The Clan organization Unity of the Rose is always accepting applications from good people of all levels and professions.

As an organization, we enjoy playing AO together in a relaxed, friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Dedicated In-Character to environmental preservation and social progressivism, and dedicated Out-of-Character to friendship and fun, we as an organization put an extra focus on socializing and roleplaying to provide members with additional opportunities beyond the standard: "Whack mob, get Points" gameplay commonly referred to as "the grind." We additionally offer members the opportunity to become involved in the Notum Wars.

Members possess a great deal of freedom, and are encouraged to pursue their interests with support from the organization. Our only, but all-encompassing, rule is to treat others with respect at all times.

Please visit our Website at to learn more about us. If you wish to submit an application, click the JOIN link and fill out the form that follows.

In-Game contact can be made with anyone from our Membership Roster.

We hope to see you on Rubi-Ka!