaint they are volunteers and i'm tired of trying to be nice to these ppl they don't answer questions do to lack of information and are increasingly rude. imho if u disagree......oh well

    anyway that's all I can think of i'm curious what all I missed plz post others here so nothing suprises me

    and if I looked I could find these already posted about i'm sure but having my own post to check is more convenient then searching threads for an hour
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