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Thread: who can build a tower for me?

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    who can build a tower for me?

    i need help......whoever can build a high ql tower of corruption.......plz send a tell to me or my aim name is imbenladen1 icq is 58724512 or send a tell.....i really need ts so plz conatact me

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    If on RK1, click my link in sig to Jica's thread.
    ICQ: 419860

    Clan Apocalypse - The guild for models

    Account closed.

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    You must be a popular person with a name like that

    /me ganks imbenladen1

    But... If your on RK2 I can do QL207's (1190 in EE required.. real hard)
    Elbo - LVL 220 Top of the line: Supreme Creator Engineer

    Making 5 Gem Saba Bracers! Give tell in game!
    Crat - LVL 209! Doc - LVL 170,MA - LVL 106,Fixer - LVL 103,Keeper - LVL 140,, MP - LVL 109, Shade - LVL 165
    QFT: 1800+. EE: 2400+. ME: 2400+. Chem: 1800+ WS: 1900+. Psychology: 1800 Pharm: 1800

    Making QL300 AI Armor and Weapons!

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    I can do 208's if you want that last Ql.


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