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Thread: A quick fix on the Martial Artists (please read)

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    Talking A quick fix on the Martial Artists (please read)

    Hello all. I have a quick thing about the Martial Artists for the next patch. In the next patch the MA should be fixed up a little bit. A way to do this is fix the dimach recharge time because 30 minutes is horrible compared to the 5 minute or so Full Auto that does about the same damage. A 5 minute dimach recharge would be pretty nice or even a 10 minute one. All I'm asking for is a cutdown on a recharge time and maybe some more damage output/crits. I hope most of you agree because we are really weak at the moment. Other then this i dont find much of a problem with them. That is all i really want I'm really not asking too much and I'm asking nicely so please try to respond to my post. Thanks for reading.

    P.S. If you are feeling up to it maybe you can cutdown the heal times but this really isnt needed.
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    i agree that is pretty bad and i use wepions heh

    plus i think they should have abilty clusters and towers to lessen the time too ,since AO is heading to pvp would be a great edge

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    bump for MA lovin
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    I think this idea is long in coming, bumped.
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    god i hate to think of a bow AS then a dimach BUUUUUT i can live with this. 30 mins is a sick recharge time. GO MA'S GO!

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    By the way, didn't Dimach use to be 45 minutes recharge time? ..
    Still, 30 minutes is too much. So, aye .. Make the skill useful!

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    Talking monkey da man

    I agree with monkey on the whole thing with dimachs

    we dont do enuff dmg as fist only mas in pvp to keep with

    the current dmg fixers soldiers traders etc do on there bursts

    a typical burst in pvp from a manex december weilding fixer =

    dimach dmg of around 2.5k pvp dmg and that rechargers at least 10x as fast as dimach

    pls fix us pvp aint fun when u keep dying cos ur gimped

    AOE heals pah we dmg man DMG
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