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Thread: Is it possible to weild a Gun and Melee weapon at the same time?

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    Is it possible to weild a Gun and Melee weapon at the same time?

    Just a question

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    Nah. Ranged and melee don't mix

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    Still would would look stunning!

    A Fire Executioner and a pistol.
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    used to work, but got nerfed a few patches back for being a bug.


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    with some swapping around Ive managed to weild a pistol and a leet dool It looks nice and all, but is really unpractical since the leet doll hits for like 2 damage and reflect/damage shields hurt alot.

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    there's a raging staff of inferno or something that has multi ranged requirements. Although it's utterly useless from a dmg dealing perspective, its really cool to have a big scary gun in one hand and a big scary stick in the other.

    I havent used that combo in awhile [so FC may have corrected it in the last patch or so], as i'm hooked on my spiffy duel paper hammers of doom

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    Yes it is. My friend's doc alt wields a Gamma Ejector and a pillow (to stun).
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    He speaks truth!
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    I sometimes wield a gamma and pillow. Dual equip the pillow then equip the gamma



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    Apparently Funcom never told Cyborgs they couldn't do melee and ranged at the same time...ow. I wanna be a cyborg now.
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