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    Unhappy **** Noooooooo

    this board is ALL I had left in this game!!! lets face it NW blows chunks, and story/events in this game are STILL waiting to be seen!!!! But Please LEAVE the PVP BOARD....some of the greatest Minds on the planet post here, in a match of Wits.... the flame/nerf Wars here are legendary!! I say if they close OUR PvP forum We take over another one!!! (CZ: Here MY CRY!!!)

    These Forums Can NOT get Nerfed..... to go to a fan Site you say??? there are only like 5 fansites worth going too, the rest of them are A Lame Ass Joke.(like a Donkey!)

    Please Leave these forums alone!!
    (it's the one thing that brings me Joy when I'm at work!!)

    /s NERF Funcom
    for nerfing the Boards

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    We can still post about PvP on profession-specific boards. We could probably get away with a lot of general posting about PvP, too, as long as it has something to do with the profession. So instead of one PvP forum, we can just scan for the words "PvP," "Fight," "Tower," "Kill," "Twink," "L0s3rs," "****ing <insert adj here>" if we want to see PvP-related posts. Not too hard, I'll sure be doing it. The PvP forum may be going, but that doesn't mean we can't discuss PvP anymore
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