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Thread: First kill General Vivyan Rk3!

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    First kill General Vivyan Rk3!

    Without wipe,or bigger problems we managed to kill general vivyan on dnw

    Loot was: Exeptional Mother Nitrogena,Sleek Gauntlets of Crushing,and,argh,forgotten the name,some kind of ncu,wich adds 20 to your nano,and some minor ac´s...

    First i like to thank everyone,who helped killing it,and,grats to all people who got loot!

    I hope it was the first rubika kill,but think,that only noone wanted to post this on forum...

    so,we are the first,who killed him,and posted it at forum!!!

    Grats dnw,grats all *WOOOOT*

    Edit:name is:saveguarded ncu memory unit
    Twister Rk3 Enforcer

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    grats :}

    those guns look cool
    // wildwal - the sexiest adv evar - now with nr!
    // legion

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    Grats guys!
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