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Thread: Belive they are...

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    Cool Belive they are...

    Belive they are folks!... I belive funcom is doing everything in there will power to fix this issue just like anything else it takes time and would be a awesome blessin if they could do it over night,but as well as other things it sometimes just dont work out like that.So funcom i say to you Good luck and have a sip of tea for it got that goodness in it that last all day long and ppl if you could hold on a little longer!..remember the first time when i came to this game everything was fixed and it was cool and i think its commin back to that point again,add ons cause new issues and vise versa .

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    umm i support funcom most of the time but what issue are you talking about i mean their are game flaws and system flaws
    no offince but makking a statment like that just kinda seems like you just wanted to post somthing

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