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Thread: Mayhem is accepting new applicants

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    Mayhem is accepting new applicants

    Greetings citizen!

    Mayhem is accepting new applicants

    Are you looking for a good guild, someone to help you in your endeavours on Rubi Ka?

    Mayhem is a guild of good standing within the Omni Tek corporation.
    Our name is mentioned alongside the other great Omni Guilds.

    Clanners whisper our name with fear.

    Our goal is to vanquish the rebels clans and bring them into the fold of Omni Tek.
    If they will not come peacefully, we will destroy them!

    Mayhem is at the cutting edge of Rubi Ka technology and we have a dedicated Tradeskill department that will help you obtain the latest in weaponry, armor and nanos.

    We have people responsible for Notum War Operations, camping/NPC`s, personell, black operations and internal affairs.
    All of these are working to make life for Mayhems members as easy as possible, while making us a potent strike force against rebel clans.

    Join us in the fight for Omni Tek today and you will not regret it!

    Visit our forums to apply for membership
    General Tekfix or General Doks will contact you for a preliminary interview.
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