We all hate camping and we hate even more to get our kill stolen by some people jumping in just at respawn time.

I have already made various suggestions to the subject which includes random respawn times and online messages saying that monster should get respawn "at or before time ##h##m".

On another line of tought, I think that uber loot control (making rare items stay rare) should be done differently than by using huge respawn time.

I think respawn time should always be small, just enough in fact that people don't have to fight the same mid dungeon boss on their way out.

My idea is quite simple : decrease spawn times & decrease drop rates of Uber items in the same proportion.
Of course, "something" should always drop, regular boss loot being the easiest option. (Alternate option : tuned down verison of the uber item.)

Of course, the idea can be elaborated upon.
For example, it would be nice the slowly increase the drop chance of an uber item if the monster stays "unkilled" for a long amount of item or if the said Uber item hasn't dropped in a long while.
The 2 ideas given just above would have the advantage that the drop rates would not need to be adapted if the players suddenly loose interest in the monster : the global drop rate of the uber item stays consistent. Of course these extras ideas also require some more programming...

Comments ?