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Thread: Lowbies outside healed by MP Pets

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    Lowbies outside healed by MP Pets

    The level range of healing and buffing in land control battles follows the PvP level rules; if you can attack somebody of a given level, you can heal and buff somebody of the same level.
    This doesnt seem to apply to Meta-Phys's healing pets.
    I as lvl 181 cant heal that poor lvl40 clanner fighting the big bad omnis while the lvl 200 MP can put his healingpet on one of the level 40 omnis.

    Is it supposed to be this way?
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    The heal range problem definitely does apply to MP pets. There've been discussions over on that forum about the problem. Often, the pet will even refuse to heal the master because of this.

    I can think of 2 things that might enable the level 200 MP to heal the level 40 char. First, he may have been using a QL40ish heal pet - heal range for the heal pet seems to be determined by the QL of the pet instead of the level of the master. Second, the level 40 char could have been teamed with someone much higher level - the heal/attack range appears to be determined by the highest level person in a team. So, if the level 40 had been teamed with a level 150, then a level 200 char could heal him.

    Overall, the system still seems really buggy.
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    For this as for the attacking range of pets, I strongly believe that the PvP range of the pet should be the same as the range of the master.

    If a level 80 MP use a QL50 pet, the range of that pet should be the appropriate range for a lev80 player.

    You can use any QL of weapon if you meet the reqs, why can't we have the same for pets ?

    Of course, this should be reciprocated. Other players can attack your pet if they can attack you.

    The one problem with this is that in order for all things to be smooth, the opponents should be able to see easily which pets they can target.

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