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Thread: Another trader down

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    Another trader down

    I have "quit" AO twice before because of RL issues and both times I came back. Right now Im having fun in AO and I dont really wish to quit. However once again some RL issues have accoured and in about a week from now I will no longer be able to play AO. I dont know if Im comming back but Im pretty sure I wont because Im prolly gonna give away everything I have worked for in form on cmpetitions as I leave like I did the 2 first times lol.

    The reason I post this is that I want ideas for competitions.

    Anything u guys would like to do?

    I dont have alot of worth-alot stuff (I have some) but its for the fun of it =)
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    give it all to the first atrox soldier named Nothinman to open trade with you.

    j/k sucks to see you go, you always had a sense of humour and a good outlook on the game.
    : (

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    lol Nothinman. Its actually quite amusing but after reading the word "humor" and looking at whats under ure name (White Tiger Woods) I suggest u read that "Missing profession" thread in the suggestion section. Read the part about Golf-profession
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    Btw, Ill try and sell the items I have so that the prize of the competition will be one big sum of cash. Now help me with ideas
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    lol good post, you prolly chose me cause im so fat and hard to miss :" )

    strange co-incidence too, i put that one my title because Tiger Woods owns and ive been golfing my entire life : ) only thing i can say im particularly good at.

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    If you are going through hell, keep going.
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    have swimming races along nl river...
    no vehicles aloud
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    Well I was hoping for a competitoin that didnt require a high lvl character with high skill. I want this to be for everyone.

    Keep em comming
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    max lvl 60.
    no vehicles...

    Swim around ACE camp,
    220/26 and an army of alts
    so much to do, so little time to do it

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    You're sure your not coming back this time??

    You've done it before? Maybe you will again?
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    sorry to see you go wrangel but i hope you get your RL issues sorted out quickly!

    perhaps you should just put your stuff on ice j.i.c. you can return and join us once again

    Izola "Kymaene" Thompon
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    Well u never know but atm it seems like I have to move elsewhere if I want internet. "The bastards" are cutting the internetconnection for the entire area I live in :\

    And whatever stuff I have will do better in someone elses hands than in my semi-closed account hehe.

    More suggestions plz!
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    Get a cellphone. Hook it to your computer. Pay 10 bucks a minute for internet.

    Prove to us that you're addicted.

    Sounds like you want a contest that doesn't actually involve our AO characters. Unless it's a dance contest. Or a mime contest. Or an acting/storytelling contest.

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    Well what I did the last 2 times I had to quit was quiz's and hide and seek in Tir where people had to track me down and open trade to get award and such.

    It has to be something everyone can be a part of nomather lvl of ure character.

    Prize will be about 100 mil credits or more I believe.

    Not doing several small ones. Im doing one big one lol

    **Edited to say that a few people (maby getting even more?) have agreed to donate money and stuff to the competitions. Im not sure yet exactly what we're talking about here but I might have to do several small ones if I get alot of cash/stuff.

    Now, anyone got ideas for competitions?

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