Its been a very long time since i made a post like this. Usually we work with a play with you see you good recruit system. But recently i've been told its not really fair. And we should allow anyone with in the specifics of recruitment join. So with that said here i am

Phantom Force is a laid back guild. We have 2 main rules which are fairly simple if not brain freeze easy. 1 get stronger meaning simply play the game. Better yourself get uber we will help you do that just play the game. Easy right isn't it. 2 Speak in guild chat and be friendly. If your a drunken bad seed and you don't talk to your guild mates. You'll be kicked out before you can say the A in AO. You can ask around about what kind of guild leader i am and do i take non sense like cursing and rude behavior lol.

Thiers no real guild meetings unless we are planning raids on certain mobs. Thiers constant item postings in guild free of charge if you need you can have it. We can make close to if not everything in the game. So all you need to do is ask. You can organize raids yourself if you need a item. Just need to come to advisors and staff to schedule it.

Lastly when you come in you are on a probation 3 weeks. Your treated as a regular member. But you cannot request raids or ask for money help until your 3 weeks are up. But you do get a free set of carb because we don't like gimp members lol. We need you to be strong. From there you can sell the set of carb buy new plates and get them made free ofcourse. So you kinda never have to pay for it if your a good seller.

If this interest you contact me
Silent Storm
Or my advisors

You can also check out our Home Page

Thanks In Advance also if you ever need a high powered Agent to help yea give me a tell