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    Lightbulb Account Bank

    I think there should be an account bank. You can acces that bank with all the chars on your account. In that way you won't have to do these silly transfers.

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    FC doesn't want to encourage transfers and twinking. So why would they do this?

    This has been brought up a hundred and one times. Please read the other threads first; the argument has been rehashed so many times it gives me a headache.
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    What i think would be nice is an org bank, now there is a nice idea. (not for creds for items. mules are a pain for the org.)
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    they discoruges it between strangers so if they person runs off with the stuff they can say "i told you so"

    i think a acct bank would surly elminate that and plus a game like this for the most part is centered around twecking if they really was aginst tweacking they would have mad all nano's self buffs

    well anyway im very much for acct banks for item and creds and if
    they think bout it would help them out to since plp would make a
    lot more alts and not reach lvl 200 so fast

    also i think i should come with restrictshion's
    maybe i should be a startup suit case {that's nodrop of course}
    and give it as much space as large pack

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    Question Is it allowed then?

    Is it forbidden to do transfers? Or is it allowed but not recommended?
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