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Thread: IP- reset @ lvl 200 OR tl 6

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    IP- reset @ lvl 200 OR tl 6

    Me and a friend came up with an idea, why not give the tl6 ppl or the lvl 200 unlimited chances of IP- reset? That makes it feel like a reward to get to tl 6 (lvl 200?) making every char over that lvl totally unique, as in now, reaching lvl 190+ is just, well, new IP, nothing more and end of a titlecap.


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    IP Reset

    Or give people something to use those tokens on that they continue to get after the 1k board.
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    Some kind of big reward for reaching the big 200 would be nice. I have a level 180 and it would be nice to look forward to something at 200 other than "I'm level 200 now". Doesn't even have to be uber, maybe some nodrop item that gives no stats like a coat that says "I'm bored" on it.

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    i just said this on the ipr thread

    so i guess i agree with you lol

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