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Thread: XP rings

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    XP rings

    Anyone know what mobs these usually drop off of. I'm looking for a 4-7% ring. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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    I've heard that you find em in chests in missions most often. I dunno for sure because I got my 4% when some high-level person just gave it to me, saying that he had to ditch it for a better one (since they are unique) =D
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    I got lucky last month and found a 7% xp ring in a chest during a team mission.

    After playing an eng 128 lvls, then 150 lvls as a Crat, this was the frist time Ive seen this happen.

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    4 rings drop off claws 5 rings drop off ninjas. And 6% drop of Birds in CAV. Good luck i don't know where 7% drop beside in mission chest
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    ya they drop mostly in chests in missions, i had only been playin a few months and i found a 7%, i used it then i found another 7% in the next miss but they were unique so i told team to get it
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