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Thread: what is it?

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    what is it?

    Ok i left the game about 5+ months ago and i've come back to a game with ALOT more depth and things to do. First off what is Tarasque? I really have no idea. Could someone sum it up for me? And dont bash me for sounding like a n00b, i basically am since the game has changed so damn much still though, i love it, better then ever

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    Tarasque is a unique mob that spawn in Camelot castle, it's 25% zone there he/she/it is so often both clanners and omnis there fighting.

    It have some nice loot, but only the Gaily painted hood is really good, everything else just look nice (except dragon body, it's good for some MAs)

    MK2 armor is better than dragon armor for most profs.
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